Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wayne's World

Just so ya' know I have not forgotten your birthday dear brother-in-law. Although I am not under the delusion you are stalking my blog, I hope you and yours are checking in from time to time. This would be a very good time!

So last year we covered the surfing Dude aspect of Wayne's World...seen here*. I think we also covered the photographic genius in Wayne's World. However I'm not opposed to showing that again. This is my fav o rite photograph from the genius.
We have covered the fact that he married my sister and went from an only child to the mad, huge, crazy clan of his wife. But hey...he did know what he was getting into. Or did he? Well he did know he was marrying a beautiful and fun and exciting woman!
One that was encouraged at a very young age to be at the top of the pyramid in all walks of life! Now she and Wayne are enjoying a pyramid of their own making. It includes their two daughters, their lovely life in the Lone Star state and a whole lot of fun.

So Wayne...from my world...
To yours...
Happy Happy Birthday!

Playing and Paying...

Wow, my very first award in the Blogging World! I owe it all to my new best friend...ThisIsMe, author and creative genius at Southamsdarling!  Thisisme has been leaving the kindest and most encouraging comments and now this award! Her postings are delicious reads and because she lives 'Across the Pond' I get to see a glimpse of a lifestyle heretofore I'd only found in stories. I don't know how she'd feel being compared to Peter Pan's, J. M. Barrie, but I keep envisioning Nana dashing about in her gardens! And she and her family seem quite...'Darling'! Was that too over the top...nah, not for moi! Anyway my friends, I implore you to click right over to her site as she always has wonderful things to share!

Now for the rules of the award. This is the fun part! If you get this award and don't do this part you won't suffer from seven years of bad luck or a terrible computer virus. You will however miss out on the fun of 'Paying It Forward'!

1. Tell who gave me this award. Include a little something about the person who gifted you, (I'm not sure if this is a requirement but I think it should be!). Thisisme is a lovely lady you really must get to know.
2. Post a link to the fantastically tasteful friend who honored you with the award. Delighted to, I must say. Did that right off!
3. Pay it forward to five more bloggers, and include a little background of each. Snap!

Now for the fun! 

1. Elise at A Collection of Works. This lovely young lady started me blogging in the first place. She wanted me to experience blogging as she knows how much I love to write. She is my inspiration, dare I say my muse? I'm hoping if you all go over and sign up as followers she will get re-inspired to break out her creative juices and get her blog going again! You will find it quite artistic as this young lady has a degree in Interior Architecture and Design. Check out her blog and leave a ton of encouraging comments to get it back and running. Just a coincidence she is my daughter.

2. Laura at Special Treats. Laura has great recipes and tips on healthy living. It is another HUGE coincidence that she is my daughter by marriage. I swear. This is my hand to Gawd truth! Dash over and you will be pulling out your pots and pans in a second to whip up some of her healthy and delicious recipes! My son has exquisite taste. (I'm glad to know they listened when I said 'Bring a nice girl home to Momma').

3. Jen at Adventures of Torquil and Cheezedoodle. Jen's writings will have you in stitches at one moment and then the next you will be gulping back tears. She is a very talented writer and her story is one you will find very endearing. PS, I have known her since she was a child and have enjoyed watching her blossom into this lovely and loving young woman.

4. Elizabeth at Elizabeth's Edible Exeperience. Elizabeth was one of the very first blogs I started following when I first joined the world of Blogging that was someone I didn't personally know. Small world and all that it comes with, I discovered she was from my hometown and is currently living in the neighborhood where I grew up. Elizabeth has exceptional recipes and her blog is a beauty to view. You will be so happy you found this gem!

5. Jenni at Story of My Life. I'm new to reading Jenni's blog but talk about a fun read! Jenni has the sweetest love story ever and her stories are funny and touching. Jenni has stories about life and lovely postings on fashion and style. She's a budding photographer with glorious pictures to prove it!

So there you have it. If you just click on those links you will have actually SIX new blogs to read. Keep them as fav's because they are just the finest reads. If I've listed a blog that isn't interested in awards, my stated you won't be punished for not participating. I'm not sure about the button above, but as I clicked on the blogs linked with me, I noticed that the button appeared somewhere in most of the blogs. So those of you who care to follow the rules of the Award are free to grab the button to display on your blog.

Thank you my dear Thisisme! What fun you bring to my world and I am looking forward to continued journeys together!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Enchanted Evening...

A concert Pavillion on the river front in New Orleans, summer 1984. My date for the evening was a true Southern gentleman and a gentle man, my Father. We dressed in our finest as we were going to attend a performance by my favorite violinist, Itzhak Perlman. The air was redolent with that salty tang from the Mississippi River that mingles with petroleum fumes and magnolias in the most delightful way. We were blessed with a coolish evening for the performance. Summer in New Orleans is very often staggeringly hot with humidity that bowls you over; this night was not one of those nights. Stars twinkled in a midnight blue sky, the Mississippi River bridge lights were strung like a twinkling necklace across the span.

Mr Perlman lifted his Stradivarius violin and stroked from it notes that could lift you to the highest of highs and tear at your soul with the most plaintive sighs. I was taken to a place I had never been and yet to return to. It was sheer magic! The riverboats would sound a horn now and then and it added to the music of the night. At the end of his performance fireworks were set off on barges in the river. They soared into the sky along with my happiness.

This was a very Enchanted Evening. It was a gift given to me by two very wonderful men in my life. My dear husband who stayed home with the four boys and my wonderful father who gave me his love of classical music from an early age and kept nourishing it throughout my life.

I wish such a night for you...


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Oh I am blooming alright. Right smack dab in the middle of my...ooooohhhhhh it hurts to say this.....ewwwww come on I can do it. I will just, Spit. This. Out: Eeekkkkkk...aargghh...Sixtieth Birthday. Whew...there. I did it, I said the 'S' word. 

It's just I don't feel sixty. I'm not sure how sixty feels, but really that isn't the point. Now that I am creeping  and creaking towards the down side of whatever curve it is that charts old age, I am trying to figure out who and what I'm supposed to be. I feel like I am  thirty rather than sixty. I know it was yesterday, I was chasing my little boys around the yard with a rousing game of 'Not It'! It was yesterday we were strolling up and down the middle of our street singing songs and waiting for their Dad to come home from a hard day's work. And I darn well am POSITIVE it was yesterday that I was tucking my baby girl in bed and singing her lullabies. 
My oldest son turned thirty-six a week before my birthday. I swear I feel like I am the one approaching that number not him. Talk about 'Don't Blink'! I spent the weekend with my beautiful family gathered here;celebrating our 36th and 60th birthdays. It was an out of body experience a great deal of the time.I felt like I was a fly on the wall observing this lovely family making this woman feel loved and special. And the woman getting all the attention was Me!
We dined in a restaurant I haven't dined in since my twenties. It is a fantastic Steak House that originated in my home town, New Orleans. Three of my children were already sitting there when I arrived. I didn't know they were hiding something special at their end of the table. It was suggested I sit in the mid-section of the table so I would be surrounded by my family. Lovely idea. 

As the family arrived, each of my grown children presented me with a rose bouquet. The children already there with me, brought their bouquets out of hiding. Each bouquet a different color and each as beautiful as the next. My five kids gave me five dozen roses...five dozen to signify my sixty years. And yes they did explain the math. And yes, it brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely, thoughtful, stunningly, breathtakingly gorgeous gesture. My daughter's gift, (having a woman's foresight), was a lovely enamel two handled vase for all the roses.  Really, aren't they just breathtaking?
My loving husband gave a sweet toast, and several of the kids shared some memories of me. My beautiful grandchildren were extremely well-behaved and charming. I have four daughters by marriage each one a treasure that holds a special place in my heart. Each and every member of my family is more precious than any gem could be.

So here I am, smack dab in the road leading to my 'Sixties'. Once again, it is my children and grandchildren who are teaching me. I will indeed try to live up to the beautiful flowers from my birthday and, 'Bloom' as beautifully as my rose bouquets.  Who knows what lovely surprises life will bring next? That curve that charts old age, why it's just a lovely curve leading to the next surprise around the bend! 

So Miss Sixty, you are a just another number after all. I just might get used to the 'S' word. Maybe.

Blessed me. Thank you my truly made me one very happy wife, mother and grandmother.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Merry Month of May

I know how I feel about is still warm and sunny with the promise of summer but the exhausting heat that can suck the life out of me has not yet arrived! It is my birthday month, my first born's, one of my nephew's and a dear sister-in-law's. We all share this month our birthday month. Good company!
Today is my sister-in-law Mary Cynthia's birthday. Mary Cynthia keeps her family running smoothly and is raising my niece and nephew to be thoughtful, kind and honest young people. Nice reflections of their Mother and Dad. She allows them to discover their own talents and encourages them to seek the most out of life!

I love Mary Cynthia for all that she brings to her family, for all she brings to our family. Most of all I am thankful for the love and happiness she gives my brother. And icing on the cake, she's now a 'C' girl...a very select club!
Happy Birthday and much love on your special day dear sister-in-law!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Happy Birthday in Heaven...missing you, loving you always and forever...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to My First Mother's Day Gift...

Thirty six years old and going strong! Happy Birthday to my first Mother's Day present, my first born. I remember as if it was yesterday and certainly not like it was thirty six years ago when it was Mother's Day and I was nine months pregnant. I remember feeling out of sorts, but looking forward to spending the afternoon at Southern Yacht Club with my husband and parents and siblings still living in town. It seemed like it was going to be a relaxing Mother's Day for my Mom. I made it all the way to the Yacht Club, when I started feeling more than 'out of sorts'! I asked my Mom to accompany me to the 'Skipperettes' room and after some consultation we decided I was indeed beginning my journey towards Motherhood that day. I don't think my Mother relaxed much the remainder of the next week, not to mention the rest of that Mother's Day...!

My Mother's Day was extended to the next day, but what a thrilling gift you were! Our first child, our first born son! Steve, Jr. you brought us happiness and joy like nothing we had ever known. There is something so amazingly special about the first time you are a Mother. Looking at you and holding you in my arms literally left me speechless. Someone in the delivery room asked me how it felt to be a Mom and all I could do was smile.
 You taught me so much from that moment on. I'm still learning from you; how to be a kinder, more patient person. You bring out the best in everyone who comes in contact with you. You are a shining example of goodness and strength of character. You have blessed us with two wonderful grandsons and have made me so very proud to be your Mother.
I love you...and am thankful every day for my very first Mother's Day Gift...YOU! Happy Birthday and all the blessings of the day are sent your way!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blessings of the Day

As complicated emotionally as Mother's Day may be, I have much to be thankful for. I am truly blessed...
I have four wonderful sons that have had the good taste to fall in love with lovely and loving young women. I have a daughter that is the person I wish I could be.

My first born is a tender hearted man that will exhaust himself to the bone if necessary to make sure everyone in his world is well loved and well cared for. He is the sort of man that doesn't wait to be asked what needs to be done; if he sees a's his to fulfill. He and his sensational wife are the parents to our two grandsons and do a fine job in rearing the next generation of 'the best of the best'.

My second born son is a very focused and self driven young man. He has the type of personality that if you are just sitting next to him, you can look at him and start to smile. His Aunts and Uncles vie to be close to him at family gatherings just so they can hear his humorous antics. He and his sensational wife are the parents to our first granddaughter and they too are doing  a fine job of raising another 'best of the best' little cutie!

My third son is my even natured, he's always been my 'battery charger'. Yet, he is focused and driven. He sets himself a goal and doesn't rest until he not only achieves said goal, but excels in the completion of it. When I'm looking for someone to just be able to 'be' with...he's the man. His peaceful nature is soothing and calming. He has found his life's companion and soulmate in his wife and it is a joy to watch them forging a marriage made in Heaven! They both bring joy to all they meet.

Oh, my baby boy. What a joy! He is ambitious but caring. I remember when he was young, a very dear neighbor would see him and say, "Hello, Sunshine"! He's just that kind of guy. He brings sunshine and joy to everyone he meets. He's the friend that will stop and see if you need help, explain how something is done and not leave until he's sure you've got 'it'. He and his new wife are two live wires. Always moving and shaking but always keeping other's needs first and foremost in their thoughts.

And lastly but never the daughter. She was the child I never knew I needed until she was here. Now, no day is complete without sharing some part of it with her. She is my better self. Kind, soft-hearted, yet wrestling every ounce of excitement out of a day. Lovely as the sunrise and full of love as endless as a horizon.

And the man that made all this possible. My Mr Wonderful! We were young and in love and talked of having a large family and loving and living our lives to the fullest. We have and he makes that happen, still!

I love you all..., my sons, my daughter and my daughters from marriages blessed in Heaven. My husband that is my Heaven on Earth. I live for each day that brings you to me in some spoken word or shared moment. You have helped me fulfill my life's dream...being a Mother to 'The Best of The Best'.

Happy Mother's Day from me to you!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Simply Remembering...

With Mother's Day just around the corner I've been in a melancholy mood. I probably am not often thought of as a melancholy person. Honestly though, it's a sad sisterhood/brotherhood for those of us who face Mother's Day/Father's Day without the all important figure living on this plane of existence to honor and cherish. For me, having my parents to communicate and share life choices and accomplishments validated me in a way nothing else seems to do. Maybe the child in me is still wanting to shout, "Look what I did, Mom, Dad...look what I did"!

I remember the first time this holiday arrived after the recent death of my Mother. I was in the drug store picking up some prescriptions. While waiting I was strolling the aisles as I am want to do. Suddenly, I came upon the card aisle. A solid symbol for all that was not.  Row after row of  cards honoring, remembering, cherishing and waiting to be chosen and mailed to Mothers around the world. It almost brought me to my knees. Now, I avoid those places this time of the year.

I've written before what a strong figure my Mother was in my life. She was the rock I turned to; my tour guide through the prickly, rocky parts of life. My 'Emily Post' of, "What would be the best way to handle this, Mom"? I was blessed to have so many wonderful years with her, I know. That's somehow cold comfort when the heartache is so strong and no way to reach out for the one person I am looking for.

I'll spend the day with my daughter and my husband. My sweet soulmate has lost his Mom too, so he 'gets' it. I will be cheered having my beloved daughter there to honor the day. But intertwined in the happiness of the day will be a few tears and sighs and moments of despondence. Once your own children have flown the nest and your own Mother is no longer there to honor, it can be a day of conflicting emotions.

I miss you Mom...I am grateful for all your wisdom. You would be the first one to tell me to, 'Snap out if it' and get on with living! I am doing my best to be a reflection of your stalwart character  and soldier on.

In anticipation of the day~Happy Mother's Day and most of to my siblings. I know...I really, truly know...


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Serendipity, I love when it happens. Last Saturday had a serendipitous moment in time. Two sons dropped in with grandchildren in tow. Ahh, happiness personified! Steve, Jr. and Peter were coming to retrieve their family dog; we had been 'Buffy sitting' while they were at the beach. Tim and Lily stopped in for a late morning visit after their Dunkin' Donuts breakfast. The fortuitous visits gave us a late morning filled with sunshine and fun!

Two brothers...

Two cousins...

A Dad's barbershop opened:
I think carb overload got the better of Lily for a bit...
Snuggling with Daddy helped...
Peter was looking for a few jumps on the ever enchanting trampoline...
                                       Jumping Bean???

                                         By Jove, I think he's mastered it!
                                  Awww, do I have to get off????
                                                   So Lily, wanna go see Holden?
                        Wait, 'Lil, let me sweep up Dad's haircuttings first!
                                     Would someone call Holdie over for us?
                                                             Hey Girl!
                                          Holden was loving the attention!
Lily had one last trick just as everyone was leaving...Her Dad asked her to do this move...
I don't remember the name, it's a gymnastics move...Lisa? I need your expertise here...
Oops, let's get that up close, one more time, 'Lil? Yay, and Taah Daaaahhh!
Yep, serendipity!

Spring Break Neck speed...

Trey was off for Spring break last week and he had a few days to spare with this Gramma and Pop! The first day was a little rainy, and devoted to some good movies. The second day we were able to go outside and have some scooter exhibitions! Really, he was so fast that a lot of my photos ended up deleted because they were void of Trey...just the breeze he left behind!
Go Trey!
And we made a race track out of the driveway...didn't want any unexpected arrivals in the driveway TREY'S OFFICIAL SUPER DUPER FASTER THAN FAST REAL RACETRACK!

Hey...did Pop get home?

Hey Pop!
 You wanna turn on the scooter, Pop???
Hmmm no photo op there, guess that was  NO!
Happy Trails, Trey!