Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blessings of the Day

As complicated emotionally as Mother's Day may be, I have much to be thankful for. I am truly blessed...
I have four wonderful sons that have had the good taste to fall in love with lovely and loving young women. I have a daughter that is the person I wish I could be.

My first born is a tender hearted man that will exhaust himself to the bone if necessary to make sure everyone in his world is well loved and well cared for. He is the sort of man that doesn't wait to be asked what needs to be done; if he sees a's his to fulfill. He and his sensational wife are the parents to our two grandsons and do a fine job in rearing the next generation of 'the best of the best'.

My second born son is a very focused and self driven young man. He has the type of personality that if you are just sitting next to him, you can look at him and start to smile. His Aunts and Uncles vie to be close to him at family gatherings just so they can hear his humorous antics. He and his sensational wife are the parents to our first granddaughter and they too are doing  a fine job of raising another 'best of the best' little cutie!

My third son is my even natured, he's always been my 'battery charger'. Yet, he is focused and driven. He sets himself a goal and doesn't rest until he not only achieves said goal, but excels in the completion of it. When I'm looking for someone to just be able to 'be' with...he's the man. His peaceful nature is soothing and calming. He has found his life's companion and soulmate in his wife and it is a joy to watch them forging a marriage made in Heaven! They both bring joy to all they meet.

Oh, my baby boy. What a joy! He is ambitious but caring. I remember when he was young, a very dear neighbor would see him and say, "Hello, Sunshine"! He's just that kind of guy. He brings sunshine and joy to everyone he meets. He's the friend that will stop and see if you need help, explain how something is done and not leave until he's sure you've got 'it'. He and his new wife are two live wires. Always moving and shaking but always keeping other's needs first and foremost in their thoughts.

And lastly but never the daughter. She was the child I never knew I needed until she was here. Now, no day is complete without sharing some part of it with her. She is my better self. Kind, soft-hearted, yet wrestling every ounce of excitement out of a day. Lovely as the sunrise and full of love as endless as a horizon.

And the man that made all this possible. My Mr Wonderful! We were young and in love and talked of having a large family and loving and living our lives to the fullest. We have and he makes that happen, still!

I love you all..., my sons, my daughter and my daughters from marriages blessed in Heaven. My husband that is my Heaven on Earth. I live for each day that brings you to me in some spoken word or shared moment. You have helped me fulfill my life's dream...being a Mother to 'The Best of The Best'.

Happy Mother's Day from me to you!


Erin H. said...

What a wonderfully sweet post!! You captured each one of them perfectly. :-) Miss you and can't wait to see you next weekend. Happy Mother's Day! Love you!

Anonymous said...

and Mr. Wonderful's day is coming soon :) Boy I bet he could tell us some stories around the campfire about the 36 years you express so "sweetly" here - next year I want you to tell some doozies! You ARE a great Mom and deserve the best of all Mother's Days every day! Big Hugs! Lee

Sush said...

>Erin, thanks so much for the comment. I do my best but words will never suffice to capture all the goodness in my children...those I gave birth to and those I gained by marriage! Love you and just wish we had more time when we get together.

>Lee..again, what can I say? It validates my thought when you and others comments. It's like, 'Oh yay someone is reading'!
Love you...