Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Oh I am blooming alright. Right smack dab in the middle of my...ooooohhhhhh it hurts to say this.....ewwwww come on I can do it. I will just, Spit. This. Out: Eeekkkkkk...aargghh...Sixtieth Birthday. Whew...there. I did it, I said the 'S' word. 

It's just I don't feel sixty. I'm not sure how sixty feels, but really that isn't the point. Now that I am creeping  and creaking towards the down side of whatever curve it is that charts old age, I am trying to figure out who and what I'm supposed to be. I feel like I am  thirty rather than sixty. I know it was yesterday, I was chasing my little boys around the yard with a rousing game of 'Not It'! It was yesterday we were strolling up and down the middle of our street singing songs and waiting for their Dad to come home from a hard day's work. And I darn well am POSITIVE it was yesterday that I was tucking my baby girl in bed and singing her lullabies. 
My oldest son turned thirty-six a week before my birthday. I swear I feel like I am the one approaching that number not him. Talk about 'Don't Blink'! I spent the weekend with my beautiful family gathered here;celebrating our 36th and 60th birthdays. It was an out of body experience a great deal of the time.I felt like I was a fly on the wall observing this lovely family making this woman feel loved and special. And the woman getting all the attention was Me!
We dined in a restaurant I haven't dined in since my twenties. It is a fantastic Steak House that originated in my home town, New Orleans. Three of my children were already sitting there when I arrived. I didn't know they were hiding something special at their end of the table. It was suggested I sit in the mid-section of the table so I would be surrounded by my family. Lovely idea. 

As the family arrived, each of my grown children presented me with a rose bouquet. The children already there with me, brought their bouquets out of hiding. Each bouquet a different color and each as beautiful as the next. My five kids gave me five dozen roses...five dozen to signify my sixty years. And yes they did explain the math. And yes, it brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely, thoughtful, stunningly, breathtakingly gorgeous gesture. My daughter's gift, (having a woman's foresight), was a lovely enamel two handled vase for all the roses.  Really, aren't they just breathtaking?
My loving husband gave a sweet toast, and several of the kids shared some memories of me. My beautiful grandchildren were extremely well-behaved and charming. I have four daughters by marriage each one a treasure that holds a special place in my heart. Each and every member of my family is more precious than any gem could be.

So here I am, smack dab in the road leading to my 'Sixties'. Once again, it is my children and grandchildren who are teaching me. I will indeed try to live up to the beautiful flowers from my birthday and, 'Bloom' as beautifully as my rose bouquets.  Who knows what lovely surprises life will bring next? That curve that charts old age, why it's just a lovely curve leading to the next surprise around the bend! 

So Miss Sixty, you are a just another number after all. I just might get used to the 'S' word. Maybe.

Blessed me. Thank you my truly made me one very happy wife, mother and grandmother.



Daniel Hoffman said...

Happy Birthday Mom! Thank you for the nice post. We love you and here is to 60 more! - Dan

Sush said...

Thanks Daniel..for the lovely comment and for making my 's' birthday so very special! You have no idea how much it meant to me and even more how much you mean to me.
I love you..always and forever.

Thisisme. said...

Hi there. You'll probably be surprised to see me here. I'm sure I pressed the follow button on your blog quite some time ago. Anyway, I shall make sure that I am here from now on, and you always leave such sweet comments on my blog! 60! Wow! Didn't you have a wonderful celebration though, surrounded by all your family. That really is the best. Like you, I still feel so young inside my head, and still like being silly, which, when I have the grandchildren, I can be!! I am 64 and the days, weeks, years are just zipping by too, too quickly. Eeek! We must make the most of the days and we are both so lucky with all our many blessings.

Sush said...

Thisisme...we're just getting started, right?

And hopefully I will be able to see you signed on if they ever give my followers back to me! ;(