Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Photos, Part Deux

After some rest and relaxation from hunting Easter eggs it was time to enjoy a truly traditional Easter repast! With a resounding rendition of Loves~Loves~Loves~ we all enjoyed celebrating the holiday with the following meal:
I requested the photos before all the table setting was complete...we actually had beverages in glasses...and the foil was removed from the ham. As I was the one requesting the photograph and not taking it the missing items are on my shoulders.
It was a delicious menu of fruit salad with strawberries and blueberries from the farmers market and fresh pineapple (no chemicals used on fruit), my Mom's recipe for potato salad,  fresh asparagus (again farmers market), green bean casserole for those not lovin' the asparagus, and rolls. Dessert was a lemon creme cake and/or Easter chocolates in centerpiece and party favors. (I believe a few favors may have been consumed as appetizers)!

After letting the food settle everyone headed back outdoors for some relaxing, and trampolining to work off the dinner calories!

Feed me and put me to bed, right Lily?
I'm not sure what they were doing but when I later asked Peter....
he said he fell down...
changing of the guard...
hmm, maybe I will watch and see how this is done? Peter will you show Lily some tricks?
Ohh okay!
Well maybe if Lily practices with Mommy?
I think she's beginning to warm up to it!
And now a special thank you to my daughter. She was a huge help in making this Easter celebration as much fun as possible and keeping things running smoothly. Lily where's Aunt Elise?
Oh I see, practicing again...Love you!
No save my day every day...I love you! I just couldn't resist this photo from Easter past!

Happy Easter to All...Missed our out of town family but maybe soon we'll get a visit in!


Joan Marie said...


I love your blogs and enjoy all the pictures! I took a few moments and read some older posts. Such loving words and memories! I remember your parents well from some of the weddings I attended and when they arrived at the Embassy Suites after Katrina. I'm so glad I got to meet them. Thank you

lisa said...

It was such a nice Easter celebration and you did not miss a detail, Susie!

Lily just loved playing on the trampoline and I think she has been practicing her jump. She has been doing lots of squats around the house since, but just hasn't quite mastered the lift off!

Sush said...

>Joan, I'm so thrilled you've been reading and love comments and followers! We need to meet up in person and catch up on everything!

Sush said...

>Lisa, it was a great celebration and having you all their was wonderful. The next time Lily and Tim dropped by she was showing off her squats and another move Tim knows the name? Anyway, we got photos so they will be up next!