Sunday, May 29, 2011

Playing and Paying...

Wow, my very first award in the Blogging World! I owe it all to my new best friend...ThisIsMe, author and creative genius at Southamsdarling!  Thisisme has been leaving the kindest and most encouraging comments and now this award! Her postings are delicious reads and because she lives 'Across the Pond' I get to see a glimpse of a lifestyle heretofore I'd only found in stories. I don't know how she'd feel being compared to Peter Pan's, J. M. Barrie, but I keep envisioning Nana dashing about in her gardens! And she and her family seem quite...'Darling'! Was that too over the top...nah, not for moi! Anyway my friends, I implore you to click right over to her site as she always has wonderful things to share!

Now for the rules of the award. This is the fun part! If you get this award and don't do this part you won't suffer from seven years of bad luck or a terrible computer virus. You will however miss out on the fun of 'Paying It Forward'!

1. Tell who gave me this award. Include a little something about the person who gifted you, (I'm not sure if this is a requirement but I think it should be!). Thisisme is a lovely lady you really must get to know.
2. Post a link to the fantastically tasteful friend who honored you with the award. Delighted to, I must say. Did that right off!
3. Pay it forward to five more bloggers, and include a little background of each. Snap!

Now for the fun! 

1. Elise at A Collection of Works. This lovely young lady started me blogging in the first place. She wanted me to experience blogging as she knows how much I love to write. She is my inspiration, dare I say my muse? I'm hoping if you all go over and sign up as followers she will get re-inspired to break out her creative juices and get her blog going again! You will find it quite artistic as this young lady has a degree in Interior Architecture and Design. Check out her blog and leave a ton of encouraging comments to get it back and running. Just a coincidence she is my daughter.

2. Laura at Special Treats. Laura has great recipes and tips on healthy living. It is another HUGE coincidence that she is my daughter by marriage. I swear. This is my hand to Gawd truth! Dash over and you will be pulling out your pots and pans in a second to whip up some of her healthy and delicious recipes! My son has exquisite taste. (I'm glad to know they listened when I said 'Bring a nice girl home to Momma').

3. Jen at Adventures of Torquil and Cheezedoodle. Jen's writings will have you in stitches at one moment and then the next you will be gulping back tears. She is a very talented writer and her story is one you will find very endearing. PS, I have known her since she was a child and have enjoyed watching her blossom into this lovely and loving young woman.

4. Elizabeth at Elizabeth's Edible Exeperience. Elizabeth was one of the very first blogs I started following when I first joined the world of Blogging that was someone I didn't personally know. Small world and all that it comes with, I discovered she was from my hometown and is currently living in the neighborhood where I grew up. Elizabeth has exceptional recipes and her blog is a beauty to view. You will be so happy you found this gem!

5. Jenni at Story of My Life. I'm new to reading Jenni's blog but talk about a fun read! Jenni has the sweetest love story ever and her stories are funny and touching. Jenni has stories about life and lovely postings on fashion and style. She's a budding photographer with glorious pictures to prove it!

So there you have it. If you just click on those links you will have actually SIX new blogs to read. Keep them as fav's because they are just the finest reads. If I've listed a blog that isn't interested in awards, my stated you won't be punished for not participating. I'm not sure about the button above, but as I clicked on the blogs linked with me, I noticed that the button appeared somewhere in most of the blogs. So those of you who care to follow the rules of the Award are free to grab the button to display on your blog.

Thank you my dear Thisisme! What fun you bring to my world and I am looking forward to continued journeys together!



Thisisme. said...

Oh my dear Sush, what lovely comments you wrote about me. I don't really deserve them, but I am so pleased that you were thrilled with your Award. I love your blog and your style of writing, so it's a win win situation! I shall pop over to the blogs you have nominated, as you have written such good things about them! Take care. Hugs.

Jen F. said...

Wow! My first bloggy award! I'm so honored to be included with smart folks who are great writers. Must go think about who I shall nominate now...


Sush said...

Yay your blog you know I do! Have fun! xoxo

Sush said...

Dear Thisisme...thank you again and again and I'm sure you will find something in each one that is a good read! I've been sharing my joy at finding my new found friend with my family!

Laura Hoffman said...

Thank you, Susie! You are so sweet to do this and your posting was wonderful as always. Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day. Love you!

Sush said...

I am so excited about he forthcoming additions to your Blog! We had a SUPER DUPER Memorial Day...Steve, Terri and the boys spend the afternoon and early evening wiht us. Such a delight! Miss you and Daniel like crazy Love you bunches!

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

Awww thank you SO MUCH!! I am honored, and sure appreciate your kind words! Thanks for starting out my Friday nicely! :)

Have a wonderful weekend Sush!!

Sush said...

So happy you were pleased! I truly do enjoy following your Blog with all your happy, funny stories.