Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Serendipity, I love when it happens. Last Saturday had a serendipitous moment in time. Two sons dropped in with grandchildren in tow. Ahh, happiness personified! Steve, Jr. and Peter were coming to retrieve their family dog; we had been 'Buffy sitting' while they were at the beach. Tim and Lily stopped in for a late morning visit after their Dunkin' Donuts breakfast. The fortuitous visits gave us a late morning filled with sunshine and fun!

Two brothers...

Two cousins...

A Dad's barbershop opened:
I think carb overload got the better of Lily for a bit...
Snuggling with Daddy helped...
Peter was looking for a few jumps on the ever enchanting trampoline...
                                       Jumping Bean???

                                         By Jove, I think he's mastered it!
                                  Awww, do I have to get off????
                                                   So Lily, wanna go see Holden?
                        Wait, 'Lil, let me sweep up Dad's haircuttings first!
                                     Would someone call Holdie over for us?
                                                             Hey Girl!
                                          Holden was loving the attention!
Lily had one last trick just as everyone was leaving...Her Dad asked her to do this move...
I don't remember the name, it's a gymnastics move...Lisa? I need your expertise here...
Oops, let's get that up close, one more time, 'Lil? Yay, and Taah Daaaahhh!
Yep, serendipity!


Hood Canal Gal said...

Sounds like a perfect day, surrounded by the ones you love. Those grand babies of your are WAY to cute!

So you're a southerner, huh? Reciently my husband's let me tag along on a couple trips with him to Charelston and I've fallen in love. We're headding that way in mid June(the whole family), I can't wait. Now...if I could only perfect that sweet southern drawl....;)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments.


Thisisme. said...

Hi Sush! As you can see, I have found your Blog - it looks like just the sort of Blog I love, so I will be your latest follower from over here in England! The photos of your grandchildren are gorgeous. Aren't we blessed to have them in our lives?! I look forward to getting to know you. I adore your comment- "I still think he hung the moon."!

Sush said...

>Hood Canal Gal and Thisisme
Hi Ladies...
Two lovely comments from hopefully two new 'friends'! I am so looking forward to following your lives and learning lessons from life well lived!
Thank you both for stopping by...I look forward to more 'chats'!

Bless your sweet hearts! *That's a Southern Thing! LOL!!!