Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Break Neck speed...

Trey was off for Spring break last week and he had a few days to spare with this Gramma and Pop! The first day was a little rainy, and devoted to some good movies. The second day we were able to go outside and have some scooter exhibitions! Really, he was so fast that a lot of my photos ended up deleted because they were void of Trey...just the breeze he left behind!
Go Trey!
And we made a race track out of the driveway...didn't want any unexpected arrivals in the driveway TREY'S OFFICIAL SUPER DUPER FASTER THAN FAST REAL RACETRACK!

Hey...did Pop get home?

Hey Pop!
 You wanna turn on the scooter, Pop???
Hmmm no photo op there, guess that was  NO!
Happy Trails, Trey!

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