Monday, May 2, 2011

This Just In...Easter Photos!

Plans were conflicting to get ALL the in town members together on Easter Sunday so I just rocked and rolled with it and we had a fun filled Easter celebration on Easter Saturday. The bunny was 'hip' to it, I was told, so it was all good.

To kick the celebrations off we had an Easter Egg hunt. Aunt Elise was in charge of hiding the eggs and did a splendid job. A few eggs even her older brothers, (parents of egg hunting aged grandkids) couldn't find. Please excuse the fact some of the adults are missing their heads in the photos. Afterall, the kids were on the move and low to the ground!

Peter, you having any luck....I think yes, 'cause that bag is looking full!
And there was an egg hiding over the 'fairy light' I was told!

Okay let's move on over to another site!

In order to keep all things fair and equal eight eggs were assigned to each hunter! And the air was perfumed with lilacs in full bloom!
The mock orange behind the swing added to the delicious spring scents!

Some more resting was done and then inside where the Easter dinner was waiting! More to come in Easter This Just In, Part II.


Laura Hoffman said...

So fun! So cute! :)

Sush said...

@ Laura...Missed y'all...maybe next year not so many weddings to rest up from!