Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wayne's World

Just so ya' know I have not forgotten your birthday dear brother-in-law. Although I am not under the delusion you are stalking my blog, I hope you and yours are checking in from time to time. This would be a very good time!

So last year we covered the surfing Dude aspect of Wayne's World...seen here*. I think we also covered the photographic genius in Wayne's World. However I'm not opposed to showing that again. This is my fav o rite photograph from the genius.
We have covered the fact that he married my sister and went from an only child to the mad, huge, crazy clan of his wife. But hey...he did know what he was getting into. Or did he? Well he did know he was marrying a beautiful and fun and exciting woman!
One that was encouraged at a very young age to be at the top of the pyramid in all walks of life! Now she and Wayne are enjoying a pyramid of their own making. It includes their two daughters, their lovely life in the Lone Star state and a whole lot of fun.

So Wayne...from my world...
To yours...
Happy Happy Birthday!


Thisisme. said...

Happy Birthday Wayne!! Let's hope he checks this out, Glenda!

Thisisme. said...

Sorry Sush, I put Glenda instead of Sush in my last comment. I don't know where that came from!! DOH!!!

Anonymous said...

Just love the title WAYNE'S WORLD and love everyone knowing what a caring and generous and tolerant bro-in-law we have! Time for us all to get together again! LLL Lee

Sush said...

Dear ThisIsMe...Well since Glenda was my favorite character in the Land of Oz I am happy to answer now and then to a Glenda when called!
Dear Lee yep a get together would be great. If anyone hasn't noticed I need fresh family most recent of siblings and nieces and nephews are from weddings now approaching two years!
MIss you all and love you more!

orchid said...

Oh, I'm really happy to have you♪♪♪

Lovely post to your brother-in-law.
I'm looking forward to reading your post as well.
Thank you SO much!!!

Hugs xoxo Orchid.

Sush said...

Orchid...Thank you for your lovely comment! Here's to lots of visits back and forth!
Happy Reading!