Sunday, June 5, 2011

Car Wash

I am still trying to figure out how it required three hours to wash one car. But it indeed did! I believe part of the problem is I required a step stool to do a good portion of the washing. Car is taller than me, myself, and I and wider than my wingspan! 

I assembled all the necessary items for a good scrubbing.
    Long handled car wash brush
    Liquid soap
    Two sided wash pad
    Shammy.....(next time might try the much celebrated Sham wow)!
    Hose with sprayer nozzle attached
    Step stool 

That said, assembling all the above items didn't take up but a bit of the time spent washing.

I climbed up my step stool with long soapy brush in hand and started making lovely grand sweeping motions across the top of the car. All was going well until the squirrel scampering in the tree tops above rained down leaves and debris. Start over again. Wash, rinse repeat, so to speak!

Progressed to front and left sides of car. Well I just may be moving along at a real snail's pace! Hopefully can make a mad dash to turtle level!

I make it to the backside of the car and friendly neighbor numero uno drops in. The usual comment of, 'will I wash her car next'. Ha ha never heard that one before...! Then we have a lovely 'catch up' on all things grown children. Answered some questions on boys and how to keep them following the straight and narrow while in college. (I really have no idea). Finally, thirty or forty minutes later,  just had to crank up the nozzle and smile, shrug and start with sweeping motions with soapy pad. End of first neighborly conversation.

Washed back of car, glanced at left side of car and saw all the spots I missed first go. Wash, rinse, repeat. Digressing back to snail pace...Grrr....

Move on to right side of car. Friendly neighbors numero dos, tres and cuatro drop in. Lovely chat about I'm welcome to wash their car for them...novel idea. Lots  of filling in on lovely party two year old attended, complete with slip n' slide. Who, I ask can resist a two year old's chat about the birthday party she attended, full of stories about M&M's and singing? Well maybe someone more hard hearted than I but suffice it to say, digressed from snail pace to dead halt.

Returned to right side of car with renewed vigor. Now pick up speed once more to warp speed turtle pace! Wash, rinse, repeat! Get to front of car and lots of extra special scrubbing required. Whew. Did I tell you I turned sixty not too long ago? Did I tell you I'm short? Did I grow shorter as the afternoon wore on? I believe I did! Oh and I think I did tell you about the step stool required to reach top of car and across the hood!

So folks...I could go on and on with the reaaaaaallllllllyyyyy tiring details of my 'detail' work after the wash, rinse, repeat cycle. Shall I just say the old adage, 'The Devil's In The Details', doesn't begin to describe what was next. Perhaps it does explain why tomorrow I will be finishing the interior of the car!

Wash, rinse, repeat indeed!



orchid said...

You must be a perfectionist and I am always willing to be your guest in your car♡♡♡

Oh, my husband doesn't wash his car(I have no license.)just go to the gas station and put his car into automatic car-washing machine. Haha,he is really a typical spoiled Japanese man not good at cleaning or tidying job.

Take Care my precious friend,
Love, xoxo Orchid.

Sush said...

Thanks Orchid! Sadly, not a perfectionist but it was a warm not hot sunny day and I just had an urge to wash. I often use the automatic car wash...and probably should stick to that form of cleaning!

Have a lovely day~

Thisisme. said...

Hallo dear friend. Phew, you must have been exhausted by the time you had finished! But lovely to have those little chats with the neighbours inbetween time! Like you, I'm a little shortie and struggle just like you! I do clean the car myself, but mostly it's the automatic carwash I'm afraid. Well, at least it was very good exercise for you. Hee Hee!! Hope you have a more relaxing day today. Hugs.

Sush said...

Hi Thisisme,
Yep it was a comedy of errors and usually I do bring it to the automatic car wash. For some reason I got the wild idea it was going to be a quicky wash. In the end it was great exercise and a very shiny car! Hoping the 7 day forecast improves!