Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's A Boy...Taa Dahhh

Happy Birthday to my dear baby brother. I remember when Mom and Dad brought you home to sooooo much fan fare! They were thrilled to have their one and only! I on the other hand was thrilled you were the latest baby in the household and I was old enough to be considered capable of helping in the care of you. I remember at the time I thought I was doing so much of the work in keeping you well loved and cared for. Having now been a mother five times myself I am fully aware I was a thimbleful in that bucket of care. That said,  you were a joy to take care of and have been a joy in my life ever since.
We have some little connections in our lives that have always been special to me. I am twelve years older than you. You are twelve years older than my first child. My first child is twelve years older than your twins. Not a big deal to some? Is to me...I love those little connections in family.

Last year your birthday posting was what I consider a very good historical writing of your life with our family. Anyone desiring to read a delightful story with a Cajun twist, you can find it *here.

Bill, you are a joy to everyone in your family. 

Your sisters, God bless each and every one of us~
And all your Brother-in-Laws:

You've gone from hanging out on the beaches of Florida with crustaceans:
To some very special beach goers:
Happy Birthday Bill...I love you, we love you and you are a joy to this family now and forever!



Thisisme. said...

Such a lovely, warm post for your brother's birthday! Happy Birthday to Bill. Let's hope he has a wonderful year. I loved looking at your family photos today - you look like a very happy family. Blessings indeed my friend.

Sush said...

Ahh my dear friend, we have a lovely family! This is a stellar week for you and yours, I'm praying for sunshine and roses all weekend long for the special day!

lyndylou said...

Happy Birthday to your baby brother. Lovely family :)

Leslie said...

Wonderful blog!

orchid said...

Hi, good morning from Japan my dearest friend.

Happy birthday to your loving brother.Ties of siblings are really precious♪♪♪
Lovely pictures and I think 12 may be your LUCKY number♡♡♡

Oh,GOD!!! Your lovely post made me cry a lot. To tell the truth, my only brother who was 59 years old died last year, which was kind of tragic way.
I still feel not being able to get over from the sorrow. Well, he will be with our Mom up there. Sorry for the happy occasion.
I'm OK with my tender husband. Haha, he is chuckling don't know why I'm in tears hving breakfast.

Lots of Blessings, Orchid.

Sush said...

>LyndyLou, thanks for the kind words!
>Leslie, please come again...!
>Orchid, oh tender heart, I'm so sorry for your loss. It is a hole in the heart that never goes away, just eases in the pain. I am happy you have a tender husband, that is so very special.

Loves to all~