Thursday, June 23, 2011

Make Him Fart Uncle Dan

I forgot some very special moments from the festivities! With all the smart phones in the family the 'older' boys are very busy trying to impress their niece and nephews. The latest big thing for them all is an app called Tom the Talking Cat or something along those lines. (Forgive me, I'm a Grandmother, I'm not cool enough to remember the names of the apps). For at least an hour we all sat around listening to the little ones go, 'Make him fart, Uncle Dan...make him fart'! Everyone would then convulse in laughter. The adults over the children's delight in the old standby bathroom humor and the kids over said bathroom humor. Obviously the nephews are fast learners...
Seems the real classics withstand the test of time!



lyndylou said...

bathroom humour, love it! :)

Laura Hoffman said...

hahaha...hilarious! Daniel showed me this app, too funny!

Thisisme. said...

Bathroom humour is always very funny, especially where little boys are concerned!! Hee Hee! Have a lovely weekend my friend.

Kathi said...

Sounds like a JOYOUS time! Laughter is wonderful isn't it? Especially seeing it come from those we love!

Thank you for your sweet comments... and prayers for my family. I appreciate it more than I can say... :-)

orchid said...

I needed to check "Tom the Talking Cat" and found in the PC site. At first, I thought it is just a name of the smart phoneP;) So I couldn't figure out your story well.
Oh, bathroom humor. Thanks♪♪♪ I never knew this humor Especialy among kids. I checked this with PC as well, dictionary didn't work but wikipedia had the page for this. I appreciate the new information!!!
I learned a lot from you your post(*^_^*)
I hope you and all of your family are having lovely week. Sorry for the belated comment.

Hugs,xoxo Orchid.