Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Pig Digs The Blue Devils

My oldest son and my brother attended rival colleges. Not during the same time period. My brother is not that much younger than I am (just don't tell him)! They seem to enjoy finding shirts for one another that keep the rivalry going. Here my brother is modeling his recent birthday present from my son. I would qualify it as a rather friendly rival shirt.

PS For those readers not familiar with Piggly Wiggly it was America's first independently owned and operated franchise of self-service grocery stores.

Go Blue Devils...Go Tarheels! Love you Bill and Steve, Jr.



orchid said...

Oh, rival colleges!!! I wonder if your loving son intentionally chose the college, haha I could see he loves his uncle a lot♡♡♡

I enlarged the picture of your brother wearing the lovely "rather friendly rival shirt"gift. Hum, we don't have grocery stores with self-service.
Funny name and lovely character, isn't it♪♪♪
TTFN, Love, xoxo Orchid.

Sush said...

Hi Orchid,
I have since heard that my brother has already sent a t-shirt to my son in return favor.
And yes he does love his Uncle very much!