Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweet Melissa...Birthday Girl

I can't think of a more apt way to describe this niece than the title! I remember when her Mom called with the news of her daughter's arrival! We were all so thrilled and her Mom and Dad were bursting with joy! 
Melissa is the beauty on the right!

 Melissa still brings joy to all of us blessed enough to be around her! She is a real go getter, traveling between Oklahoma and Texas with her job. I am thrilled to say that this summer I get to visit with her and it won't be for a wedding, our means of late of connecting. Melissa and her sister are coming to the beach with us for a few days and I can't wait to share our Atlantic Ocean experiences!

As Melissa grew up in Texas and our kids spent most of their childhood in North Carolina, we often had to rely on the 'big' occasions to get all the kids together. New Orleans was a great meeting ground while grandparents were living, but now we have to rely on weddings for the most part. Melissa and her siblings have joined us for a few...
Tim and Lisa's Wedding

Daniel and Laura's Wedding

Scott and Erin's Wedding

And then Elise and her girl cousins all gathered at Death Valley aka LSU Football Stadium for a real Tiger Town celebration! Melissa put her Texas A & M loyalties on hold and with her cousins, was a Golden Girl for a day!

So Melissa, here's to a wonderful birthday and I can't wait for the summer beach trip! Miss you and your 'sweet' ways! 



Thisisme. said...

Happy Birthday Melissa! Such wonderful memories you have there, and happy, joyful photos! How lovely to be looking forward to a beach trip together and to be able to feel the sand in your toes! Blessings.

orchid said...

Oh, Happy birthday lovely Melissa!!!
All of your family sure have full of JOY with gorgeous kinship♡♡♡

Lots of Blessing from Japan xoxo  Orchid.

Sush said...

Dear ThisIsMe, She really is a gem and our beach trip will be a reward for not seeing her for a while!

Dear Orchid, We do have great JOY when we connect with our loved family! Thanks!

Barbara F. said...

Hi Sush, thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. I am a new follower of your blog. I see you have met my friend, Orchid :) she is a sweetie. You hsve a lovely family. Such cute babies. You are very blessed. xo,