Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Thing Two

So this pretty young 'Thing' was born three years after me. Our Dad had a favorite book he loved to read to us when we were young. I think it was a favorite in millions or gazillions of households. I think the author probably had more books on the bookshelves of our generation than any other author of the day. Dad, after reading and re-reading The Cat In The Hat started calling me Thing One and my younger sister, Sally, Thing Two. Not that we would create chaos in the household to the degree of those two THINGS! But we were lovers of all things Seussical!

What I don't like about growing up is not living in the same city as my siblings. I think there does reach a point in everyone's life it is best we all have separate homes. I wouldn't want us to be a docudrama which might happen if we were to try that as adults! But having the ability to hop in the car, toot the horn and have a sister or brother come join me for a day of fun and chaos would be nice. Sadly, it isn't so. In fact I hate to actually count the years it has been and sadly it has been years since I've seen Sally. Which serves as a very roundabout way of explaining why I don't have a more current picture of this pretty lady than what I offer here. I must admit I haven't seen her wearing an antebellum gown in a few years anyway, bwahahaha!

I also used to love throwing around the older sister status. Not so much anymore. She gets the last laugh. Age before Beauty but Beauty was a horse sort of status now...grr! I'm hoping we get a family/sibling at least reunion going this year. It gets to be rather hard to nail us all down to one date. Everyone has so much going on in life, but nothing should stop us from meeting at least once a year. Right, sibs? 

Okay, soap box stand removed...blessings of the day to my compadre in all things Thingish! Don't do anything I wouldn't do, so that leaves it wide open! Happy Happy Birthday and


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nature Is Not Always Kind

In the twenty or so years we have been coming to our favorite beach in North Carolina we have been fortunate to have witnessed three turtle boils. Correction...we have witnessed three Turtle Walks. We have not seen the actual boils, but I hear that is really something to behold. The nests, I am told by my Turtle Watch Patrol educators, can take three days for all the turtles to make their way to the top. Several 'batches' of hatchlings can walk over a period of one to three days. By the time we arrive to the turtle nests the two inch hatchlings are always on their way. Flippering down  the trail dug and broom swept smooth  by the loyal and so very important to their survival, Turtle Watch Patrol.

We have garnered our fair amount of turtle education through the years. One fact remains true, it is rare for a turtle to survive to adulthood. Mother Nature has many foes for the turtles and that they survive is truly a miracle. I have been told only one in ten thousand usually make it to adulthood. Tonight we heard of the sad side of turtle nests. I mentioned before we have four nests that are ready to boil in our vicinity. Last night, during a horrific storm filled with booming thunder and flashing lightning the nest to the left of our rental beach cottage had its boil. The nest had 179 eggs waiting to hatch. Fifty-nine walked last night. We were cowering under our covers listening to and watching the powerful show Mother Nature had on display. Out on the beach those brave and intrepid Turtle Watch Patrol workers were shining beacons...okay guide those fifty-nine little turtles towards the ocean and the terrifying journey of 50 miles to the Gulf Stream.

This evening, not knowing of the boil that transpired the night before I was out on the deck checking for signs of activity on the nest predicted to boil first. And I witnessed excited activity going on. Lots of gesturing by the Turtle Patrol and the moment I saw them pick up the ice chest I knew something was going on. I ran inside the cottage to let my family in on the excitement. We ran down the beach and wonder of wonders saw one of our favorite Beach Patrol ladies holding a baby turtle.
Actually, she was massaging its flipper...
Sadly, a ghost or 'sand' crab had penetrated the nest and had destroyed two eggs that we could see scattered to the side of the nest. The most distressing sight was the lifeless hatchling next to the empty shells. The hatchling in the pictures had survived the crab attack but had one of the flippers pinched. The Turtle Watch volunteer was madly massaging it to bring circulation to the flipper and hopefully strengthen it for the hatchling's first swim in the ocean.
Only one other hatchling at that time was moving about in the nest. After a few moments of massaging and watchful care by the Turtle Patrol the decision was made to let them walk to the ocean! We all held our breath as they flippered their way down the sand. The injured one was sort of going in circles. They kept turning it around towards the beacon of light provided by the flashlight they were holding. Hatchlings instinctively head for the glimmer of moonlight on the waves...or whitecaps. The only white light permitted while witnessing a turtle walk is the one held by the patrol. All other flashlights must be covered with a red cloth as turtles don't see red. We don't want to confuse the hatchlings as to where they are to head when making their way to the ocean.

Overhead was one lone seagull, fluttering its wings to stay in place above the trench. We all were holding our breath and pointing it out to the Turtle Patrol. After a few minutes of the two hatchlings staggering ever so slowly down the trench they picked them up and placed them in the ocean. (The turtles that survive need to have made the walk for at least a bit to imprint. They instinctively return to where they were hatched when they lay their eggs!) At first one washed back onto the was returned to the ocean by its protector. The little hatchlings ducked under the water and started swimming. When last spied, one had lifted its head for air and ducked back under on its way towards the Gulf Stream!

I learned that later this evening after a conference call to the 'Head Honcho' of the Turtle Watch Patrol it was decided to check that nest for any remaining live turtles for release. If they had other viable eggs (fertilized) they would put them back and hope the ghost crab did not return. Sadly, only an additional two hatchlings were in the nest. The other eggs were either unfertilized or destroyed by the ghost crab. 

I'm going to be checking the other nests later. If I have a happy story I'll be sure to report in!
Thank goodness for the wonderful volunteers who are intent on saving our endangered turtles. They weather storms, heat, rain, raccoons, foxes and ghost crabs just to mention a few predators...all to help save our turtles.
Lily and her Mom are coming tomorrow...I hope she gets to see a turtle boil or walk!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Turtle Watch Is On

Life is Good on the shore! We're still waiting for the eggs to hatch in one of the four nests close to where we are. There are more nests on the island, fortunately for us the four predicted to hatch this week are closest to us!
The wonderful volunteers for the Turtle Watch program are out every evening in their bright red shirts, sweeping and grooming around the nest and waiting to see if a boil might begin!

We peer over our deck to see if they are shining the big white flash light they use to steer the baby turtles to the ocean. So far no luck, although we got super excited about dual big white lamps shining by one nest until we realized it was the shore patrol jeep checking up on all things shore like! 

The Momma turtles are still coming in to lay eggs and we've been given instructions to call the 'Turtle Hotline' if we see one either in the surf or if she's made it to the beach and laying her eggs! I am hoping we get to see that event...keep positive turtle vibes coming...

For now the surf is clear of Momma turtles... 
I'll be filling you in on all the fun we've had so far in a later post...right now you KNOW where I'll be! Umm, I think you know my fav-o-rite spot by now...toes in the water and....yep you got it!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Toes In The Water, Ass In The Sand...

I hope the posting title didn't raise too many eyebrows, but I do believe the song speaks to my heart! Yes'm we are at the beach and loving it! I'll be checking in on all my dear bloggie friends but my postings will be delayed unless there is one I just HAVE to let you in on. Tonight they are predicting a turtle nest 'boil' in front of  the beach house where we are renting. I am all on pins and needles with excitement. If I can get any photos without the flash (which is a HUGE no-no in turtle nesting land) I'll let you in on the thrill. So for now I won't dilly dally here, I'm off to lower the boom (so to speak) into the sand and wiggle my toes in the water. Ahhhhhhhh the beach and summer....PERFECTION PERSONIFIED!

Hugs  and

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pupsicle Toes

With all the terrible heat across our lovely USA I thought this might be another good time to display some cold memories...and frozen treats. Pupsicle Toes. You don't eat them you just enjoy their zest for all things cold.

Breathe in...Breathe out...Imagine lightly falling snow and CRAZY WILD DOGS LEAPING IN THE SNOW!!!

First up our oldest fur baby...Holden. She really needs to be coaxed at 14 years to come out in the snow. I know how she feels...
         Next are two of my fur grandbabies...Brin and Zoe
I think Beignet is asking Brin for a race...
Zoe is not to be left out of the game!
So my dear friends...maybe the sunshine is feeling a tad more enticing? Ask Brinny...she would agree:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Designing Stylista

I am unabashedly going to give a shout out to a new Blog. This lovely young lady has been working in the Design industry for several years...the first few while she was earning her degree in Interior Architecture and Design. Yes, she worked and earned a degree in a grueling, time consuming major. She would be the first to say it was all worth the effort! I have personally witnessed how hard she worked as she and my daughter were best friends and cohorts in suffering engaging in their rigorous major. 

The woman behind the blog and the designer you will LOVE to follow is Amy at Vintage Visionary! She has been involved with some fabulous projects, but I will leave that for Amy to present in her blog. She has been busy doing delightful design projects while advancing her burgeoning career and is just now getting back into the blog-o-sphere! Do me a favor, and my dear friend, Amy...but most of all yourself and dash over to her new blog, click Follow and set yourself up for some lovely design tips, stories and photography!

So be a dear friend...and supporter of the Arts! You'll be so thrilled you did! I don't know about you but having Followers is one of the most enjoyable aspects of blogging! Oh, you remember what it was like when you first got started, don't you? Aha, I know you do...hurry now and give this young lady a warm welcome to the world of blogging!


Lovely Giveaway

Ooo la la, you must hurry for time is running out if you want a chance to participate in this lovely giveaway...

I'd love to know if you win...and I'll be sure to post all about my winning's if I do!


PS....You know I have to love's got French Connections!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nothing Lasts Forever

Oh be brave my sweet little sweaty friends! Before you know it you'll be wishing for today's heat!


Monday, July 18, 2011


Simply lovely. Our granddaughter was baptized yesterday and it was one of those moments in time when I really felt Heaven and all of Glory were smiling and blessing us all. I could almost see my Grams and Mother and Dad smiling and sharing the very special occasion. What really helped bring them closer was seeing Lily wear the gown my Grams made for my Dad. It was first worn some 91 years ago, then lovingly wrapped and saved for future generations. Grams presented it to me after the birth of my first child. I knew this was going to continue to be a family heirloom.  She had tatted the lace trim, embroidered and pin-tucked the dress by hand. For my son's Christening she made a slip for under the gown, as she couldn't find the original. Each of my children have worn this gown and slip when they were christened and Lily is the third of the grandchildren to be baptized wearing the gown. 

Enjoy the photo gallery. I only wish I knew for sure if the picture of my Grams holding my Dad as an infant is the same dress as the one she gave me. He's wearing a sweater over the the gown so I can't see the top. If it isn't it is the one she gave me, it is one she gave my sister for her babies. She had saved two of her special gowns she hand made. I like to think this is THE ONE. I also have a  photograph of Lily's Daddy wearing the gown when he was christened.  The rest are all Lily. Lily and her Mom and Lily and her other Grandmother. *I was busy with the camera! 

Thank you have blessed generations with your love and talent. Love always...

Grams and my Dad
Me, Tim(Lily's Dad) and Pop

God Bless Lily...

                                                              God Bless

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Momma Lisa

What a very special day this is going to be! It is our Daughter-in-law Lisa's birthday.  I like to refer to my sons wives as my daughters from marriages blessed in Heaven. They are very special women and I don't say this JUST because they had excellent taste in their choice of a husband. (But they did)!

I is Lisa's birthday and it is our first and so far only granddaughter's Baptism Day! I think it is so special for these two ladies to be sharing such a blessed day. Lisa is Lily's  fantastic Mom. I love how she is always talking with Lily and explaining experiences they are having. Suffice it to say Lily has a wonderful vocabulary and is talking well beyond her age. I not only love to watch her with Lily, but I love seeing she and my son interact as a family unit. My Mom told me years ago that the Mother of the house sets the tone. I used to chafe at that notion, but after a while I began to understand and embrace the concept. Lisa has a lovely way of making her house a home and keeping all who dwell there serene and loved.

I'll be back later, if not tonight, perhaps Monday or Tuesday with some photos of the Baptism and Birthday co-celebrations! This morning I will be putting the finishing touches on a fruit salad for the luncheon following the Baptism. We have my son and his wife from Richmond in town as well, so we've been very busy having fun!

Until then,  keep this in mind...Lily, our granddaughter will be wearing the batiste gown my paternal grandmother hand made, embroidered and tatted the lace. How sweet? All of my children were christened in the gown and now the tradition continues with the grandchildren. The gown is 91 years old and for all its use it is holding up well!

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter sent from Heaven!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog


Hot Dog
Hot Diggity Dog
Happy Summer...glad it's not three digit temperatures right now!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Muddled Internal Calendar

This is going to be a story with two tales to be told. One tale is how my brain is a muddled one when it comes to dates and how much trouble I get in as a result. The second is an explanation of why I was late in composing a birthday posting for my sister and that the reason was NOT a tall tale!
If only I could take a course on brain wave straightening. Eh, who would I be kidding? I'd probably get the dates wrong and miss the course! Since forever I have had a problem with numbers. Usually it just translates into mathematical issues but every now and then the beast raises its ugly head on my calendar.

We missed COMPLETELY the wedding of two of our very best friends when we were young newlyweds ourselves. I had checked the invitation many, many times. And always mis-read the date and day. I don't know how I do this, but that was just the beginning of many missed engagements. Social, business, medical - you name it, I've done it. Sigh.

I have a verrrry dear friend. She's the gal that is always offering her lovely home for our circle of friends Baby Showers, Engagement Parties, etc. Her oldest daughter is getting ready to move to Switzerland with her husband for his job. A party was in order. I wanted to do something special in the way of 'how can I help' and offered whatever services needed. After mulling my request over, it was suggested I make some mini cupcakes. Why yes, I'd love to as I love all things cupcake.

Now I was waiting to get the necessary goods for baking and to bake the cupcakes so they would be as fresh as possible. My daughter, who is my partner in all things cupcakes was planning on coming over to assist in shopping and baking. I got a phone call on Thursday early evening from her. She was coming over to begin the shopping and baking.  I wasn't planning on going until the next day so I would have all of Friday to shop, bake and Saturday to frost and decorate said cupcakes. Good planning on my part, n'est-ce pas?

So guess what? My daughter says, "What party are you going to? The party is Friday, Mom!" Whaat??? So we get it all sorted out, I dash over to pick her up for our shopping expedition and return to commence the baking! Whew! I would have been in BIG. BAD. TROUBLE. And terribly embarrassed. 

Everything was fine thanks to my non-brain muddled daughter. She stayed for a short while but returned to her abode as she was off to work early Friday AM. I stayed awake and baked...
Key Lime Cupcakes
and baked...
Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mousse cupcakes
and baked...
Coconut Cupcakes

Everything came out as planned. I baked and frosted the majority throughout the night. Slept in a tad and finished the decorating and loaded them up for the party!
The party as usual was a great success! Lots of food, beverages of choice...mine would be champagne, and lovely guests. Here are a few photos from the party starting off with the Guest of Honor! She is so much fun!
With a party going on in every room...

And my co-hort in crime in cupcakes is the beauty in the middle...

Now to tie the this all together and use it as my explanation of layers upon layers of unexpected things that came up. I was late in writing my sister's birthday blog...the grandsons came on Tuesday and left Wednesday, no time for pre-posting. Thursday late is when I found out my muddled internal calendar was sabotaging me again. Friday was my sister's birthday...if my calendar had been wired correctly I would have been posting on Thursday evening. I baked instead. So I'm hoping she will understand and forgive me for her late birthday posting...since she is such a beautiful and understanding sister! I guess if she does not forgive I'll go out and eat some worms!

And to the sweet Party Girl...Bon Voyage, Jacquie! You will be missed!