Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

I have to admit I'm not sure why the title for this posting popped into my head. Perhaps it is because the person that gifted me with the award I am about to tell you about brings sunshine to my life every time I read her postings. I have told you before how lovely I find her and her thoughts. I know we all can't and don't post every day, but when I haven't seen a recent posting from this dear blogger friend, indeed there is a spot of sunshine missing that day. If you haven't taken my previous advice, Do Not Pass Go...directly check out her blog...Southhamsdarling. Recently, Thisisme (her nom de plume) posted about the Sunshine Award she was given and then passed it along to five other bloggers, myself included.

Part and parcel of what comes with this award is I'm supposed to tell you something about me. As I've managed to give you quite a bit of ammo in my About Me section and the Page tabs I'm not sure just what to say. Perhaps I'll just admit to a small phobia I have. It can strike at the oddest times and for the most part, I can pretty much squelch the terror. I DO NOT LIKE HEIGHTS. There, I don't know if I've told many acquaintances of this phobia. But there you have it.  And now the rest of the world, perhaps? I've been on mountain tops and humongus sky scrapers so it hasn't kept me from experiencing life's marvels, but it is a challenge. In life's big scheme...much ado about nothing. or not.

Now to sharing the Award. I think I'll give this to some blogs I've enjoyed reading. There is a group of ladies that I have discovered. They are related some by marriage others as siblings and children of the Grand Matriarch. I'll let you discover them and see how they are related on your own. They really are very fun and interesting ladies.

Bev: The Willows Home And Garden...check out her about page to help you become a sleuth! I relate to her large family.

Mary: The Weisse adorable and talented family.

Christine: Simple Pleasures...I'm in awe of her talent.

Emily: The Burch Jerks...she always has me laughing!

eburchmom: Let The Children Come To Me...I relate...she has a large family....notice a pattern?

I'm not sure if there are three Emilys or four...and there is a friend in the mix you should check out just cause she has good stories too...for the longest time I thought she was related to the above group of women. Nope. But a close friend it would seem.

Alli: The Speir Kids I hope I have your name right Alli? Any way if you check out these fun blogs you won't be bored.

Enjoy and again, my friend Thisisme...I'm honored!



orchid said...

Hi, Sush my dear friend!!!

YOU TOO☆☆☆ I can't stand the heights as well, I cannot expiain in English well. But I feel like my heart comes out when look down from the high places!
Yes, it is a challenge, haha.

I'm glad you accepted sweet thisisme's award. Have a VERY nice Independence Day holiday!!!

To my Lovely Friend, Orchid.

Claudia Moser said...

Congrats on th award and it is nice to see that we share a friend :)

Barbara F. said...

Sush, I am right there with you, I hate heights. I always had jobs in huge skyscrapers in NYC, my ears would pop sometimes during the elevator ride. I never could overcome this - I am comical to watch on a step stool. xo,

Odie Langley said...

Hi Sush & thanks for stopping by my blog before. We just got back from Pittsboro & had a delightful time at a Cooperative store that even serves lunch. After that we went down town and my wife fell in love with various sidewalk stands selling jewelry. Of course she had to have some of their great ear rings. It is way too hot to enjoy anything outside today.

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Salut Sush, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it.

Well done on the award and you're right, I've already learned a lot about you just by reading your profile. I can completely understand the heights thing - especially when there's nothing to hold on to - yikes.

Have a lovely Sunday evening, Love from London xo

Thisisme. said...

Aaaw, how sweet of you to say those things in your post today. Thank you SO much dear friend. Congratulations to all those who you passed this Award on to. I always love to read your blog as well by the way! Hugs.

Desiree said...

I love Thisisme's blog! She truly is a ray of sunshine :)

Sush said...

I'll work my way back up the list of comments from here if it's ok?
>Desiree..oh yes Thisisme is a real ray of sunshine and a true love!
>Thisisme..You are all that is good in blogging!
>Mademoiselle Poirot...I've shown your blog to my daughter and we drooled over your photos! ck out my Highlights pages and read Grams to see a little of my French heritage!
>Odie, yes our NC heat is something and I'm glad Linda was up to shopping and found some lovely earrings!
>BarbaraF...It's a sad lot we height challenged ppl and I know EXACTLY what you mean about stools!
>Claudia...yes she is a wonderful lady, and thank you for your support!
>Orchid...whew...finally to the top...saved the sweetest for the last. Oh I'm sorry you suffer from the same ailment as I but YES, I too feel my heart pounding when I get near the edge in high places.
Thank you all for such lovely comments you truly put a smile on my face today!

Kirsty said...

Congratulations! What a cute award! I've not come across this one before!