Friday, July 1, 2011

Blow Torch Heat

Dang y'all the weathermen have gone and done it! Yessiree Bob...the prediction for this weekends weather was and I do quote, "Blow torch weather".  Uh huh! I'm not talking hot flashes of the hormonal kind, nuh uh! I'm talking blast you right out of your sandals and flip flop weather! I'm talking men in wife beater shirts are complaining they have on too much clothing! Momma don't dare let that bebe out in that blisterin' heat if you wanna save her precious skin! 

How would you cool down from temperatures of the scorching variety? I'll tell you how I would.

Down in New Orleans there is a really 'sweet' solution for that kind of heat. It's cold and icy and oh so divinely delicious. In parts of the country these said treat are known as sno-cones or snow cones. Those are not the REAL DEAL. In the Big Easy they are only called one thing...Snow Balls. These are not your ordinary, top off the crushed ice with some flavored 'run of the mill syrup' kinda treat. Nope. First off the ice is shaved ice in a splintered soft form. It is made in specially patented machines in many of the snow ball stands. It is the first step toward an icy, ambrosial delicacy. The syrup flavors are in the zillions. Definitely. I'm  not exaggerating on the number. You can go from your purist grape, strawberry, orange and lemon to Popeyes, Morgus (named for a much celebrated local tv persona from the 1950's), watermelon, bubblegum, coconut and on and on ad not nauseam. Your chosen nectar of the gods is then poured, drenching the shaved ice until the cup almost runneth over! Do we stop with just flavored syrup you may be asking. OH non, non, non mon cheri! We move on to your choice of toppings on the syrup. Condensed milk, cream, whipped cream, and evaporated milk. Nuts? Cherries? Flaked coconut? Why but of course!  Is it sinfully rich, perhaps. Does it satisfy the need for freeze? Definitely!

Would you serve such a master piece only accompanied with a straw? Well maybe SOME would, but not in the tropical heat wave city of New Orleans. Straws and spoons are abundant in the Snow Ball stands of the Crescent City. In a city known for it's sweltering heat, simply using a straw does not accomplish the chill thrill in the speed required. Spooning shaved ice snow balls is as necessary as pinching tails and sucking heads of  crawfish! 

You should know it is hard to travel ten blocks in the city without spotting a neighborhood Snow Ball Stand. Most of them are hole in the wall stands or sheds in a crushed shell parking lot. The one my family and I frequented was a block away from our neighborhood elementary school. I remember how exciting it was when they would open the stand for the season. We would be chomping at the bit to be the first in a  LONG line of children, parents and grandparents waiting for the first brain freeze of the season. Oh and the season for a New Orleans snow ball stand is lonnng; typically starts around Easter, (even if it is an early Easter) and goes until Halloween.

Here's to one of the finest creations of favorite prescription for Blow Torch weather. Cheers to the New Orleans Snow Balls! Sadly, I will have to settle for the mundane and pedestrian sno cones of North Cackalacky. I weep as I perspire!

PS...The photograph above is my actual snow ball stand of choice. This was near the New Orleans lakefront. There are zillions others each known for a trademark creation of their own. 
PSS...North Cackalacky BBQ beats all other BBQ so please don't be offended if you are a native Tarheel.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Sush! Thank you very much for choosing to follow SDM&M! I am honored! Whenever you leave a comment on my blog you can count on a friendly reply. I welcome you as a friend and I hope to hear from you again soon! Have a wonderful day and try to stay cool! (I'm in Florida where it's actually rain cooled for the last few days!)

Barbara F. said...

Now these would be snowballs I could learn to love! They sound wonderful. Try to keep cool with that heat! Thanks for your visit. xo,

Thisisme. said...

Hi there my friend! Wow! If we ever had that blow torch heat over here in England, you can bet your bottom dollar that I would be on the lookout for one of those Snow Ball Stands! All the varieties that you can get sound absolutely divine. Have a lovely weekend, and I hope that it doesn't get quite so hot as they forecast!!

Sush said...

>Shady I love Florida. It's full of childhood memories for me. And unlike the Atlantic coast waters you can actually SEE the sharks coming towards you! I never paddled my surf board faster than the time I saw the dorsal fin heading my way!

>Barbara F. I only wish I could get my hands on one of those icy treats this weekend! Sigh...I'll just find a nice cold pool to relax in I guess!

>Thisisme...I'm hoping the heat is not as bad as the forecast, I'm scheduled to go with my grandkids and adult children in town to a Durham Bulls baseball game...whew doggie hot!

EVeryone enjoy the weekend!

Hugs~ and Loves~Loves~Loves~

Aimee said...

Are you sure this is not Harrison Ave? Looks like it to me.

Sweet Tea said...

Guuurl, I think we are sisters separated at birth. After snooping through your Blog I can tell we are meant to be "Blog Sisters". I've signed on to FOLLOW!!

We have one Snow Ball place in my arm of LA. We love it. Our Granddolls are coming to visit next week and it is one of the "must go" places they always want to go to.
Peach is my favorite!!

Sush said...

> the non-native reader using near the lakefront was as close of description as I could come up with. YES it is Harrison Avenue Snow Balls! So glad you noticed! Did you use your smart phone for this??? Just wondering? LOL! Loves~

>Sweet Tea...Dang I felt the same way perusing your blog! I swoon at the thought of your upcoming snow ball date! Have a great time and Bienvenue Cher Bebe!