Thursday, July 21, 2011

Designing Stylista

I am unabashedly going to give a shout out to a new Blog. This lovely young lady has been working in the Design industry for several years...the first few while she was earning her degree in Interior Architecture and Design. Yes, she worked and earned a degree in a grueling, time consuming major. She would be the first to say it was all worth the effort! I have personally witnessed how hard she worked as she and my daughter were best friends and cohorts in suffering engaging in their rigorous major. 

The woman behind the blog and the designer you will LOVE to follow is Amy at Vintage Visionary! She has been involved with some fabulous projects, but I will leave that for Amy to present in her blog. She has been busy doing delightful design projects while advancing her burgeoning career and is just now getting back into the blog-o-sphere! Do me a favor, and my dear friend, Amy...but most of all yourself and dash over to her new blog, click Follow and set yourself up for some lovely design tips, stories and photography!

So be a dear friend...and supporter of the Arts! You'll be so thrilled you did! I don't know about you but having Followers is one of the most enjoyable aspects of blogging! Oh, you remember what it was like when you first got started, don't you? Aha, I know you do...hurry now and give this young lady a warm welcome to the world of blogging!



amy said...

Thank you so much! I love it! This means so a lot to me and I really really appreciate! You are the best! :)

Sush said...

Great talent is so lovely to's to many beautiful memories in all you do!

Shady Del Knight said...

Thanks, Sush! When I visited Amy's site it was S.O.S. (subscribed on sight). Any friend of yours is a friend of mine!

Sush said...

>Shady, you are a dear friend and Amy is so thrilled! Thanks so much for helping her get her start!

Sweet Tea said...

I love to Follow and encourage new Bloggers. I STILL love it when I get a new Follower. I'm heading there to follow here right now!

orchid said...

Good Morning my Dear friend Sush.
I've been to her site. I admire people who have talent.
Blessing and Bright future to the young lady♪♪♪
Hugs and Love xoxo, Orchid.

Shelly said...

I am headed over there now- you are so sweet to give her a shout out!

Life 101 said...

Hey Sush,
I give shoutouts to blog buddies I run across.
Your suggestion was a good one. I visited and I now follow her.

Sush said...

>Sweet Tea...I know what you mean about getting new followers I am thrilled every time someone new wants to follow! Thanks for being so thoughtful!

>Orchid...your visits will brighten her day. Thank you so much for following.

>Shelly thanks for checking her blog out, she is quite the talented young gal!

> Rick..I do admire how you give shout outs to blog buddies. Amy is really appreciative of everyone's kindness!