Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hollow Legs Saga and Other Summer Adventures - Part Deux

I do believe we started the day in the same fashion as we spent the previous one! Hollow legs have the 'Need to Feed'!
What more do you need to start the day than a plate filled with chocolate chunk pancakes and an icy cold glass of milk? Breakfast was consumed in break neck speed and bathing suits were donned in rapid time. This was the day we were playing in the sprinkler hose!

It was predicted to be a day of many scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms so we wanted to get out and about early in the day. Plus, when the grands Dad called in to check on how bedtime had gone down he gave notice that Mom would be coming in the early afternoon for pick up.

Pop and the boys had set up the sprinkler hose the evening before in anticipation of a Water Works day. I just love how Pop ...does my job for me...sets the stage for my fun! 

Commence the water works...First we had to ease into the activity...Trey, you're the oldest...you go first! Old Faithful pales in comparison...
Peter walked blindly into the situation...
I think if we back into the wiggling water sprayers it will be easier...
 And we started warming up to the cooling off...
 The little wiggly sprayers were getting caught under the hose, so the guys tried moving it around...

 So how about if we move it to the driveway??? Will they wiggle better there? Let's give it the old college try! 
That's it Peter...keep pulling! Oh are you squirting your brother or pulling???
Made it to the driveway...are they wiggling more? I think so!
Trey is cooling off...Go Trey!
Now Sush was thinking...water...strong boys...dirty car? Oh YEAH...Tom Sawyer lives! Hey guys you think you are big enough and strong enough to wash Sush's car? They had more fun with the nozzle and my car than the with the wiggle contraption! Wiggler was fun but car washing was giggles galore...
We had the nozzle set on the 'jet' spray and it was making quick work cleaning the car!
Peter, having fun...????
You wanna spray what?
 Run, Trey...Run!!!
Little brother with the hose in his hand can be T R O U B L E...right here in River City! 
Before things started falling completely apart, Sush made an executive decision, (also Peter turning blue and his teeth chattering) made it time to go in and fill up those hollow legs again!

What do you feed hungry boys after a morning playing in water?  Why Octopus Hot Dogs!
While we were having our octopus hot dogs it started thundering and lightning McQueening so there was nothing left to do but finish eating and turn on the movie, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs! Mom arrived mid-way through and was able to watch the conclusion with us! Then it was time to get packed up and head back home. Hollow legs and summer adventures will return another day!



Claudia Moser said...

They seem like they have the time of their life and that counts, right?

Desiree said...

Wonderful pictures and delightfully told story. This is something to put on to a CD to keep for when they turn 21.

Sush said...

>Claudia...They were full of giggles and gafaws all morning!

>Desiree...You always have the loveliest things to say, thank you for your kind words.

Odie Langley said...

Great pictures and I know those boys will be ready to come back and play with you anytime. They left with some great memories. Good job girl.

lyndylou said...

so much fun!

Sush said...

>Odie...I am ready whenever they are!

>Lyndylou...We indeed had a great time...I'm hoping you are having much birthday fun yourself!