Sunday, July 17, 2011

Momma Lisa

What a very special day this is going to be! It is our Daughter-in-law Lisa's birthday.  I like to refer to my sons wives as my daughters from marriages blessed in Heaven. They are very special women and I don't say this JUST because they had excellent taste in their choice of a husband. (But they did)!

I is Lisa's birthday and it is our first and so far only granddaughter's Baptism Day! I think it is so special for these two ladies to be sharing such a blessed day. Lisa is Lily's  fantastic Mom. I love how she is always talking with Lily and explaining experiences they are having. Suffice it to say Lily has a wonderful vocabulary and is talking well beyond her age. I not only love to watch her with Lily, but I love seeing she and my son interact as a family unit. My Mom told me years ago that the Mother of the house sets the tone. I used to chafe at that notion, but after a while I began to understand and embrace the concept. Lisa has a lovely way of making her house a home and keeping all who dwell there serene and loved.

I'll be back later, if not tonight, perhaps Monday or Tuesday with some photos of the Baptism and Birthday co-celebrations! This morning I will be putting the finishing touches on a fruit salad for the luncheon following the Baptism. We have my son and his wife from Richmond in town as well, so we've been very busy having fun!

Until then,  keep this in mind...Lily, our granddaughter will be wearing the batiste gown my paternal grandmother hand made, embroidered and tatted the lace. How sweet? All of my children were christened in the gown and now the tradition continues with the grandchildren. The gown is 91 years old and for all its use it is holding up well!

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter sent from Heaven!



orchid said...

Hi, my Dear Sush,
First of all, I think I'm surprised to see your post before I prepare dinner when I browsed PC. Haha, you need a beauty sleep♡♡♡ Oh, special day must woke you up early!!!

You made me really smile to read "excellent taste in their choice of a husbands". Well, I'd say they had excellent tastes for mother-in-low". We have a saying that "when you choose a wife, you need to see her mother as well", true isn't it.
How lovely your daughter-in-low and granddaughter. Yes, how wonderful, the Baptism and Birthday co-celebrations!!!
Naturally, I've never seen Baptism, she must be cute with the the precious batiste gown☆☆☆

Blessing to both of the MARVELOUS Ladies and all of your family,
xoxo Orchid.

Desiree said...

Oh, Sush! This is such a beautiful post, so full of love and pride in your special DIL and very cute little granddaughter! It must be such a blessing for Lisa to have you as her MIL :) I wish you all a beautiful day and look forward to seeing all of the pictures. Happy Birthday to Lisa and blessings to Lily on her important day, too wearing that very special family heirloom!

Claudia Moser said...

Happy Birthday to Lisa and cannot wait to see the pictures! Enjoy the time together!

Thisisme. said...

Beautiful, loving and warm post from you today my friend. Happy birthday to Lisa, and a very happy Baptism Day to that pretty little Lilly. I know what you mean about the woman setting the tone for the home. When my younger daughter still lived at home, and I used to go away on holiday with a friend, when I came back, she used to say, "it's just a house when you're not here, mum. It becomes a home when you're back.! I thought that was such a sweet thing for her to say. You are very blessed with your daughter-in-laws, as I am with my son-in-laws. Hugs.

Pat MacKenzie said...

I hope you all enjoy this special day in your family. It's so nice when the in-laws add their own mark to the family, and it's a good one. Sweet baby Lily. I'd love to see her in the heirloom dress.

Barbara F. said...

I would agree that the DIL's are lucky to have you as a MIL! Little Lily is adorable, happy Baptism day and happy birthday to Lisa. xo

Odie Langley said...

I loved your post today and you even got a special mention on Shady's blog as well. Happy Birthday to Lisa and I hope all went well at the church service.

Shady Del Knight said...

Bless Lisa and Lily, Sush!

I wanted to tell you the truth and let you know why it took this long for me to become a follower of your blog. A few weeks ago I reached the saturation point and promised myself that I could not and would not add any more blogs to my stream. I feared that, by doing so, it would mean that I wouldn't have enough time to devote to the blogs of existing friends. In your case I had to make an exception. I had to make room and time for one more because you turned out to be too good a friend and supporter for me to ignore. You also have a wonderful blog and a delightful family and I love what's in your head and heart. So here I am!

lisa said...

I am just now sitting down after a whirlwind of a day and birthday. I couldn't have asked for a better one, and I thank you for the very sweet post. Lily looked more precious than words today. I think she made a few of us have a happy "boo hoo" moment.

Chatty Crone said...

You are blessed to be so close to your DIL! Happy birthday to her and happy baptism.

Sush said...

>Orchid...thanks for your lovely comments. And congratulations to your country on a well played World Cup Championship Win!

>Desiree...I am lucky indeed to have such a wonderful DIL as Lisa! All my girls are on the fantastic side! We had a lovely day and Lily looked beautiful...I"ll be posting soon! Thanks for the lovely comments!

>Claudia, hope your weekend was restful after your busy week. We did have a great time and I will post later.

>Thsisisme...That was the kind of remark from a daughter that makes being a Mother so special. I love how close you and your daughters are a fantastic Mom, I'm sure. Congrats on reaching so many people with your lovely Blog! You are a dear person to have as a friend...

>Pat McKenzie...yes our 'new additions by marriage' bring so much joy to our family. I will be posting a photo montage of Lily and the dress soon..

>Barbara new girls make it lovely being their Mother in law...thank you for your kind comments!

>Odie...thank you kind friend. All went well at the Church service. Lily was NOT having any of the Pastor holding her during the baptism but was very calm until after the water. Then she was a squirmy wormy. Don't say as I blame her! She was a trooper! And yes Mr Shady made my day and warmed my heart with his mention.

> actually brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart considerably with your lovely comment. I am honored to have you as a follower and look forward to lovely musical memories! I am reminded of all things good of our growing up years when I visit your Blog!

> made everyone feel so included and special today. As always you had a very lovely party and as always gave Lily just the right reassurance and love to help her last during a very spiritual and lovely Baptism. I love you, dear daughter! And Grams is smiling in heaven knowing her dress was worn by her Great Great Granddaughter!

>Chatty...I am blessed indeed, and thank the good Lord everyday for all my sweet inlaws! Thanks for the lovely comment!

karen said...

What a lovely heirloom the christening gown is - no matter where it came from! Just beautiful. I love gathering the family for such wonderful occasions.