Thursday, July 14, 2011

Muddled Internal Calendar

This is going to be a story with two tales to be told. One tale is how my brain is a muddled one when it comes to dates and how much trouble I get in as a result. The second is an explanation of why I was late in composing a birthday posting for my sister and that the reason was NOT a tall tale!
If only I could take a course on brain wave straightening. Eh, who would I be kidding? I'd probably get the dates wrong and miss the course! Since forever I have had a problem with numbers. Usually it just translates into mathematical issues but every now and then the beast raises its ugly head on my calendar.

We missed COMPLETELY the wedding of two of our very best friends when we were young newlyweds ourselves. I had checked the invitation many, many times. And always mis-read the date and day. I don't know how I do this, but that was just the beginning of many missed engagements. Social, business, medical - you name it, I've done it. Sigh.

I have a verrrry dear friend. She's the gal that is always offering her lovely home for our circle of friends Baby Showers, Engagement Parties, etc. Her oldest daughter is getting ready to move to Switzerland with her husband for his job. A party was in order. I wanted to do something special in the way of 'how can I help' and offered whatever services needed. After mulling my request over, it was suggested I make some mini cupcakes. Why yes, I'd love to as I love all things cupcake.

Now I was waiting to get the necessary goods for baking and to bake the cupcakes so they would be as fresh as possible. My daughter, who is my partner in all things cupcakes was planning on coming over to assist in shopping and baking. I got a phone call on Thursday early evening from her. She was coming over to begin the shopping and baking.  I wasn't planning on going until the next day so I would have all of Friday to shop, bake and Saturday to frost and decorate said cupcakes. Good planning on my part, n'est-ce pas?

So guess what? My daughter says, "What party are you going to? The party is Friday, Mom!" Whaat??? So we get it all sorted out, I dash over to pick her up for our shopping expedition and return to commence the baking! Whew! I would have been in BIG. BAD. TROUBLE. And terribly embarrassed. 

Everything was fine thanks to my non-brain muddled daughter. She stayed for a short while but returned to her abode as she was off to work early Friday AM. I stayed awake and baked...
Key Lime Cupcakes
and baked...
Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mousse cupcakes
and baked...
Coconut Cupcakes

Everything came out as planned. I baked and frosted the majority throughout the night. Slept in a tad and finished the decorating and loaded them up for the party!
The party as usual was a great success! Lots of food, beverages of choice...mine would be champagne, and lovely guests. Here are a few photos from the party starting off with the Guest of Honor! She is so much fun!
With a party going on in every room...

And my co-hort in crime in cupcakes is the beauty in the middle...

Now to tie the this all together and use it as my explanation of layers upon layers of unexpected things that came up. I was late in writing my sister's birthday blog...the grandsons came on Tuesday and left Wednesday, no time for pre-posting. Thursday late is when I found out my muddled internal calendar was sabotaging me again. Friday was my sister's birthday...if my calendar had been wired correctly I would have been posting on Thursday evening. I baked instead. So I'm hoping she will understand and forgive me for her late birthday posting...since she is such a beautiful and understanding sister! I guess if she does not forgive I'll go out and eat some worms!

And to the sweet Party Girl...Bon Voyage, Jacquie! You will be missed!



Kathi said...

So glad your daughter saved you from a potential disaster! Those cupcakes looked luscious! What a beautifully put together party! We all have our challenges. At least you are on top of and fully aware of your time disorientation! This was a fun post! You are a sweet person! Anyone who makes such wonderful cupcakes is on my friend list! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Thisisme. said...

Phew ! Thank goodness your daughter got the date right for you! That would have been so embarrasing if you had missed that special party. (By the way if you turned up a few days late for MY birthday, I would forgive you, as you would be turning up with all those gorgeous cupcakes!!). My oh my, they did look scrumptious and such lovely flavours as well. Don't suppose you saved me one by any chance??!!

Chatty Crone said...

Whew - you were a busy gal - no wonder you forgot - and you know what - I hate to tell you this - but the older you get - the more you forget.

Your cupcakes looked delish and the party looked fun!

You did it.

Odie Langley said...

Seems the older we get the more help we need keeping straight and out of trouble. Glad it turned out positive for you.

Barbara F. said...

I am at the point where I don't have the inclination to hoat anything anymore. I hate feeling this way and keep hoping it will pass. Your party looks lovely and lots of work but the guests were having a grand ole time! xo

Pat MacKenzie said...

I wonder if you're left-handed. I am and have always used it to excuse my lack of number skills. We tend to be more creative than cerebral! Anyway, the cupcakes look lovely. I found your blog via Thisisme and think I'll stick around.

Claudia Moser said...

Lovely story and great baking!

Sweet Tea said...

So glad I am not the only one with "issues". The one you describe is not my issues, but I can understand how frustrating it must be to you (and those who love you). Yikes!. . .Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL and you definitely "owe" her for saving your neck. LOL
Great "kiss up" to your beautiful, understanding sister". *wink

I think the answer to your problem is to bake some of those delicious looking cupcakes and freeze them. Then when you get a date "tangled" you simply give whomever a couple of those yummy cupcakes and they'll forgive you in a heartbeat
you could get a Secretary!

Desiree said...

I am sure your sister will forgive you! Sometimes things do happen to conspire against us in this life. I'm sure many of us can relate. I know I can!

Sush said...

>Kathi...Thanks for such a lovely comment! I'll be checking in on you and yours. Loves~

>Thisisme...nothing would thrill me more than to bake some cupcakes for you...come visit!

>Chatty...Yep, I seem to be going downhill since the landmark birthday, but yep, it all worked out ok!

>Odie...Thanks for stopping always cheer me up!

>Barbara F...I thankfully wasn't the host...just bringing some goodies to the hostess with the mostest!

>Pat McKenzie...Welcome! Any friend of Thisisme is a friend of mine! Looking forward to some nice visits!

>Claudia...You brighten my day with your visits! Thanks!

> Sweet Tea...Yep, you noticed the suck up, I'm hoping it works. Secretary, I'll spring that one on my husband, I love to hear him laugh! Loves~

>Desiree...if I had a place as lovely as yours to offer as a peace pipe it would be all good! Love your latest photos!

Bossy Betty said...

So sorry it has taken me so long to get over here! I love your blog and am looking forward to reading more. Thank you so much for the quote you left for me today! It was beautiful.

Laura Hoffman said...

YUMMM. Your cupcakes look amaaaaazing!!! Any leftovers?? ;) See you you!

karen said...

Those cupcakes looked delicious! Do you have recipes you can share? It's always nice to make something besides the stock chocolate and vanilla.