Monday, July 4, 2011

Definitely Better Than Sparklers

What a fantastic start to our Fourth of July celebration I enjoyed on Saturday! My fella' and I met our oldest son and his wife and our two grandsons for a Durham Bulls Baseball Game. As you can see from the Bull's Face Book banner they are having an Independence Weekend of Home Games. Baseball for the Fourth of July, why yes America, I think I will indulge!
The grandsons loved having hot dogs...Peter, nachos...Trey and my son and his wife dined on the All American! My husband and I spotted a  The Pit BBQ vendor that is famous in our city and indulged in Carolina east coast BBQ,shredded husband; pulled chicken BBQ, myself. My dashing date for the last thirty nine years also had peanuts and I had cracker jacks...getting ready for the seventh inning stretch!
Additional entertainment was provided by the teams mascot, Mr Wool E Bull...and the 'organist' for the game was as close as hand shaking distance! Fascination was intense as he hit the keys for...da da da dum di dum...CHARGE! The Blue Monster is another 'mascot' of the furry kind who was roaming the stands along with the entire Chick-fil-A squad. I amused my oldest grandchild when he said look behind you Sush and I jumped when I saw the Chick-fil-A chicken right over my shoulder! I do so love to please!
Trey's little league season is starting this weekend and he was ready to catch any errant foul balls coming our way! When did I get to have a grandson old enough to be protecting me from foul balls?  He and Pop were busy discussing strategy throughout the game. Did I mention my date for the last 39 years was captain of his high school baseball team and played catcher? It seems he was a player of the exceptional kind! 
Peter and his Dad, my oldest, were having a grand time as well. This child of mine played in the State Final Playoff game his junior year in high school! His summer league baseball team even played a game in the old Durham Athletic Park stadium, the one where the movie Bull Durham was made! We do love baseball in this family, no doubt about it. 

Peter kept his eye on the big bull across the field. I had been reminded by Peter that when the home team hits a home run the bull's eyes light up and smoke comes out of his nostrils! Every time Peter has gone to a game at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park...lovingly referred to by locals as the D BAP, he has been treated to at least one of those tricks by the bull. Sadly, Sush and Pop must have brought some bad ju ju with us as no one hit a home run. Even sadder our fav-o-rite team only scored one run the entire game. Not to worry Peter...the bull has all summer to be struttin' his stuff like this:
And the evening was capped off with the most spectacular fireworks! My favorite were the ones that shot up high in the air and then burst into millions of twinkling stars! We covered our ears for a good while as they were verrrrrryyy loud! And the great big ones that sounded like canons were so loud it felt like my teeth were set to rattling!

So we've had the baseball, some of the family have covered the hot dogs, I guess that means tomorrow I will be serving apple pie!

God Bless America - Happy Fourth of July


Desiree said...

What a fun post, filled with bubbling enthusiasm for life :)

Thank you for becoming my newest follower. I am certainly going to enjoy following you from now on!

Claudia Moser said...

Great photos!

Odie Langley said...

That was a fun post girl and so glad you and the family had that wonderful experience enjoying the all american sport. Our vacation is coming to an end as we will be heading back to Halifax this morning. It has been one of the best ever. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Nice Post Sush, we had lots of fun with you and Pop! When Peter saw it he said "Did the Bull really snort at our game!?!" He is happy to know that now he can check your post and see the Bull snorting for him whenever he wants!
Your Oldest

orchid said...

oh, what an enjoyable family time watching the game!!!
I'm SO glad for your grandsons having wonderful parents and grandparents making them wonderful memories with them♡♡♡
Wow, you showed and gave me the feeling of fantastic atmosphere of American baseball. Haha, so sorry your boys couldn't see the smoke coming from bull's nostrils.
Thank you for sharing this post♡♡♡

Your Japanese friend, Orchid.

Catherine Ensley said...

Hello and happy to meet you. I'll enjoy following your blog. Yes, I think we do have a few things in common. ;)

Chatty Crone said...

Hey right back at you - great blog and interesting post. Your family sounds lovely. Just spent a weekend in NC. Glad you had a great 4th celebration!

Sush said...

>Desiree..thanks and I'm looking forward to lots of enjoyable stories while visiting your blog!

>Claudia, thanks I wish I could take credit but my sweet daughter in law took the photos and my son emailed them to me. They are great though, aren't they?

>Odie, thanks for the lovely thoughts and I hope you had a fantastic visit!

>Anonymous...I love you and your family with all my heart! You are all the best of the best!

>Orchid, maybe one day you can come visit us and go see the smoking would have to be during baseball season..; )

>Catherine...Welcome and I have been lost in your blog, browsing! Lovely!

>Chatty Crone...Another Welcome and I hope the heat in NC wasn't overwhelming!

Megan said...

I seriously don't think that anything could be better than baseball on the 4th! Looks like y'all had a blast!

romance-of-roses said...

Well sounds like all of you had a most enjoyable time. That's what it's all about, family, love and fun of course along with hot dogs and apple pie, so yummy.