Friday, August 26, 2011

Simply Irresistible Raindrops and Daisies

My dear friend Fiona, from Raindrops and Daisies graced me with an award. Fiona has one of those blogs that reaches out and captures your heart and interest from the very first read! Treat yourself to a delicious reward if you haven't visited her lovely Irish Blog. Thank you Fiona for the very thoughtful award! You are so very Irresistibly Sweet!

Awards, as lovely as they are, each have their own unique set of rules or practices. This award says I must tell you seven things about myself and then pass the award on to seven other bloggers. Here goes...
1. My voice turns deep and hoarse when I drink whiskey, sort of Lauren Bacallish.
2. I love to swim...miles and miles of swimming.
3. I've worked in many fields all so I could be at home as much as possible with my kids;
 I've been a Dental Assistant...earned my PHTS doing this=Putting Hubby Through School; a Pre-School teacher; a floral designer and for fourteen years I worked in the Undergraduate Admissions Office at a major university in our state. 
4. I won my first sailing regatta at the age of 12. We had a water spout on the bay on one of the days of the regatta...I was terrified but we still had to complete the course.
5. I am a night are most of my siblings. We don't often get to indulge our time clocks but given our druthers we'd be up late.
6. I think the fog on Cape Cod is literally bounces and tumbles.
7. I have had three major back surgeries. 

I will be honest, I deleted number seven several times. I don't often write about my back as I don't like to have it define me. It has limited so much of what I now do...that I prefer to leave the subject in a closed box not open to discussion. I appreciate any kind thoughts but please no comments on the back. It's just my way of explaining why I don't do some of the things I used to or  like to do. 

On to the significant seven....this is the hard part. I don't know if any of my selections are 'Award Free' blogs and if you are I apologize. All of you are free to put this award into practice or not. But I do feel all of you are Irresistibly in no particular order:

1. Odie at The Simple Life. Odie always has a positive and thoughtful way of looking at life. I know I am in for a treat any time he has a new posting. Go see for yourself you'll be happy you did!
2. Angela at Parisienne Farmgirl she has a lovely blog about family, farming and life.
3. Linda at The Squashed Tomato writes about all things cooking and life in South Africa. Also the daughter of a lovely blog friend...
4. Desiree at Driftwood Ramblings you have never seen a more beautiful garden or lovely tales of South Africa. Des is a lovely person and writer.
5. Tom at Shady Dell Music and Memories, music for your soul and for your memories. Tom is one of the most thoughtful bloggers on the planet and has a pulse on the music industry that is uncanny. 
6. Laura at Special Treats...I'm over the moon about this young lady and her blog. She has loads of information on healthy living, fantastic recipes and my son had the good taste and sense to marry her.
7. Nicole at First House On The Right...a blog full of design, fashion and lovely pictures...Nicole always has something new and interesting to present.

So there you or so things you may not have known about me and seven wonderful blogs to explore. If you haven't signed up as followers on my seven choices, I suggest you GO. RIGHT. NOW!

Thanks again Fiona and as always to everyone...


Claudia Moser said...

Congratulations on the award! Happy for you and well deserved. As for your answers, wow in respect to point 4, very cool! And great choices in the end!

Shelly said...

What an interesting list! I know what you mean about #7. I've had a back surgery, and they wanted to more surgery, but now I'm fine. How terrific you are a swimmer- It's a wonderful, relaxing thing.

Shady and Odie are bloggers extraordinaire, and I tremendously enjoy what they write. I am going to check the others one out, too-

Desiree said...

You absolutely deserve this award, Sush! You truly are irresistibly sweet, witty and articulate. I LOVE your blog and the more I get to know you, the more I like and admire you, too!

Thank you for honouring me with this award. I am really, really touched! I do operate an award-free blog, however, so will not be displaying it. I will carry the gesture in my heart :)

I shall visit the other bloggers you have introduced so graciously, apart from Odie and Linda, as I already keenly follow both :) I have admired Shady from a distance and always read and enjoy the comments he leaves on your, Diane & Odie's blogs. Such a perfect gentleman and a very wise man.

Now we know why you look so amazing...all that swimming over the years has kept you in shape and youthful! Add that deep, husky voice into the mix and I can see why Odie and Shady are such ardent admirers :)

PS Linda is away on holiday at the Kruger National Game Park at the moment, so I doubt she will get to see this before she gets back next week. We have Noodle with us :)

Big hug,
Des xoxo

Shady Del Knight said...

Thank you very much for sharing this award with me, Sush, and thank you, Shelly and Desiree, for your sweet and supportive words. In all honesty, I have received quite a few blog awards in recent months and published a number of posts in which I revealed lists of "interesting" facts about myself. Dull boy that I am, I can't think of any additional tidbits at this time. However, I am deeply grateful, Sush. I will proudly display this award seal on my blog and always remember your kindness.

In 1984 I stood on my balcony in St. Petersburg gazing across Tampa Bay. To my astonishment a water spout dropped down from the clouds and started coming right toward me! I froze, unable to move, and probably would have just stood there and let the funnel sweep me away had it not lifted back up and dissipated just before it reached me.

If I had no commitments and could follow my body clock I would also be a night owl because I tend to be most productive late at night.

The fog on Cape Cod will certainly be bouncing and tumbling this weekend. I hope that you stay safe from the approaching storm, my dear friend!

Re: #1 - Just once I'd love for you to down a few shots of Jack, turn to me and utter these words:

"You know how to whistle, don't you, Shady? You just put your lips together and... blow."

Life 101 said...

Neat post Sush. My voice gets deep too when I drink whiskey, but it's usually because I've fallen into a well or something.
I got your thank you card yesterday and I was humbled. I'm glad you're enjoying the book.

orchid said...

Dear, Sush.
Congratulations on your award♡♡♡
Yes, you sure deseve it!!!
Oh, you seem to be a lady for water sports. Tiny me cannot swim, p;) And "Night owl", haha wishing you to have a prenty of beauty sleep♬♬♬

Love and Hugs xoxo, Orchid.

Chatty Crone said...

Congratulations you deserved it and I am so glad to learn more about you - I think it's great.

Hope your back is fixed now!

Crystal Pistol said...

Congrats on your award! I too am a night owl. I could stay up all night.

Sorry about the back surgeries. Makes me wince just to think about them!

Odie Langley said...

Sush, you are soooooooooooo sweet and to have me in a mix with Desiree, Linda & Shady who are my friends already is amazing. Thank you so much. I might have to pass on all the requirements of the award since I am a little busy with school now but I do appreciate it so much.

jabblog said...

It's always interesting to learn about fellow bloggers. Congratulations on the PHTS:-)

Gawgus things... said...

Congrats on the award and I'm so pleased to see one of the blogger's you've passed it on to is our dear Shady! We hold a very soft spot for him in our family :) I swim like a rock. Exactly..! Have a fabulous weekend..

Sarah Pearson said...

I love number one, and I'm with you on number five :-)

Sweet Tea said...

"Swimming and sailing and whiskey, Oh My!"

What a fun, talented gal you are.
I loved reading all about you.
Thanks for sharing yourself with us.
This was fun!!

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

What a fun way to get to know you better.

Happy weekend - Marsha

Sush said...

>Claudia...Thanks for the love note..and yes #4 was a wow!

>Shelly...ouch sorry you had back surgery too! Yes, Shady and Odie are fine gentlemen and I know the others will be fun for you as well!

>Oh Des YOU are the sweetheart and you are welcome to carry the award wherever you choose! I think in your heart is a fine have such a big one I'm sure you could fit a closet full of awards there...Lucky you with Noodle and Linda has all the time in the world to ck out her award!

>Shady you funny fellow...I don't down whiskey very often. When I first started reading about you and a balcony and St Petersburg I was picturing you in Russia! Did a quick recovery and was very relieved you weren't carried away by a water spout, 'cause I don't know if they go to Oz or not? Might have been one very exciting Blog Posting!

> I don't see you falling in a well, but I definitely would love to read about that if you have! I DO DO LOVE your book. You have a talent there Mr Watson and I am looking forward to another book...Puhlease!

>Orchid...I think we need to get you some swimming lessons living on Japan surrounded by so much water! And I do get sleep...I rarely am allowed to indulge my night owl clock.

>Sandie...I do think the fun thing with many of the awards is what we learn about the recipients! Thanks~

>Crystal Pistol...I could stay up all night as well, but it usually means a very loooong day if I do!

>Odie...I understand how loaded your life is now, but I did want to give you the award. It is quite fine for you to do as Des and keep it in your heart!

>Jabblog...Yes it is great to learn about our fellow bloggers and I know I am not the only one of our club who has probably earned a PHTS!

>Oh Gawgus...yes Shady has earned a spot in everyone's hearts and deservedly so. And you could be at the bottom of the pool and still look stunning. I think I'd rather just see you showing off that gawgus tan in your stylish swimsuit and NOT at the bottom of the pool!

>Sarah...sometimes I love #1, lol and usually when I do I have myself an enjoyable #5!

>Sweet Tea...LOL I guess I've given the illusion of a lush...the whiskey is very rare..but I do have lots of fun in my day!

>Marsha...I hope your elan and verve are on the upswing...and the posting WAS fun to write!

Laura said...

Thank you, Susie!!!! I will get to this soon! :)

Sush said...

>Laura...You are most welcome sweet girl, but take your time you are inundated with life's happenings!


Thisisme. said...

I am sO late in cOmmenting my friend, but I just had to congratulate you on your award, which is so well deserved. You are irresistably sweet, so it is an apt award for you.

orchid said...
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orchid said...

Dear Sush,
As I cannot find the way to send you a mail, would you please let me use here.
I have trouble with my pituitary grand and less hormone made me tiny and I really, truly respect people who DO sports as I I can't do well because of physical shortcoming.
If my poor English couldn't sent my meaning well in my previous cooment here, so sorry. I had no intention to be rude or tease you...
Sincerely Yours, Orchid.

Thisisme. said...

Me again. I forgot to say earlier, that I have had two major back surgeries as well, but feel very lucky that I can still do the things that I do.

orchid said...

Dear Sush,
I was to mention that I sincerely respect you to overcome your surgery and swim now.
Hugs, Orchid.

Linda Harding said...

Dear Sush,

Thank you SO much for the award! So sorry for my late reply, I have been on holiday in the Kruger Park for the past few days!

I really appreciate the lovely award, and am rather chuffed that you thought of me!

Sending lots of hugs from SA,