Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And Baby Makes Three

I've been waiting to post this exciting news until I received the 'rest of the story'. My third son and his wife are expecting their first baby...I believe I mentioned this here. Now for the 'rest of the story'...they found out Friday afternoon they are having a little girl! We are all so thrilled for them and now we even up teams. Two grandsons and two granddaughters! Shortly after their appointment for the ultra-sound that delivered the exciting news they headed down our way.

We had a lovely weekend...Pop relaxed with lots of love and TLC from his family. My adult kids and their families that live in town gathered at the ole homestead for a chili dinner and lots of craziness. We of course said Loves~Loves~Loves~ after Lily led us in God Is Great for our blessing. And after Loves, Lily had her usual request for 'AGAIN'?  And yes we did it again!

Peter skunked me in a rousing game of Memory...AGAIN! Lily and Trey were given birthday gifts from the visiting Aunt and Uncle. They were not able to make it down for the birthday weekend, but who doesn't love extended birthdays? They both were enthralled with a Star Wars Lego spaceship, (Trey) and a baby doll with her won carrier and tiara, (Lily)! Lily hardly set her 'baby' down the rest of the night! Pop and I were very content to be 'flies on the wall' and listen to laughter of loved ones once again bouncing off walls and warming the cockles of our heart. Good medicine, that!

I must admit I was so busy that day enjoying my family I forgot to break out the camera. I hate when I do that but I did get a few pictures of the expectant couple before they left the following day...

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