Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Festival

Several weeks ago we had the pleasure of joining our son Tim and his wife Lisa and their daughter Lily for Lily's pre-school's Fall Festival. There were many little ones running around from tent to tent enjoying themselves immensely. No charge...only requirement was to enjoy. We were thrilled to pay up!

Lily had a plan...and she's off!
First up...the toddler jump house!
I think she got the idea right away...
Pure joy!

Upon leaving the jump house decisions had to be made. Where do you want to go next Lily?
At first she was heading over to the dance contest...but then she spied what was going on behind her!
Pony Rides! Now Lily was sure she wanted to ride those ponies!
but when you're a wee not yet two year old, it takes some yes I do...No I don't...and she passed on the first go round
But when she was on the sidelines watching all the children ride the ponies she had passed up she had second thoughts and the pony ride owner was very patient while she worked up her courage! Will she?
Won't she?
Yes she will! With a firm grasp on Daddy's hand, a few trots around the circle she warmed up to it and was laughing with glee by the time she was finished!

Yee-Haw! Ride 'em cowgirl!
After Lily's success on the pony rides we were back wandering around the tents. Lily went to the tent where you put your hand in the pumpkin and guess what is inside. It took an explanation that she couldn't keep what was buried in the pumpkin. Once she learned she could pick a prize from a shiny black cauldron, she was satisfied and happy!

Sush and Pop headed towards home soon after this but we sure did have a wonderful fall morning with this lovely family. We love you Tim, Lisa and Lily!
Thanks for some lovely memories on a beautiful fall morning!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clothes Closet

When I was a very young girl I used to think how much fun it would be when I had children and we could share clothes, makeup tips, get the drift. I grew up with four sisters and one brother so I mostly was picturing more girls than boys in this imaginary family. 

Then I ended up having this group of four boys and that's all I had for the longest while until my sweet girl appeared in our lives. Not long after her birth I thought, 'aha', at last someone to share my clothes with! I guess I rushed things in my mind. Elise was NOT the first of my children to share my clothes...

My sweet young boys became sweet funny teenagers. They were on Student Council and the football team. They needed to borrow my clothes...Excuse YOU!
Yep...I didn't have to wait for my sweet baby girl to grow up...I furnished clothes for my sons and their friends. Who'd have thunk it? 

Enjoy the Fashion Show. 

First up was a Student Council spoof of I believe a beer commercial. The men in the commercial for some reason dressed up as women. I'm very sketchy on why/how this became a Student Council skit, but the dresses on each end are mine and several pairs of earrings. The lovely dark haired young man on the far left is my son...handsome isn't she he!
Then the football players were needing to 'accessorize' for the Powder Puff game. To be truthful, I only helped my own son for this. Some items remain only in the family. My son was the one in the baseball cap. His was the only head of hair not long enough for pig tails of any length.
Now another son was sweet enough to have his picture taken with his Grandmother before the game. I think that actually was someone else's wig. He looked a lot like his paternal grandmother who is NOT in this picture. I may not have shared anything from my closet for this photo, but it seems to fit the storyline...
But if you live long enough...and hold onto your treasured items, you may one day live to see your DAUGHTER wear an item of yours. And not as a costume. First up is a photograph from when I was a young Mother. Take notice of the blouse in the picture...
This next photograph was taken this evening. Finally, daughter raided my clothes closet. She chose the blouse above and one other to add to her wardrobe. Be still my foolish heart!
Okay don't give me any grief...I waited a lonnnggggg time for this to happen and I did take quite a few pictures with her modeling my blouse...but she's just so darn pretty...
There were many more, but we started getting creative. I asked her to stand in front of the portrait of the first Elise. I told her to have a solemn smile, similar to her Great-great-grandmother's.
She had a hard time maintaining the pose...
Moral of story? Live long and be ready to share with ALL your'll have so many blackmail worthy pictures if you do!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Twenty-four Seasons of Love

I remember the day as if it was today...twenty-four years ago it was today. Today is my daughter's Birthday.  Always in my mind, as the Mother of my birthday girl or boy, I think of it as our Birth Day. So many memories go through my mind on these occasions. Of course I go back to the day of their birth and relive those moments. The people that were present in our lives then...both personal and professional. The joy the new little bundle brings to your life. The changes in the family dynamics one teeny tiny little one can introduce! 
We named our daughter Elise. That is my middle name. It was my grandmother's middle name and my great-grandmother's first name. She is Elise Mignon. Little Elise. Cute/precious Elise...whichever interpretation of Mignon you choose to use. We didn't go with the feminine spelling of Mignon...Mignonne. I have a love of the New Orleans born jewelry designer Mignon Faget's creativity and that's where the Mignon came from. When I first came across Mignon Faget she was designing clothes for infants and young children. Now that goes way back in time. So a family tradition continues; mother to daughter; grandmother to granddaughter...mother to daughter. Elise.

Elise was our one and only girl and she came at the end of a long train of 'male cars'...the caboose was our daughter. Yee Hah! The only member of the family not born in Louisiana and very proud of the fact SHE is the natural born Tar Heel! Talk about changes in the family dynamics. 
Prior to the birth of Elise, my husband would worry about leaving me alone when he was heading out the door with all four boys. He'd confide to me if we had a daughter I'd have a companion while he was off slugging fly balls with our sons. I'd just smile my Mona Lisa smile, (oh if I can't have author's liberty to describe my smile who can) and say, "you can't miss what you've never had." 

How naive was I? Elise brings a joy to my life and fills a part of my heart I never knew was empty. Silly and trite as it sounds in movies...'she completes me'. Daughters bring a completion to the circle that was born on the day of their Mother's birth. Or at least that's what my daughter brings to me.
I always worried we would have that time in our lives of the "Mother/Daughter Wars". We didn't. And don't. I mean we aren't always in agreement in everything in life. Foolish little! No, really she has her opinions and they don't always mesh with mine. But we 'get' that it isn't necessary to be one in the same mind to be close. Most relationships that are strong are that way because of the differences as well as the unity of thought.  Soul growth makes for good soul mates. Or so I believe. 
I cherish the fact she is as close to her Dad as she is to me. He doesn't go clothes shopping or check out bargains in the flea market, but then she has me for that! He can talk shop with her when she is working in the design world. He's an engineer and she's got a degree in Interior Architecture and Design. They talk layouts and plans and he's also a softy with his wallet...wink, wink!
 That she and her brothers are equally close pleases me to my very core. There is a Vietnamese proverb about siblings that I always  have loved..."Brothers and Sisters are as close as hands and feet".  When I see my grown children still each others best friends I know I am blessed.

 Again, as with all close relationships they have their differences. As my Mother used to say of her children...'they can squabble like hellions amongst each other but if someone outside the family says or does anything against one of them they unite like an iron fist'! Duck and run for cover...that's my recommendation.
So my little Elise. My heart. My often times companion in crime.
Happy Birthday; happy birth day. And tomorrow when all the family gets together? Oh we'll have a major roof raising fais do-do!

At least that's what your baby, Beignet told me...


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Don't Call Her Baby Aimee

Happy Birthday to my youngest sister. Whatever you do don't call her the baby! I never knew this until a few years ago, but she hated being 'Baby Aimee'. 'Tis a shame as we all called her that for many years; we didn't know she hated it. Now that I do know it, as you can see I don't refer to her as the baby. At all. Ever. Nada. No how. No way. Nope, not me. But she was a beautiful baby infant...wanna see???
Now our Mother always referred to my youngest sister as Baby Aimee...and went on and on about what a beautiful porcelain doll she was...even when she wasn't so very young...she was still her Baby Aimee...
But then again Mothers can be like that...ignoring your request to not be called the baby when you aren't a baby anymore. You know something? I think Daddy called Aimee that a time or two when she was well past being a baby...more like a lady in waiting...
Why there were times when she was a baby and an adorable didn't have to call her 'Baby Aimee'.  I mean, "Hey YOU" would have worked.
I know Grams would have respected her wishes and not called my youngest sister Baby Aimee...
And even when she was playing dress up with her like she was a real live baby doll, I'm sure if Lee had known she didn't like being called Baby Aimee she wouldn't...even when she was holding the baby...Aimee...
But you can't fault us for thinking she was the baby. For many years she was the last of the line...
But she could always count on that one person in her life that wouldn't ever think of her as Baby Aimee...that was baby brother BILLY...
But just because she was always my sweet younger sister doesn't mean I would take advantage of her and torment Baby Aimee...

No matter how old...
I knew better than to call this sweet, adorable little girl...
Who happens to be my youngest sister by a year or two or three or eight...Baby Aimee...nope
I just call her "Lady in Red"...
Happy Birthday Aimee no matter how old you will always be in my heart of hearts...

'Da Bomb'


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Travel Bear

My oldest grandson, grandchild...Trey, had a friend he brought along with him last weekend for his extended visit with Pop and Sush. 'Travel Bear'...his classroom has a box of stuffed bears you can bring home for special occasions. The aim is to have pictures taken of you and your Travel Bear taken in places you have been together over the weekend. I was informed they had a UNC stuffed bear he could have taken home but it smelled 'kinda stinky'. I'm glad he made the wise decision to choose a different bear I don't think team allegiance was worth stinkin' up the place. Besides it was a UNC bear, not an LSU bear anyway. I'm just sayin' hear Trey...!

So Trey and Travel Bear had pictures taken at Pop and Sush's house----

Notice if you look very closely someone needs his two front teeth for Christmas this year...!

Peter had his picture taken with his LSU that was a sweet smelling Tiger!
We brought Travel Bear along with us for dinner at Fat Daddy's!

And next morning bright and early we woke Travel Bear up to head out to the Farmer's Market to see all the pumpkins. He was very involved in the decision of which pumpkins were selected! Look at the size of some of those pumpkins...the prices for those pumpkins equalled the size I must say...!
Peter was as enthralled as the rest of us with all the pumpkins, gourds and scarecrows! I think some of those pumpkins were larger than Peter!
A quick rest on a bale of hay and we were headed back home...each of the boys had two pumpkins. Success!
This weekend Sush is going back to get pumpkins for her house...and some delicious fall apples! Sadly, I won't have Trey, Peter or Travel Bear for company. This is such a pretty time of year, don't you think?