Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm So Far Behind I KNOW I'm Not Ahead...

Hi There everyone! I know I have sort of left everyone hanging, but not intentionally. Or not with the intent to leave you hanging...just sidelined by life. My Sweetheart is still in the midst of treatment and diagnosis. We have a meeting with the Dr this week that will hopefully clear up some issues. He's physically doing much better, gaining strength and stamina each day. 

In the middle of all of the kidney stone and other issues for his health, I had a procedure done on my back that I have every so often to keep the pain at bay. Sort of. A little. I'm not sure how effective it was this go around as I was doing a lot of Dr.'s office waiting room sitting and hospital waiting room sitting for tests and procedures for my Sweetheart. Either way, I have another round of treatment myself next week.

We also had lovely visits from some of our married children that live out of town. It was a blessing and a nice distraction from all the kidney stone/back/etc. brouhaha that has been most prevalent in our current daily life.

I've missed two birthday postings for a nephew and niece. I did manage to catch up on one niece's birthday posting! I have a posting I plan to write for my Dad's birthday which is today, along with a posting for my son and his wife's wedding anniversary today. I hope to manage to get them both done later today...I'm writing this now at 1:00 A.M. my time, so the two other postings might make it just before the stroke of Cinderella! And then I'll be doing make up and suck up postings for my darling nephew and niece! Kiss-Kiss Eric and Jennifer...???!!! 

I've missed you all. I've been reading your posts as much as I can and commenting unfortunately not nearly as often as I'd love. Life does go on and we all still remain 'Dear Blog Friends in Blogland'. That is very comforting when we periodically have timeouts for whatever the reason. So when you see I've not been posting, don't worry. I'm just keeping the ducks in a row and the cows in the barn. For now.



Crystal Pistol said...

I'm glad things are going well for you. No worries about keeping up with blogs. We know you love us! :) I'll do my best to keep the cows in my barn and such. :)

Desiree said...

Dear Sush! It has been really good to have a peek into what's been going on your side, since I have been a 'little concerned', but not wanting to leave messages on your blog...since those can sometimes add unnecessary pressure when life is already taking strain. Anyway, it's clear you do have a LOT going on right now and that is where your attention needs to be until things improve.

Please know that our loving thoughts are with you and your Hubby. Allow yourselves the time and space you need to regain your health (and equilibrium)...there is still a lot of living to be done and it's much easier to do when you have your strength make THAT your priority ;)

We all get caught up in the busy-ness and day-to-day doings of our lives, so we do all understand COMPLETELY! I'm also behind with blogging, but as you say, when we can pop in, we do!

With much love,
Des xoxo

Sush said...

Crystal..I've been telling my friends how impressed I was with your Gym experience! Mama Knows Best!

Des...I've been peeking in on you and your lovely photographs of your homeland! They are 'soul' food!
Much love back to you!

Claudia Moser said...

I'm happy you are feeling better and so does your hubby, as for us we will always be here for you as you were for us!

lyndylou said...

Sorry things have been so up and down with hubby's health and your back. Back problems are like tooth ache, so agonisingly painful!

Don't worry about not posting, we will be here, waiting for when you can get back to us in Bloggyland :)
Big hugs XXX

Thisisme. said...

Dear Sush, I was so glad to see this post from you today, as, like others, I was starting to get a little concerned. Please just concentrate on getting both your health issues sorted out first. That has to be the priority my dear friend. I'm sorry you're having to go through all this worry and pain at the moment. Please know that we are all keeping you in our hearts and prayers and wishing you both well again very soon. As Desiree said, we will all be here when you are able to come back, and that is, indeed, the beauty of our bloggy friendships. Take care and sending a big hug!

Sush said...

Claudia...It was wonderful hearing from you and I'm so thrilled for you that you are getting a wonderful visit with your Mum and Grandma!

Lynne...YOU are a shining star! Hope Jack is doing better and you are getting some rest. Love and prayers right back to you and yours!

Diane...I'm hoping YOU are feeling better as well. My Mom used to say getting old isn't for sissies. Perhaps she had it right? I"m planning on staying young just in case, LOL! Thanks for checking in and I'll be in and out blogland as time permits!

Shady Del Knight said...

My goodness, Sush, I've been looking at the time stamps on your comments and it seems as if you were up all night long! I deeply appreciate the fact that you made time to visit my blog in the midst of all this. As I told you in my reply over there you never need to apologize for a lack of commenting. Your credit is good with me for a long time.

I am so sorry that both you and your sweetie had/have concurrent medical challenges, and I hope things will continue to improve for both of you. Take care of yourself and your family first before you branch out to blogland friends. I admire you greatly. I think about you often. I'll be here. As Elvis sang: I'm gonna stick like glue because I'm stuck on you! Please have safe and happy week ahead, dear Sush!

Ellie said...

Hi Sush, It's only understandable that you cannot do everything when you have had so much going on. Health comes first. I hope you and your hubby recover fast and get back on your feet again. I look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to come back. Take lots of care, hugs coming over for you both.

Sush said...

Tom....Thank you for the very kind thoughts...sometimes it's 'Stolen Moments' of time that help get me through. Visiting all my lovely blogs is great medicine, even though I may not have the time or where with all to leave a comment!

Ellise...It's knowing my blogland friends are so thoughtful and understanding that helps when life gets a bit over complicated. I'll be reading if I may not be commenting!

Sweet Tea said...

Glad you are moving forward with all the health tests and such. Praying for glowing success in all these matters. Then always the question for me - "Why do nice people go through such trying times?" I suppose we know the answer already but I hope things can slow down and you and your sweetheart can enjoy health and pain-free times again.

Checking to see if this posts the first time around. Love getting to stop by here and "visit" with you!

Kristina said...

Happy to hear from you!!! I'm sorry things have been a pain for you lately - literally, hopefully you start feeling better soon, but I am glad that you have been getting visits from your children!

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Hi Lovely Sush,
great to read your post.

I am sorry that you have been having a bad time lately but things can only get better.

Don't worry about keeping up with other blogs you have enough to think about and we will all still be here for you when you get back to your lovely blog.

x Fiona

Sush said...

Sweet always are sunshine in my day! Thanks for stopping by and I'm thinking we've been plenty blessed, we don't get to pick our trials, but we do just keep on keeping on!

Kristina...Oh yes, visits with family are always fun. You are looking so pretty as always!

Oh wonderful of you to drop in! Your blog is always filled with lovely thoughts and photos! Always a fresh breath of Irish Spring!

Belle said...

I'm sorry to hear about your back and hope the procedure helps. My daughter has a bulging disc. I also hope the doctor appt. will help. Sometimes life is too busy to post and read blogs. I know how that goes.

Sush said...

Belle...I hope your daughter gets some relief. I had bulging discs, but I also have degenerative disc disease so eventually the bulging gave way to rupture and then three surgeries. I hope she gets treated so she can prevent the surgery. Please give her my sympathy...
and hugs to you 'cause Momma's hate to see their children hurting.