Monday, October 10, 2011

Working My Way Back To You....

Hello sweet friends! We have good news...the spot on my Sweetheart's kidney is not requiring surgery. It has some areas of calcification that need watching over time, so he will be getting it checked again next year. His Doctor said even though the kidney stone was very painful and exhausting it was a blessing in disguise because it gave him a reason to check further into what was going on. Big sigh of relief and huge gratitude. I did a lot of praying the last few weeks and I'm so grateful my imagination was my biggest enemy. My Sweetheart is always the healthy and strong one in my life so it shakes me to my core when he is not feeling well. Slowly he is regaining his strength and feeling more like himself.

I have so many postings I need to catch up on...but life is still going full tilt around here. We had promised to watch our delightful grandsons this past weekend and unless we had to have major change of plans told our son not to worry we still planned on doing so. Happily we were able to do just that and even added our granddaughter Lily into the mix as her parents have purchased a new home and are busy packing up their current one for the move. Lots of little ones helping us rejoice in our good news this weekend! Not a lot of time for blogging. I also would like to add a thank you here to my sweet daughter who spent a great deal of her days off helping with her nephews and you Elise! 

Our kitchen stove of many many years...I don't even want to try and add those numbers, has finally decided to move onto the 'fried' category. We will be getting a new one this week, along with a matching microwave. I admitted to my sisters I think if it was twenty years or so ago I might be more excited about getting new kitchen equipment. I spent the last forty years being creative in the kitchen and cooking for a small army. Now when I shop for the kitchen I think about how it will add resale value. I'm just being truthful here. Don't get me wrong...I am excited about what we selected, it's got a middle oval burner that is for an accompanying cast iron griddle/grid. I'm thinking grilled fish and oh so many more delicacies won't have to be saved for outside grilling weather! And yes, I'll probably have a posting or two on how delightful it is to use and creations I've burned  baked!

Anyhow...I'll be back soon. I may just have to fill in the missing posts as I can. So my postings may be out of order as they happened in life. At this point in time my life is so out of order it's  just the way it is!

Hugs to all and thanks for your prayers and kind words.


Raindrops and Daisies said...

Hi Sush,

I am so so so glad that your news is good.
That is fantastic.
You can rest easy now.

Take your time catching up
we will all still be here.

Mind yourself

x Fiona

Ellie said...

Hi Sush, that must be a huge weight off your minds. Now you can get back to living life normally again. I'm very relieved for you.
Enjoy your new cooker when you get it.
I bet you had fun with all those grandchildren to look after :))

Belle said...

What wonderful news! It is fun to have the grandkids over for the weekend. It keeps you young and tired.

orchid said...

Hello, Dear Sush.
What a load off your mind!!!
I woke up really early and found your good news. How relieving you must be feeling.
I can feel the same way now myself as you said "life is still going full tilt".
Anyways, happy for you being able to be your loved ones and get down to the new kitchen stove without concern.
Love and lots of Hugs to you, Orchid*

Barbara F. said...

Missed you, Sush, and I was happy to see you stopped by the other day. Glad your hubby is on the mend. Our imaginations do tend to go into overdrive sometimes, don't they? Good luck with the new stove. I am sure you will put it to good use. xo

Sweet Tea said...

Now you can actually breathe deeply again. So HAPPY for the good news. Life will eventually find it's order again but til then it sounds like you're "rollin with the flow".

Again, sooooo HAPPY for you!!

Thisisme. said...

So happy for you and your sweetheart, that you received such good news. It must have been such a worrying time for you. How wonderful that you spent that time with all your little ones - as you say, what a lovely way to celebrate! Lovely to see you back my friend. Hugs.

Shady Del Knight said...

This is wonderful news about your husband, Sush. I'm so glad that weight has been lifted. Just knowing that your life is returning to hectic normal makes me feel very happy. Blog when you can, come over and visit me when possible, and in the meantime I'll be right here waiting, dear friend!

Shelly said...

So very happy for the good news, Sush. And, it sounds like the both of you are full steam ahead. The best is yet to come!

Christine said...

Glad things went well with your sweetheart. Yes, our fears are our worst enemy. I've been there myself.

Sush said...

Fiona...It's a huge relief and now the fun of catching up with dear friends can begin! Hugs~

Ellie...yes I'm able to breathe again and might just be ready to do a little cooking too! Hugs~

Belle...Belle, I had to chuckle at how 'spot on' your comment was about the little ones! Hugs~

Orchid...thanks for stopping in, now I can look forward to some visits with my dear friend. Hope you've been feeling better. Hugs~

Barbara F...always nice checking in with you. I'm hoping I get inspired with the new stove...we'll see...!

Sweet Tea...Yes, it was nice to be able to jump right back into the thick of things and be able to take a deep breath! Thanks for the kind thoughts. Hugs~

Diane...I'm so pleased that we have a resolution and diagnosis. The little ones lighten everyone's hearts and keep us giggling. Thank you dear friend and hugs~

Tom...I had actually tried to leave a comment earlier before you stopped in to my blog, but the internet again 'spaced' out. Went back again and left a comment, you know how I love your music! Hugs~

Shelly...The best is always to come, that's what is so delightful in life. Even when things are darkest...we've only to wait for the dawn! Hugs~

Christine...Oh I'm sorry you've had that kind of worry as well, but sounds like it was a good resolution? Hope so and hugs~

Desiree said...

This is the best news, Sush! Thank you very much for finding the time to update all of us. Take care and take your time. X

Crystal Pistol said...

A new kitchen stove is VERY exciting news. Yay!! I'm pleased about the kidney issues too. Feels like you should celebrate! Cook something fab on your new stove! :)

Sarah Pearson said...

Wonderful news about your husband, I'm so pleased.

And I'm afraid I've never been able to get excited about new kitchen stuff, big or small. Except mugs :-)

kneesandpaws said...

That is great news about your husband! I'm thankful that you are feeling less stress. I have an imagination that goes into overdrive when someone I love is having a health issue. I'm so glad that you will both get to enjoy what normal feels like again.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Truly good news about hubby! So happy. Aren't grandkids just the best?! Can't wait to see mine!

Donna said...

I am so glad your news is good and thank you for leaving a commnent on my blog and calling me "cher". Oh my made my day!
My great-grandmother Me Maw....Elvaina Aucoin called me cher....thank you for the pick up on my rock!

Sush said... great to hear from you...looking forward to more breathtaking photos from your travels! Hugs~

Crystal...It will be nice to have a shiny new stove...however I was disappointed when I asked if the install came with a meal prepared by the installers...Hugs~

Sarah...yep the bloom is off the rose here, but I think I'll manage to have some fun with the new gadgets! Hugs~

Jenny...I'm looking forward to some kind of normal, but then again, I'm not sure we've ever been in that category! Hugs~

Barbara...I don't know when I've been more excited for someone to see their grandkids than I've been since I heard your news! Loves~

Donna...OH I should have then called you 'cher bebe' to probably really make you feel at home! Aucoin is such a wonderful Louisiana name. I miss all the Aucoins and Boudoins and the lovely Cajun accents of South LA. Hugs~

Holly said...

I'm glad you got good news about his kidney. :) The nephrology department of a hospital is not a fun place to be. :/

Sush said...

Holly...thanks, nope it is not a fun place and we've been edging to close to it as is! Hugs~

Anonymous said...

such a releif your husnabd does not need surgery.I have heard kidney stones are one of the most painful things,, poor guy.I understand how you feel about the new stove, it made me smile,, we enjoy the new stoves and kitchen things now but not like we would have with as you said small armies to feed.Thankyou so very much for visiting me and no new work,, those paintings look bigger because I'm so unskilled at putting photos on my blog,, I hope you and your family have a happy healthy day!

jabblog said...

I'm glad to hear that your husband is feeling better. It was good to have your young ones around you and adding to the 'feel good' atmosphere.

Munir said...

Great news. Now you can relax a little. I remember how worried you have been. Now you can also catch up on taking care of yourself:)

Life 101 said...

Hey GirlFren, you take care of business first. We'll enjoy having you back full force soon.
What's your prediction for November 5th. I want to still be friends on November 6th no matter what the outcome of the game.

Sush said...

Laurie...How lovely to see you here! Well I do love your matter how new to you it's new for me! Hugs~

Janice...he is feeling better and it is such a relief to see him making his way back to 'whole'! Yes the young ones brighten every day they are here!

Munir...happy to see you back again dear one! Yes I was worried about him now I can go back to just annoying him! LOL!!!

Rick...No worries and no predictions. My daughter was telling her Dad not to make any predictions for that game so he wouldn't jinx it, lol! Friends is so fleeting, even if it is fun!