Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Holiday traditions are essential to Christmas for me. I dreamed of have the tradition of decorating gingerbread houses with my five kids. The reality of that ever happening in my crazy chaotic Christmas seasons of yore was next to nil. Dreams deferred, I now have the time and energy to establish the tradition with the next generation instead! My grandchildren allow me the pleasure of their company early in the Christmas season for just this venture!

This was Lily's first year to actually participate in decorating a gingerbread house. I love to make it all about the process for the kids so that when it's that time of year again they actually look forward to it. I always get plenty of 'extra' candy for the occasion. The correct ratio is usually five to for the house five for the decorator!

I believe Ms Lily would have been content to spend all day at the table as long as she had her private stock of M & M's to consume! She could get a little testy when I wanted to add another row of those chocolatey delights to the last side of the roof. "No Sush, no more on the top!". She also decided she needed to have a taste test on each new type of candy that was going on the house or the grounds...! We had quite a pile of 'spit backs' as they are referred to around here! She was very good at directing where the candies should be placed and even placed several items on the house herself! I think her favorite part was sticking the Peeps Christmas trees in the icing and putting gumballs around them to keep them from falling over. 

I knew it would be crazy hectic to try and create gingerbread houses with all three grandkids at one time. Lily came over one morning she didn't have pre-school and stayed until nap time. Here are a few memories from this very special day...

It's hard to tell from these pictures but less was more on the rooftop m & m's for Lily. 

Once the gingerbread house was decorated to her approval we gathered Sush's 'ballerina skirt and a new favorite tiara. This tiara is sequined and was glittering all over the walls and floor. Lily kept turning her head to make it sparkle! Lily also took her turn at putting ornaments on the children's tree. I have a tree that is just for the grandkids to decorate. They can place them wherever they want and rearrange and redecorate to their hearts content. My Mom used to do this and I do love traditions...!

I'm sure Lily was well indoctrinated into the art of gingerbread house decorating. 

Friday her two cousins, Trey and Peter came over for a sleepover with Pop and Sush. We had a dinner out and then drove around looking at Christmas lights. On returning we all climbed in Pop and Sush's bed for a viewing of The Polar Express!

The next day after breakfast we set out the array of candies for another decorating session. Trey is a seasoned veteran of decorating gingerbread houses. This year he was full of decorating suggestions and decided to add 'chocolate kisses' to make a 'gutter' on the house. Peter thought that was a grand idea and added them to his side of the house as well. This was Peter's year to be involved in the decorating of his side of the house from start to finish. He was full of ideas as well and I think this house was equally spectacular. In an award winning category, I'd say!

 Peter is 'testing' one of the candies trying to decide if it is house worthy!

Serious decorating going on!
Trey starting on his chocolate kisses gutters!
Peter adding his chocolate kisses to his gutter!
I think it was a resounding success this year, what do you think, Peter?

Once the house was completed, the boys were busy driving their match box cars in Sush's Christmas village. They also took their turn at putting ornaments on the children's tree! I believe one of the highlights of the day was showing their Mom and Dad how the remote control turned the 'big' Christmas tree lights off and on. I do so love these special days. Days of creating memories and continuing some traditions and starting new ones! It is the most wonderful time of the year!
I love you my darling grandchildren Always and Forever!

Oh and children of apologies for returning them to you giddy with sugar and excitement. What's a Gramma to do?



jabblog said...

Sounds like a lot of fun for everyone.

Sarah Pearson said...

What a fun tradition that is - and I love the idea of the children's tree :-)

Ellie said...

Sounds as you enjoyed it as much as the children lol.
What great memories you are giving your grandchildren and yourselves.
The gingerbread hourses look wonderful :)

Claudia Moser said...

I so agree with you, it is the best time of the year and the photos with Lily are simply gorgeous! What a lucky person you are with such a wonderful family! Happy Sunday Sush!

Shelly said...

I would wish that every child have a Gramma like you in their lives. What fun, rich memories! I love the idea of the children's tree. And Lily in her tutu and tiara is precious, as are the boys!

Odie Langley said...

Awesome pictures and lots of fun for all. Thanks for allowing us to see.,

Anonymous said...

what an a wondewrful post, I enjoyed this so much! Its cute too when you said sorry for sending them home all sugared up! Thats so cute!

Gawgus things... said...

What fun! I'm surprised not more of the 'decorations' weren't eaten...I love Christmas traditions :)

Shady Del Knight said...

No shoddy workmanship on those gingerbread houses, Sush! Quality control is absolutely essential and Lily proved to be an uncompromising architect by insisting on taste testing all building materials before they were applied to her house! Only the finest candies passed inspection although quite a few of them made a detour into her tummy and never made it onto the house! It's wonderful to see Lily, Peter and Trey "working" with each other and with you to make gingerbread houses and happy memories. All three are developing d.i.y. skills and are being taught the value of spending quality time with family members young and old. I refuse to believe that a gap between generations is normal and necessary and I hope your grandchildren never outgrow their desire to participate in family activities. Strong families make a strong America. The idea of a separate tree for the children to decorate and change at will is a brilliant one.

Dear Sush, I want you to know that I will soon be welcoming house guests from out of state who will be staying through the holidays. Please understand if I miss a post or two of yours or am late in commenting during that time. Bless you, dear friend!

Bossy Betty said...

You built a lot of sweet memories!

Pat MacKenzie said...

I'm a big fan of traditions - they give a sense of continuity through the generations. You're developing lovely ones that your grandkids will probably carry on with their grandchildren. That's what families are all about. What a treasure you are to your family.

Sush said...

Janice...It was lots of fun indeed! Thanks for stopping by! of my sisters commented on FB she still puts up the 'kids' tree at her house and her youngest is a senior in high school! It is lots of fun!

Ellie...the did come out lovely and are now 'decorating' their own homes. Lovely thing about those houses and the grandkids they leave with them!

Claudia...I was just on FB and saw all your cookies! I can tell you love this time of the year as well! As Emma would say...'SCRUMMY'!

Shelly...oh I'm just lucky to have those grandkids in my life! Lily departed wearing the tutu. I'm going to have to track that sucker down, lol! is so good to know you are back to typing! You are a real trooper, thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment while you are recovering! Hugs~

Laurie...Yes, a Gramma's got to do what a Gramma's got to do! Oh my!

Emma....Ah you were raised by a woman that enjoys wonderful traditions! Delightful to see you passing them along. I love how you take great care to visit with are a dear one! Hugs~

Tom...Oh your comments will be missed, but I am very aware of how important it is to spend time with loved ones. Your holidays sound like they will be filled with much love and memories in the making! Enjoy every minute and I will look forward to you return!

Betty...LOL sweet memories indeed! I was sure those that arrived with tooth brushes were cleaned and shined! Hugs~

Pat...Ah as you are a treasure to yours! Families and the holidays are so special indeed! Thanks for your kind words! Hugs~

Bouncin' Barb said...

Once you are a Grandma you get the right of passage to spoil and give sugar and then send them home. It is an unspoken rule!! So cute.

Belle said...

Lily looks like a little cherub. My daughter has this tradition with her girls. They all made a gingerbread house each Christmas. The youngest is the only one who did it this year. They are all growing up.

Your house is so lovely. I love the idea of kids having their own tree.

LOLA said...

What fun! The photos are adorable. Perhaps someday I'll have a grandchild instead of a granddog.


Thisisme. said...

Sorry I'm late, my friend! Oh, I do agree with you - it really is the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you have young children, or young grandchildren (even better!). Ruby has a little fairy skirt like that, and she loves it! I love it that you have a tree that the children can decorate all on their own. Isn't it lovely to carry all these family traditions on. You are obviously a super-duper grandma! All these wonderful memories you are making for those little ones. Hugs.

Sush said... are so right! We've earned the right to spoil and fill them up with sugar and return them high as a kite to their parents, lol!

Belle...thank you dear friend, Lily is a 'cherub' with spunk, lol! I'm glad your daughter was able to decorate the gingerbread houses with her children. I had to wait until I had grandkids to manage the time!

LOLA...once you have the human grandbabies the fur ones are special as well because they love to eat up the crumbs! Hugs~

Diane...always the perfect time to here from you, whenever you are able to travel across the pond for a visit. Yes your sweet Ruby Violet must look quite adorable in her tulle! I know she and Eliot are enjoying the holiday spent with you!

Chatty Crone said...

You have a beautiful 'bunch' there. I have all boy grandsons - would love one like pink Lily! So much fun. sandie

Sush said...

Sandie...after four boys and THEN my daughter, I'm relishing my granddaughter and can't wait for the arrival of the one to come in January!

Holly said...

Awesome! I want to make a gingerbread house now!

Pearl said...

You know you have to "test" a lot of the candy that goes on a gingerbread house! Construction standards, you know!


Donna said...

I love traditions too. I made some cookies with one of my much fun! You houses turned out adorably! They will remember this forever.What a good grandma you are!!!

Ina in Alaska said...

Adorable post! I understand how hard it would be to do with your own kids but doing the gingerbread houses with the grands is perfect... I am sure they were wild when they got home!!! Great memories, and loved the little one in the tiara and princess skirt. A diva in the making?

Ina in Alaska said...

PS very well organized too if I may add!

Sweet Tea said...

I love these traditions.
I want to decorate Gingerbread houses with my Granddolls. I want to have a Kids tree. *sigh Sure wish the grands weren't 6 hrs away. Wonderful! Wonderful!
You are a wonderful Grandmom!!
Thanks for these great ideas. Your grands are beyond precious!!

Sush said...

Holly...there are way more difficult ways to create a gingerbread house than the ones we did. I bought a kit with a ready made house and added the extra candies to add more fun! Have a go...! that is exactly why Sush had lots of extras on hand for the industrious decoraters!

Donna...cookies we often do at sleepovers! I have yet to meet a Gramma in this blogging community of ours that isn't a wonderful Gramma! Hugs~

Ina...sadly it was just the last straw so to speak when raising children and I wasn't able to make them with my own. Grandkids it turns out are easy peasy and you send their sugared bodies home! Very organized!

Sweet Tea...I hope you get to use some of these traditions yourself verrrry soon! Hugs~

kneesandpaws said...

Hi Sush, I'm late...
But I loved seeing the pictures of your grandchildren enjoying the gingerbread house decorating event! You spoil! (In a good way) And they will remember it forever.

Sush said...

Jenny...LOL I live to is a Grandmother's duty! Although I've always loved the saying, "You can't spoil children, only fruits and vegetables".