Saturday, November 10, 2012

Almost Back

So we have 'almost' completed our master bedroom/bath renovation! Life is good! I hope to have my new laptop soon and be joining all my friends in Blogland. I miss knowing what is happening with you all and think of you often. I am writing this on my iPhone, so please excuse any typos or weird auto correcting that may appear.

Hope life has been good to you all and I look forward to catching up with you all soon!


Friday, October 5, 2012

When The Genius Says You're Done

Hi Family and Friends,
I'm here for a quick trusty companion of 7 years bit the dust a few weeks ago. that would be my MacBook. You never realize how much you depend on your computers until they are really, REALLY gone!

Thanks to 'This Is Me', I was able to put the word out via her post on her blog. Thank you again dear friend for coming to the rescue.  However we are diverse in our followers and I wanted to let you ALL know I haven't abandoned you, just waiting for some dust to settle, literally. Isn't it always the case...Murphy's Law, etc.?  We are getting very close to the completion of our remodeling in the master bedroom and en suite. We have sawdust and soon marble dust flying fast and furious. So I'm a tad preoccupied and busy with that project.

Short story long, I miss you all, try and squint at your blogs via my iPhone when my eyes and time permits. Trying to comment gets pretty tricky between those tiny keys and 'Auto Correct'! My son is in town for the weekend to help move the reno along and offered up his iPad for me to use. So that's that and I will return in the hopefully not too distant future.

Everyone know I am thinking of you and care about you and those in your lives. Hope to see you soon and much


Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's Not That I Haven't Tried

Hi...remember me? I'm the one that used to be crashing into your blog rolls, leaving pithy and always remarkable comments. Bwhahahaha! Actually I do crash your blogs and am still doing that as often as time permits. Commenting on the other hand is rare. I love catching up on all of you and hearing what is cookin' in the summer sun for everyone! But for now...I'm still enjoying the sun and family and sum summ summer time!

We've had visits from some of the grown kids as they have travelled to and fro. When they come it makes for a good excuse to get as much of the family together that life permits. Grace and her Mom and Dad passed through on their way to their Hilton Head vacation with her Mom's side of the family.  So...yep yep, we had cousin reunion along with sibling fun, which by default equals much fun for Sush! Moi! Me myself!

Please pardon the many many pictures, but this is first and foremost a documentary of our lives. My family. So if you feel the need to do a fast scroll it's fine by me. These will also be mostly repetitive viewing for my blog friends from FB so those who are in that circle it's ok to breeze by. But one day I am certain I will be glad and I think my children and grandchildren will be as well that I've saved these moments for posterity. After all, don't you have some family pictures where you have NO IDEA who, what, where and when? Ahh I'm sure you do!

Trey and Peter were themselves having beach time so weren't able to make it. Lisa was a champion and brought Lily and Kate for a visit, even though Tim was on the road. I leave you with some pictures of the silliness and fun little ones can have. Oh, and yes I will have my own fun with commentary along the way!

First up we had fun introducing Kate and Grace! I often wonder what is going through their sweet little minds as we adults pose them and position them and seemingly abandon them for our photographs....
Lily, never to be left out of the fun and always the protective sister and cousin was quick to want her chance for baby/cousin holding! Watch the progression of pictures, it turns out Grace became fascinated with Lily's hair! She was verrrry patient but was needing some help before we were finished!
Then we put Kate in the mix...and Lily's baby doll was tossed for the real thing if you look closely as we progress!
So far so good...
Kate's getting a tad bored...

And then Grace gets intrigued...
Uhh, a little help here???
What a patient Lily! Whew!
Uncle Scott gets to hold Kate for the first time! An Uncle in love...Kate's smiling too!
And then Lily found Grace's sunglasses Aunt Erin had packed for the beach!
Quite the fashionista! Not to worry...Grace has an extra pair!
But I think Grace was definitely NOT sure what to make of this next situation! In the words of our dear friend, This Is Me, from 'Southham'sDarling'...Eeek!
I love the whimsy of Lily...a contrast in tutus and tools! She has so many layers...

If you would, please, notice the adorable shoes Lily is wearing. Our bloggie friend from The Giggle Fest...Lynne, her beautiful and talented daughter, Holly, decorated the shoes. I was fortunate enough last summer to win them! They are the first thing Lily puts on when she comes over...along with her tutu!

It was time for Grace's dinner and Lily jumped right in! The first thing she said when she climbed up next to Grace was, "Now are supposed to listen to me"! Can't you hear this refrain throughout their life together? As my older sister likes to say...bossy big sister!
A tutorial from Uncle Scott on feeding his little Grace...
And an older cousin becomes a pro. Lily was wonderful at feeding Grace! She even remembered to remove her 'glub' first! I see many hours of her helping Mom with Kate!
The evening wrapped up pretty swiftly after this. Little ones have a 'witching' hour and it was rapidly approaching. Baths were given, babies tucked in car seats or cribs. We were all looking forward to the next reunion....

I did receive some really cute pictures of Grace and her family from their beach vacation...oh now you'll just have to come back for that lovely summer time bit of fun!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On The Road Again

I have been doing my best to live up to my desire to spend more time off line and with family. Summer and sunshine...they bring out the best of me and all the things I'd like to do. So this was tops on my list:

Making hay while the sun shines, we've been visiting our young marrieds that live out of state. Luckily, though they don't live in the same town they do live in the same state! It makes for a simple route and we are able to get in visits with two families on the same trip!

At Daniel Son's and Laura's lovely home, Pop was busy with his trusty tool box and working on a punch list. His master carpenter skills and I use that term a tad loosely, he's had many years of honey do's...kept he and Dan busy.
Hi dear, yes it's me again with my trusty camera...we all have our talents now don't we?
Laura and I had our own punch list and it was cleared at the local mall...a new mirror. Now which one???
Yes! That's the ticket! With the help of a very kind store employee we loaded it up in the back of Daniel's pick up and returned to add to Pop's punch list! Thanks,'re the best!
Laura and I and Zeus and Zoey were buys enjoying the chill of the air conditioner...
Things were starting to heat up outside! That's the fire pit Daniel Son built!
Time to load up the car and head on up the road! A few hours later and we arrived to see how much our sweet and beautiful Grace has grown! Her Mom and Dad are looking pretty much the same, but Grace is changing before our eyes! Sitting up all by Sush the razzberry! Yep, new skill set every day!

Now Grace likes to use her two fingers for comfort instead of a thumb. I will admit I did that as well when I was young. Not the same two fingers but two were better than one! Smart girl, our Grace!
Scott and Pop were busy on projects but I was rather distracted with my sweet girl. It seems my photos at their home centered around Grace...not a project.

Instead of 'Foggy Bottom' we were visiting 'Crabby Bottom'! I know I have a plethora of photos but hey, I'm a Gramma!
Grace loves the fresh air and sunshine! Erin's a wonderful Mom and Grace's smile pretty much says it all!
I'm afraid the only sign of all of Pop's hard work at Grace's house is this photo of a worn out Pop!
Not to leave anyone thinking I wasn't doing my 'part' on this leg of our trip...Erin, Grace and I did go out shopping. We all have our talents...!!! Here's Grace waiting for us to get our act together for shopping!
So once we accomplished all that we could squeeze into our visit, we loaded up the car and headed back down the road. Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Boys of Summer

I don't want anyone getting the idea my two favorite boys are sitting in the corner idle. The next weekend after Kate was born...the afternoon of Uncle Tim's birthday party Trey and Peter went to their favorite baseball park. The Durham Bull's Athletic Park, better known as the D-BAP! It's where we went last year around the Fourth of July with my two boys of  summer! Baseball and little boys, now that's a new concept! We were invited to join them on this outing, but the impending arrival of baby Kate kept me from making commitments ahead of time!

Their Dad, knowing how much I love seeing them enjoy themselves, sent me some pictures. Trey's team had won the league championship. They were rewarded by being able to run out on the field during a break in the game with the 'real' baseball players on the Durham Bulls! I hear Trey was very busy chatting up the players! I wish I had been able to accompany them, but I'm sure glad I was sent the pictures...Enjoy!

And Peter was thrilled to be a part of the entire outing!
I love Summertime...I love my boys!
Hope your summer is sizzling in just the right way!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Time...

“When the sun gets hot and the moon gets hazy
good girls go bad... and it gets crazy!” 
 Rachel Thompson

Just checking to see if you were paying attention! Last post I left you with a promise of a day at the Park. My companions in 'summer craziness' were Lily and her other Grandmother...Beth. I will try to tell the story in pictures...

We started off with gray skies and a light morning mist. With the heat we've been experiencing it was really a blessing. Upon entering the park, Lily spied the swings and was scampering across the ground as quickly as her two little tennis shoed feet would move! I was the  photographer on the expedition, so 'Grammy Beth' was in charge of giving Lily pushes to send her spirit and giggles soaring!
The swings were good for about the attention span of a two year old...and it was off to play on the slides, climb the hill and just explore!
Determination pays off!
Run across and find the slide, Lily!

We played in the sand...
drew pictures on the sand table...

Like her Daddy, Lily was eager to ride in the boats...perhaps the operator had to ask Lily to sit down in the boat...perhaps the boat had to be stopped! Or maybe it was another child...but Lily loved her yacht!
The highlight of the entire day was hands down the Carousel! Lily rode the animals of her choice at least twice per animal! We had the pig, the horse, the cat and the rabbit! Our sweet love likes things fast and the Carousel was just the ticket(s)!

All that riding makes a gal hungry! The sun started peeking out from the clouds and it was a wonderful time to relax on the park bench and snack!
And we're off! More climbing...
Another ride on the yacht...PULL that cord Lily, make that bell ring!
And then the last ride of the day....THE TRAIN! Lily wasn't sure if she wanted to ride the train. Curious as always, but definitely some ambivalence as we pulled out of the station...

Oh, would Lily not like the train? Nah, she was smiling and laughing and enjoying the wind in her hair as fast as you can say 'I think I can, I think I can'!
Train rides come to an end as does a morning at the park. We wore our sweet little angel out...and she wore us out as well. It was time for everyone to head home and have a lovely summer afternoon ritual. A nap!

After all, the sun got hot and we girls got crazy!