Thursday, January 26, 2012


Might not see me around for a bit. As all my readers are so very creative I'll leave it up to your imaginations as to why what and where. Kindly remember though this is a G-rated blog so no wild wandering...wonderings.
If you get my drift....


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blessed with Grace

Lovely news to report today...perhaps some of you remember this summer I announced our son Scott and daughter in love Erin were expecting their first baby. Tuesday, January 24...Grace entered our lives! Momma and Daddy are floating on clouds and Grace is a curly headed blue eyed love. (Notice the lovely curls her Momma has). Scott is one of our adult children that lives out of town so we aren't able to hang out at the hospital and hold and cradle that sweet little bebe in our arms. Sigh...
Our youngest son Daniel lives only an hour and a half from his brother and sometimes works in their area. Today was one of those days so he was able to be a support system and family member there to share in his brother's joy. Dan was a wonderful brother, son and uncle and sent us pictures. Of course we had some from the proud Pappa as well !

My husband and I got all teary eyed remembering how it was yesterday those little ones were 'our' little ones and how very fortunate we are with all of our lovely grandchildren. We are blessed with Grace in so many ways. Today we were blessed with Grace Elizabeth. I loved you before I met you, Grace.

 I thought I'd share a his and her photo of Grace and her Daddy....I'll bet you can tell which one is which.

Is it Grace?

Or is it Memorex?

Thank you Erin for our sweet little Grace. I KNOW you are in heaven and you've never looked lovelier...oh well perhaps on your wedding day! Scott you will bring all that Grace could ever wish for in a father...that's just who you are.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Lasagna For Dinner

I can't take credit for the recipe as it is my sister Aimee's. Her daughter Jenn was visiting my son Scott and his wife Erin. They all made this one evening and it became a hit in that household. This fall when we visited Scott and Erin for Erin's baby shower Scott made the lasagna recipe. It is soooo good and not very complicated.

You use no boil lasagna noodles, either hot or sweet Italian sausage. Chopped fresh basil mixed in a large container of ricotta along with oregano, salt, pepper, egg, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. 

For the sauce cook one onion chopped and three cloves of garlic and a pinch of hot pepper flakes with the sausage. When browned add chopped tomatoes, stewed tomatoes and more mozzarella and parmesan cheese as you build the layers of sauce, noodles, cheese filling and grated cheeses in a glass 9 x13 pan. Bake for 40 minutes in a 350 degree F oven covered. The last 20 minutes remove the cover and bake until golden and the sauce is bubbling and cheeses are melted. Serves and army. I am not kidding.
Toasted garlic bread, a nice green salad and you've got dinner.

I'd give you Aimee's email so you can thank her, but she would not be happy with me. You know sister that doesn't like to be called Baby Aimee. I don't ever call her that you know....


Monday, January 16, 2012

Electrician In Training

Why yes, that would be me. Not. My husband would like me to be his helper while he is rewiring our vanity area to the master bathroom. I know he needs the help so I'm climbing up and down the ladder, passing tools, pencils etc through the hole he created in the ceiling. I cannot complain...or let me amend that...I should not complain. He is doing this all for moi. When we discussed renovating the master bedroom/bath I asked if he could put a chandelier in the vanity area. Nothing ostentatious or fussy, the space isn't large enough to handle that and well I'm just not the fussy kind. I would like to say regal but then my family would be choking with laughter if I referred to myself as regal. However I wouldn't mind sparkly...Lily and I like sparkly.

Anyhow I offered to buy a Living Social coupon where he gets $200 worth of electrical work for $90, but that was more of a challenge than a gift to his male brain. I admit, I don't get it. But he is excellent and fastidious and other than his grumpiness when he doesn't understand my vision until we've had a few words he's THE MAN.

I think my parents and his parents are laughing in heaven at the sight of me screwing the light holder thingy in with the electric screwdriver. Pulling wires down from the attic at his direction on where to direct the wires. Simple, perhaps but then those are big wires going through tight spaces. And it ain't shake and bake but I helped!

So while he's up in the attic finishing whatever it is he has to do in the attic, I stole a moment or three to fill you in on how I spent my weekend. I think I might even get a lunch out of the deal! Oh no wait that means I need to leave you dear friends and go put that lunch together. While he is a man of many talents in the building field...he limits his kitchen talents to pancakes.

Oh and to put things in perspective on what a trooper I am...this is for my husband's benefit really as he does read my blog on urging....I did all this on my third round of meds as the junque is back. Grrrr....

Maybe we can turn the lights on soon. But don't hold your breath....


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I do believe one of my if not my very favorite things about blogging is the many friends I've made this year. When I first started blogging my audience was limited to close family and friends. Slowly, very slowly as I ventured out to other blogs the world grew so much larger yet closer. Contradicting as that may sound I'm sure my fellow bloggers know exactly what I mean. I've made so many new friends, and I use the word in all its definitions. I have a special group of friends I never would have met if not for the world of blogging. I've learned so much by visiting blogs written by people living in other parts of my country and people living in other parts of the world! Cultures, religions, music...the list is endless of the new discoveries blogging has quietly or sometimes with a crescendo managed to enrich my life.

I've been in awe of friends and yes I do view you as my friends, who are dealing with life's hardest trials. And doing this with grace. Sometimes it requires a lot of determination and tenacity. A persistence in dealing with the medical community that is found in the hearts of mothers and spouses and children. It may take screaming and foot stomping to capture the attention of those we need. But they persist and plough through the 'junque' until they attain what goal they are seeking. Sometimes grace doesn't come in with a quiet voice but a lot of thumping and bumping and in your face stomping. And then I've found by reading the blogs of my friends facing these moments it may come quietly with much soul searching and prayer. I pray for all of you and honor those you love every day.

I've met authors, musicians, poets. I've met people who are struggling to achieve goals of every kind. The world is so full of artists with open hearts and minds. I do smile so often during the day remembering a phrase, a tune an experience shared. Life is fuller now than I have ever found before. When trying to explain this new found love and my new found friends to someone who does not participate in this medium I feel like I fall short. I did have a lifelong friend say, "I can see you love this, your face lights up when you tell me about blogging". What can I say? You all do make me a deeper, happier person.

Today I want to take a few moments to thank one of the members of my community. Rick Watson, author extraordinaire and creator of Life 101. A great blog read each and every day and author of Remembering Big. This book is a read aloud to your family. A find yourself a quiet spot and enjoy, read. It's stories from Rick's life that are humorous, inspiring and grab that book of tissues touching. Rick and his lovely wife Jilda, blog writer of her own creation, Transformation Information, are also singer/songwriters. If you want a lovely listen... they make beautiful music. Follow their blog and find their music.

I mention all this as a background to my congratulations to Rick on the huge win his team achieved last night. I'm sure most of you have gathered by now I am a fan, some might say rabid...I say so and why not, of LSU. Rick is equally proud of Alabama, the Crimson Tide. For those of you living under a log deep in the woods and may not be aware of the game...last night was the BCS championship game for the football title of National Champion. And with resounding, humiliating success Alabama beat LSU hands down. Rick was very gracious the last time our teams met so I would like to make sure I acknowledge how soundly and undeniably his team won the latest match! Roll are now the nation's number one champions and deservedly so.

Waxing poetic about my own team...we won 13 we lost one...not a bad year all-in-all!

I would also like to take a moment to thank my latest followers. I look forward to visiting with you, finding out what makes your world go round. Welcome and if you get a chance check out my other blog buddies. They all are great reads and great lives to follow.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why Happy Birthday Mr Wonderful

I've been thinking all week about this post. What will I write for my husband's birthday that would convey how much I love him and the life we have made? This is definitely one of those times when it's hard to find just the right words to illustrate the wonders of this man. I think I'll try to give you a few highlights of our life together.

I remember seeing him for the first time. I was in a high school sorority with his sister. Steve dropped her off at a meeting. He was in college...I was in high school. Lost cause as far as I felt. Worldly college man wouldn't be interested in high school girl. As my kids used to say when something was exactly so...'word up'. Every now and then I'd see him dropping Beryl off or picking her up at different sorority events. My heart would still go pitty pat, and still I don't think he even noticed me. Flash forward to the end of our senior year in high school. I mean the real end of's over. I'm sitting on the counter in our family kitchen talking with my Mom over the future. College, boys! I said, "You know who'd I'd really love to go out with is Beryl's older brother, but he's a junior in college and wouldn't want to go out with a girl just out of high school. Two days later the phone rings and it's Beryl asking me if I'd be interested in going out with her brother. Jaw drops and I cooly say, (you never know if he was listening on another phone) "What he can't get a date....sure I'll give him a break and go". Heart pounding, lump the size of grapefruit in my throat. And so it began...

We were married the December after he graduated from LSU. He had been accepted to LSU's School of Law. Three days, that's all he needed to realize he wasn't meant to love live life as a lawyer. We were as happy as clams living in our little upstairs apartment nestled in the limbs of an oak tree. Steve was working for the construction company he'd worked for during his summer breaks. A degree in Psychology was great for opening the doors for law school...not so much getting a well paying job. We'd stay awake nights chatting and dreaming of where life would take us next.
Wouldn't you know? We were back at LSU living in Married Students Louseing Housing. Steve went back to college and got a degree in Construction Engineering. Do what you love, right? I worked as a Dental Assistant and we lived a life of love and stone soup! When my pay check arrived it was a BIG deal to go to the local Mexican restaurant and raise the flag for sopapillas!
Fast forward and a year after his second graduation we had our first child. And made up for lost time I suppose with three more children coming like stair steps one after the other. What do you say about a man that reads, Where the Red Fern Grows to his children at the dinner table. Soft hearted man can't get through the book without the 'poochie' face and shedding his own share of tears. Good example is what  I say!
And he still loves reading to children, now it's the next generation that he enjoys cuddling with for a good story!
This is my husband...the father of our children. The man that took his daughter dancing for her first time!
And still enjoys every time he can twirl her around on the dance floor!
Gave his daughter her first ride down the hill in the snow...

The man who gently picked my ailing grandmother off the floor where she had fainted and carried her to her bed. The man who stayed with our children at night for almost a week so I could stay with my grandmother until she passed away. I will always cherish and love him for giving me that time with her and never complaining, not once, that he was returning form work to care for the four boys alone.

He is the man who taught his children that you 'show up' no matter what. That cuddling and love aren't signs of weakness but strength.
No matter how old you are...
This is the man who gave haircuts to his children and put cardboard in the soles of his shoes when the boys all needed cleats for baseball at the same time. This is the man who still loves giving haircuts, although now for the next generation.
This is the man who took care of me when I had surgery three different times on my back. Never complained as he did the shopping and cooking and cleaning. This is the man who still mops the floors ever since my obstetrician told him it was better for him to do than me when I was pregnant with our first child...thirty six years ago.

Do we argue? Heck yes! Is he perfect? He is for me. He loves me no matter how crazy angry I can be. He's learned to duck if I send a frozen ice cream cake flying. But hasn't learned to please stop when I say please stop...thus the flying cake. He loves me in sickness and in health. And does it truly and kindly.

This is the man who last night with no reason, walked up to me and said, "Did you know you are the love of my life?".

So get your singing voice ready Mr Wonderful, (for how he got that name check here). We're going out with all the gang for dinner and will return home for a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday To You!


Friday, January 6, 2012


I have been really lame in trying to get back into the blog-o-sphere. I'm not sure why...perhaps it's 'cause I haven't had a lot to add to the world lately. Tomorrow is my date for the last 40+ years birthday and we will be having a birthday celebration so life will be picking up. Until then here are some random thoughts and happenings. I apologize ahead of time for the lameness but it is the necessary outcome of a very 'shuttered' life!

I finally was able to get something positive from being the big Six uh oh! While standing in the check out line at the grocery store chatting with one of my favorite cashiers I learned that the grocery has 5% off for Seniors on Thursday! Who knew? Obvs not me....but I quickly fessed up to my age and was thrilled to get the discount. Now my twenty something daughter is hoping to accompany me to the grocery NEXT Thursday! Funny how quickly my status changed from good OLD Mom to cool OLE Mom, hahaha!

I play my i-tunes on my computer while I compose my posts. Today I learned that the Pink tunes my daughter put on for me are NOT the clean ones I was used to singing along to on the radio. Who knew? I don't think I had ever paid close attention to the difference but believe me, the F-bomb is all over the place. I'm thinkin' I'm going to make sure I replace them with the clean ones. Imagine Sush playing her i-tunes while any of her precious grandbebes are over and Pink belting out her F-bombs. Horrors!

We finally were able to celebrate Christmas with the family in town on Monday! We brought our gifts to our son Tim and my daughter-in-love, Lisa's (parents of Lily) new home. There, our other son Steve, Jr and another daughter-in-love, Terri (parents of Trey and Peter) joined us. It was lots of fun and proved that Christmas isn't limited to the one day and doesn't need the decorations or tree to feel like Christmas. I am going to add to my lameness of the last few weeks and admit I thought to bring the camera, but never remembered to use it. You will have to take my word for the fact that the trio of grandkids were as adorable as ever and my grown children as lovely as always!

And now for the real lameness or should I say lateness of my life? Might as well air all the dirty laundry at once, n'est-ce  pas? My Christmas trees need to be taken down. I have Christmas decorations all over the house waiting to be packed and put away. Tomorrow we will be entertaining children and grandchildren and the house is a clutter with last years Christmas. My family's tradition is that Christmas MUST be put away by today...the Feast of the Epiphany or 'Little Christmas' or bring you bad luck.

Pray for us...


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Whew...goodbye 2011! You had some highlights but saying goodbye isn't hard! An update on the cooties that invaded me and my home and then enough is enough about health. Turns out when I went to see my Dr.instead of the urgent care people he felt something more than bronchitis was amiss. After an exam and a chest x-ray, pneumonia was the new diagnosis. A change in meds and instructions to stay in bed and rest and he sent me on my way. I'm happy to report the new meds seem to be working and I'm breathing easier...getting lots of missed sleep and slowly climbing my way out of this nest of cooties!

I don't have a lot to report as it's been me myself and I for company and activity. As soon as I get the ok we are going to have a delayed Christmas and finally get to watch the little ones open gifts. That's my favorite thing about Christmas!

I hope you all had a merry and wondrous Christmas, and I wish you all the best for 2012. Your loving and kind words cheered me up and lifted my mood from feeling like 'Poor Pitiful Pearl' to feeling loved and remembered.

Until my inbox fills with fun or activity of any kind, see you soon and,