Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A - Z Blog Challenge Letter I = Informative

Informative and helpful, why yes that is what I will try to serve up for the letter I today. I found this little bit of information on Pinterest and thought I'd pass it along. My children would be the first to tell everyone how 'informative' I've been in their lives.  I think this is going to be one of my favorite bits of informative tidbits I'll ever use...

Yes, I do think this is a rather informative and helpful tip!


Shady Del Knight said...

LOL, Good one, Sush! I thought your "I" word was going to be "internet" as in internet woes. I hope they're behind you now. Toto says "WOOF!"

Shelly said...

Heeheee!!! I like your kind of informative~

Chatty Crone said...

LOL - thanks for the informative tip - I'll go out and get some cards today! sandie

Sush said...

Hello Tom and Toto! I wish my internet woes were behind me but sadly, not! I stayed away from the topic so as not to bring the internet gods wrath even more to my door. When troubled, I find humor very helpful!

Shelly, yes a smile is always the best companion when serving up information!

Sandie, I have a boxed set for all occasions! Gotta change up the rotation, ya know?
Thanks for stopping in!

Claudia Moser said...

Great advice, I think I will apply it :)

Munir said...

I think that I will have to do that, only thing is that my husband is the one who is going through the stress test. Thank God, he was able to do the slow pace treadmill one, as he charmed the technicians about him being old and his heel is hurting and he is loosing balance. So, I will not be the one to get any sympathies in spite of the get well cards.

yaya said...

You could have even used the word "Illness" for today...fun advice and it is very helpful!

Sush said...

I'm planning on using this myself though we have relatives from New Orleans coming this weekend so I will be cleaning anyway!

If your husband gets the cards you still get to reap the benefits because everyone will know how busy you've been taking care of him! Glad he did well!

Illness would have been good but I was afraid I might set off alarm bells with my family and friends with that title. We've been in the hospital and ER the last week so it would have been alarming to some!
If only we'd had you as a nurse!

karen said...

Love that little tip! I think my children would say that I am informative too. And it annoys them like no other.

Belle said...

Love the idea of the cards! I think I have a few around. God bless.

leigh said...

I lovd this!!!!! I just say "my house was cleaner before the twins!" it's only half true !
Found you through A to Z challenge, I'm #893

Thisisme. said...

I saw this on Pinterest myself and thought now good it was!! Hee hee. A very cunning plan indeed !

Sush said...

How impossible is it to be a Mother and not inform your children of all the things we've learned, right?

Yes, you've got the idea, no ones needs to know how recent they were!

Bless you with twins! How awesome! I have twin niece and nephew and one of my darling DIL's has twin brothers. I think you are awesome! Welcome and come back soon!

The many things I've found on Pinterest that bring amusement and laughter to my world!

Holly said...

HA! That's hilarious...and actually a pretty good idea. I wonder how many people I know who would fall for it... :P

Janna said...

I love it! Too bad it wouldn't work on my mom.

Journaling Woman said...

Great informative tip!