Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's My Party

I was enjoying my birthday all cozy and warm in my bed when my husband leaned over and said, "Happy Sixty First" birthday dear." 

I was so startled I nearly fell out of bed. I'd honest to goodness forgotten how old I am today. No probs, I still feel like I'm 29, let's all just go with it!  Today, in my heart and in my head I still feel 29. The body is achy and breaky but the heart and soul are strong! I was five years shy of 29 when this young man was born. My first born...he arrived a week before my 24th birthday.You remember...he was my Mother's Day baby. 
We have a wedding to attend late this afternoon and early evening. Tomorrow we will combine celebrating my birthday and my oldest son's! I am looking forward to another great gathering of the the clan, at least those that could make it to town! We'll have an early luncheon celebration and then off to see Trey in his last soccer game of the season!

Have a great weekend everyone...
I'm off to the farmer's market for ferns....whooo hooo! Oh and I'll be practicing on my birthday gift from my husband. A brand new iphone 4 with my new BFF...Siri! I'm kinda slow but she's patient!
Hugs and

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Park It

A few weeks back Pop and I were lucky enough to spend a day with our grandsons Trey and Peter. Our city park's amusement section had been closed for two years for renovations. The Carousel is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1911 and had a beautiful renovation. 

The miniature train is one third size replica of a locomotive, there are kiddie boats which Pop and I had to pass on enjoying. The boys wanted us join them but we had to explain what sinking the boat is. The playground was revamped and made for kids of all ages.  There are paddle boats, the last time I was on them was when I was doing anything and everything I could think of to encourage Elise to be born. I'm afraid the poor young man that was running the boats may have retired from his job after that day. 

Here are some pictures of our fun...sadly once again I forgot to bring my camera so other than the inside shot of the carousel and the large shot of the train, these are what I managed to snap from my phone. Pop was riding in the stationary swan with the boys. I was on the horse with the golden mane that goes up and down. I love, love, love riding on a carousel.
Happy Birthday to our son Steve, Jr...Trey and Peter's Dad. He's such a great dad and son. I went into labor with this treasure of a child on Mother's appropriate of a gift?
Happy Mother's Day from the American Calendar to all my Mom friends, whatever your calendar says.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You Are All My Sunshine

Grace came to town! Pop and Sush were thrilled to have our sweet grandbebe come visit us for her first time! She is the sweetest bundle of joy in a tiny dear package. I was so excited when I spied her Mom and Dad driving into our driveway! Usually they are arriving in the dark of night, but for this visit they left shortly after Grace's breakfast, so to speak, hoping she would follow that with her morning nap. From the tale I was told that didn't happen often or for very long. Charting unknown territory can be quite stressful!

We had much fun having her Mom and Dad visiting with us. Scott's siblings came as soon as life allowed to greet the newest member of our family. I will have to apologize to them if I get the order of visits out of order.
Lily had never met her newest cousin. Tender and sweet was their first meeting!
I think Lily pulled out almost every stuffed animal in Sush's arsenal to share with Grace...can you not just see how she wants to eat her up with love? Too precious in my not so impartial opinion! Lily is going to be a wonderful big sister! Won't be long now....
Lily's Mom and Dad, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Tim were quite happy to get their chance to hold Grace as well! And if you look really carefully, you might see the line forming to the rear for a chance for a hug and a kiss!
Pop is not going to pass up his chance for a snuggle with our sweet Grace!
The next day brought the arrival of Trey and Peter to meet sweet Grace! It was a veritable cousin fest!

Peter, were you holding Baby Grace?

Oh, I saw youuuuu!

We also had rousing games of baseball to win...
Everyone gets a turn at bat next up, why our own...Slugger Trey!
We interrupt this game for the return of little Ms Grace who has awakened from her nap...Ohhh Daddy, let me see!
 ***You might want to note Ms Lily's winter hat on an 80 degree day. Her Mom and Dad said it was an accessory she was not going to be convinced to omit! A girl has her own fashion sense after all. One must set a stylish example for Grace!

Well, I see Lily and Aunt Erin are taking Grace indoors, out of the range of the bat!
Neeexxxxxt....The mighty Peter takes a swing!
Not to be left out of hugs, Uncle Steve and Aunt Terri take advantage of the baseball game and get some snuggles of their own with Grace. She was a very popular young lady!

Daddy Scott was ever attentive and ready to regain custody of his sweet and beautiful Grace!

Erin and Scott have friends that live not far from us. We were delighted to have them visit with their own three precious children.
Linus, had the sweetest quote of the day, "Who's the cutest? Ding, ding,'s Grace!"
Oliver had hugs of his own to share...
Aunt Elise was always at the ready to give Grace her full attention...
It was a whirlwind extended weekend, but as always too short! you think you could convince Erin and Scott to return, ASAP? Oh and they better not to forget to bring Grace if they come! As if!
Now we also had Aunt Laura and Uncle Dan with us for the day on Sunday. I just haven't had anyone share those photos yet! I give them many thank you's for driving from VA to share in this family lovefest. I just never remembered to use my own camera. If a lovely daughter would share her pictures, perhaps we will have some pictures of Laura and Dan to add post post, if you get my drift...Heck, Dan and Laura I'll be thrilled if you have some photographs to send my way as well!

I never have a day that I am not thrilled to have my family gathered around. They simply are 'My Sunshine'!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Will Remember You.....

I have been blessed with a friendship that has enriched my life and made me a happier, better person. My friend has been one of a very select few touchstones in my life. My life was forever changed and to the best when Laura and I became friends. It will now be forever changed and leave a huge hole in my heart now that she is gone. Most people who spent any time with Laura ended up feeling the same way.

Laura and I met the summer we moved to our new neighborhood. Laura and her dear husband Mike's home is around the corner from us. Our children went to the same schools, played together and we all went to the neighborhood swim club. I first learned of the wonders of Holden Beach from Laura. At her urging we took our first vacation on those golden shores. It was the first of many and many spent with Laura and her wonderful family. Her two delightful children were close in age to two of mine. Laughter and sand and sunshine were a big part of our intertwined lives.
Laura was fully responsible for me working in Admissions at NCSU. What was a friendship born out of our neighborhood and children grew deeper with our love for the Admissions department. Laura worked there since 1966. By the time she left due to her illness she was Senior Associate Director of Admissions. The Admissions Department dedicated a bench near the university Bell Tower to her. She was given the honor of Chancellor of the Day by NCSU. They would have been wise to have her serve as Chancellor long before...and for years, not one day.
The last time I was able to spend quality time with Laura was at the baby shower we gave for her niece, Jamie. It was a fun afternoon and it was wonderful to see Laura enjoying herself and laughing and spending time with family and friends. Above is a picture of Laura and her beloved daughter Jen and Laura's friend/sister-in-law Jeannette and her daughter Jamie. Mothers and daughters...aunts and nieces...can't you see their love?
I have been blessed to live in a neighborhood that has a unique atmosphere of community and friendship. Many lovely and kind people live here. From this larger group of friends a smaller nucleus grew. I've introduced you to these lovely ladies before. We throw parties for friends, their children and the brides to be and babies to be. We go to dinner with each other to celebrate birthdays. We go to breakfast on Saturday mornings when at all possible to catch up on the news from the week. 

Laura has always been central in this group. Yesterday we lost our dear friend to her battle with cancer. She fought a valiant and gracious fight. Our special group is forever changed and we mourn her loss and celebrate her life. 

Laura, my dear, kind and loving friend...I honor you, I miss you and I will always, always 'Remember You'.