Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Little Bit Of This and That

I am very happy to report I've been doing just what I was hoping to do! Playing with my family, enjoying life and the sunshine of summer! Not to worry, I've been peeking in on all my friends and your goings on, even if I'm not commenting. Love you all...!

We've had birthdays in June to celebrate...Tim and his Mother-in-Love share their June birthday. Family gathered from near and far to help Beth and Tim party on down!
I made sure to have plenty of cakes for everyone. Lisa lit the candles as Lily waited with baited breathe to help blow out the many few flames. If you look over Tim's shoulder you might see his older brother Steve, Jr. happy to help hold the newest wee one, Kate.
Peter was wondering what was taking so long...Pop was just enjoying the show!
Aunt Laura and Uncle Dan travelled from another state to meet baby Kate...and celebrate birthdays!
Uncle Daniel and Peter had lots of fun on Lily's and Kate's new playground! Boys and toys...they don't change much...
and continue to have fun no matter how old...or young...
Next up on our list of summer fun was Father's Day. Pop and his sons residing close to home and are wonderful Father's as well, celebrated with a luncheon al fresco!
Even Kate was there to wish Pop, Tim and Steve, JR a Happy Father's Day! She snoozed through the entire meal!
Isn't she thoughtful as well as beautiful???
Grace was not to be outdone in the Father's Day celebration...we were sent a photograph of Grace showing off her gift to her Dad, Scott for his first Father's Day! Nice present, Mom and Grace! I always have felt a family swing is a great family therapist!
While celebrating Father's Day, I made plans for some special 'Gramma Time' with Lily. Her other Grammy...Beth and I had a wonderful day taking Lily for her first visit to Pullen Park. Wait with baited breath and I'll show you how we wore ourselves Lily out, next post up!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Explanation May Be Due

Apologies and appreciation to all my dear friends and followers who have been wondering where and what I've been up and doing fine thank you. I have been trying to cut back on my time spent on the wonderful web. I do love reading all your stories and blogs and seeing everyone's lovely photographs, hearing Shady's fantastic music. However, I felt I was letting virtual time capture more of my life than real time. I suppose I've put myself on a 'Blog Diet' so to speak.

I'm going to be in and out and off and on for an unspecified amount of time. As you all know we have been blessed with new little ones that I am longing to hold...and we have three very wonderful and active toddler on up grandchildren that bring much joy to our lives. It's summer time and time to be active with these jewels, before time runs away and I wonder where it went!

I've noticed I'm not the only one to decide to cut back on time spent on blogging. I think we all need some time to put perspective and fresh air into our lives. Life is good...I love sharing with all of  you and will be back to post updates and read what is happening with all my dear friends in your very unique corners of the world. 

Just not right now...not right this second! I've got other friends to play with...

and this newest member along with my date for the last forty plus years...
not to mention my own sweet long as I'm living...oh you know the drill...



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Love...My Baby Love!

Oh my, my, my! We are swimming in baby love! Our newest, and really it's only been a little over four months since our last presentation...but our newest new grandbebe has arrived! Lily is now the proud and boy do I mean proud and also very protective big sister of Katherine Alice. Those in the know and you all will now be in that proud number call her Kate! What a dear and sweet baby she is!
 Mom, Lisa and Daddy, Tim are happy and proud as can be. Kate is a very darling and sweet baby. Lily is very protective right out of the gate! The physician's assistant came for her 'duty call' and walked up to the bassinet where Kate was sleeping. As the PA pulled out her stethoscope, Lily rushed up to the bassinet and cried out, "Don't you mess with her!" She then tried to roll the bassinet away. After much explaining and persuasion she agreed to back off, but was keeping an eagle eye on the PA her entire exam. It didn't help the PA's cause when Kate was not happy with the cold stethoscope or having her shirt removed. I thought for a second Lily was going to grab the bassinet and make a run for the door!
Mom distracted Lily by getting her to play with her 'own' doll Belle. Lily enjoyed using Kate's stash of diapers on her doll baby...
The next visit Lily was missing her family. She sought some solace in reverting to old places...
Today was Kate's 'Coming Home' day. Lily had been staying with her other 'Grammy' but was here in the morning and early afternoon. Once Kate was released from the hospital her parents swung by to pick up Lily so they could all go home together. Before they came Sush and Lily spent the morning washing (at Lil's request) I swear, the sea glass and shells on a platter in the bathroom. Puzzles, books, blocks and cars were added to our entertainment repertoire. After lunch we played baby dolls and then finished up outside on the trampoline. Dad surprised us as he came around the back of the house and the happy family headed home.

And while I have a captive audience I'll throw in some of my latest photographs of Grace just for good measure. I mean we really are experiencing a lot of baby love around here, folks!
Hope you all have days filled with baby love, no matter how old your babies are! I have some as old as 37 so they may get bigger, but like the book, Love You Forever, 'As long as I'm baby they'll be'!