Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's Not That I Haven't Tried

Hi...remember me? I'm the one that used to be crashing into your blog rolls, leaving pithy and always remarkable comments. Bwhahahaha! Actually I do crash your blogs and am still doing that as often as time permits. Commenting on the other hand is rare. I love catching up on all of you and hearing what is cookin' in the summer sun for everyone! But for now...I'm still enjoying the sun and family and sum summ summer time!

We've had visits from some of the grown kids as they have travelled to and fro. When they come it makes for a good excuse to get as much of the family together that life permits. Grace and her Mom and Dad passed through on their way to their Hilton Head vacation with her Mom's side of the family.  So...yep yep, we had cousin reunion along with sibling fun, which by default equals much fun for Sush! Moi! Me myself!

Please pardon the many many pictures, but this is first and foremost a documentary of our lives. My family. So if you feel the need to do a fast scroll it's fine by me. These will also be mostly repetitive viewing for my blog friends from FB so those who are in that circle it's ok to breeze by. But one day I am certain I will be glad and I think my children and grandchildren will be as well that I've saved these moments for posterity. After all, don't you have some family pictures where you have NO IDEA who, what, where and when? Ahh I'm sure you do!

Trey and Peter were themselves having beach time so weren't able to make it. Lisa was a champion and brought Lily and Kate for a visit, even though Tim was on the road. I leave you with some pictures of the silliness and fun little ones can have. Oh, and yes I will have my own fun with commentary along the way!

First up we had fun introducing Kate and Grace! I often wonder what is going through their sweet little minds as we adults pose them and position them and seemingly abandon them for our photographs....
Lily, never to be left out of the fun and always the protective sister and cousin was quick to want her chance for baby/cousin holding! Watch the progression of pictures, it turns out Grace became fascinated with Lily's hair! She was verrrry patient but was needing some help before we were finished!
Then we put Kate in the mix...and Lily's baby doll was tossed for the real thing if you look closely as we progress!
So far so good...
Kate's getting a tad bored...

And then Grace gets intrigued...
Uhh, a little help here???
What a patient Lily! Whew!
Uncle Scott gets to hold Kate for the first time! An Uncle in love...Kate's smiling too!
And then Lily found Grace's sunglasses Aunt Erin had packed for the beach!
Quite the fashionista! Not to worry...Grace has an extra pair!
But I think Grace was definitely NOT sure what to make of this next situation! In the words of our dear friend, This Is Me, from 'Southham'sDarling'...Eeek!
I love the whimsy of Lily...a contrast in tutus and tools! She has so many layers...

If you would, please, notice the adorable shoes Lily is wearing. Our bloggie friend from The Giggle Fest...Lynne, her beautiful and talented daughter, Holly, decorated the shoes. I was fortunate enough last summer to win them! They are the first thing Lily puts on when she comes over...along with her tutu!

It was time for Grace's dinner and Lily jumped right in! The first thing she said when she climbed up next to Grace was, "Now are supposed to listen to me"! Can't you hear this refrain throughout their life together? As my older sister likes to say...bossy big sister!
A tutorial from Uncle Scott on feeding his little Grace...
And an older cousin becomes a pro. Lily was wonderful at feeding Grace! She even remembered to remove her 'glub' first! I see many hours of her helping Mom with Kate!
The evening wrapped up pretty swiftly after this. Little ones have a 'witching' hour and it was rapidly approaching. Baths were given, babies tucked in car seats or cribs. We were all looking forward to the next reunion....

I did receive some really cute pictures of Grace and her family from their beach vacation...oh now you'll just have to come back for that lovely summer time bit of fun!