Friday, October 5, 2012

When The Genius Says You're Done

Hi Family and Friends,
I'm here for a quick trusty companion of 7 years bit the dust a few weeks ago. that would be my MacBook. You never realize how much you depend on your computers until they are really, REALLY gone!

Thanks to 'This Is Me', I was able to put the word out via her post on her blog. Thank you again dear friend for coming to the rescue.  However we are diverse in our followers and I wanted to let you ALL know I haven't abandoned you, just waiting for some dust to settle, literally. Isn't it always the case...Murphy's Law, etc.?  We are getting very close to the completion of our remodeling in the master bedroom and en suite. We have sawdust and soon marble dust flying fast and furious. So I'm a tad preoccupied and busy with that project.

Short story long, I miss you all, try and squint at your blogs via my iPhone when my eyes and time permits. Trying to comment gets pretty tricky between those tiny keys and 'Auto Correct'! My son is in town for the weekend to help move the reno along and offered up his iPad for me to use. So that's that and I will return in the hopefully not too distant future.

Everyone know I am thinking of you and care about you and those in your lives. Hope to see you soon and much