Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What Can I Say…They Keep Me Happy Annnnd Busy

Hi All! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! We had the whole clan for Thanksgiving and it was so much fun. I even managed to get them all to take a picture. I'm still waiting on the one that includes my kids with their kids but I will settle for this lovely and joyous photo. And, yes, I did add the hats!

All the family is getting together this weekend before Christmas. We will spend Christmas day with some of the family but not all. This year the cousins did a Secret Santa with one another so I'm thinking it will be fun! I always enjoy watching MY kids do their Secret Santa…each one waiting to see who drew their name!

Once again we will have Abigail and George and their fantastic and (tired) parents here. I do so enjoy having them here. At six months they are cooing and talking and eating some solid foods. We still have the annual decorating of the gingerbread houses coming up! This IS such a fun time of year.

Merry Christmas to each and every one. May the season fill your hearts with love and bring you peace and joy in your new year!

I'll be watching you…

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I Miss You When You Leave

This is an unexpected and short post. I know I have no leg to stand on in regards to blog respites. I in fact think they are important for us all. They give us a chance to reconnect with the real world and all those we love in our real lives. What really makes me sad though, is when someone decides to quit blogging entirely, and even worse when the blog is closed down without any explanation. My mind tends to run to 'worst case scenarios' and I worry about my bloggie friends.

I was able to have a brief but nice chat with Desiree from Driftwood Ramblings, our dear friend from South Africa after connecting with her daughter on Linda's FB page. And now Marsha from Spots and Wrinkles has 'Unavailable' on her last post. The text says this blog is no longer available. Sigh…I do hope she is well. If anyone knows anything about our dear friend, please let me know.

Please, if any of you decide to leave our blogging community…would you leave with us knowing why? Even just check in maybe once or twice a year? I have lost a dear friend to cancer in our blogging world. I miss her sweet blog and always inspiring words. But to not know what has happened when it is an abrupt departure is just so sad.

Much love to you all and forgive me if I've stepped on toes. It is never my intent. I do, I mean I really truly  do feel like we have a dear community in our blogosphere and I truly do care for each of you.

Hugs and Loves~Loves~Loves~ 

Friday, November 22, 2013

All Over The Place

Greetings and Salutations…
Oh my we've had ourselves a busy time! I'm afraid I'm going to just do the ole' photo dump again to hopefully bring this poor blog up to some kind of current state.

We did have other things happening at the annual beach trip to Holden Beach other than that wonderful proposal.

The house we stayed in this year…we keep going up in size as the family keeps growing... was really delightful. Everyone enjoyed the pool and the ocean views!

We have some comparison photos from last summer to this one…Daniel and Laura's world changed the most…from relaxing sans bebes to never a dull moment with bebes!

Grace and Kate have gone from leaning on each other for support…to sitting upright independently but still loving one anothers company!

The girls are growing up…pretty soon we won't be using high chairs for these two…of course Ms Lily has long been sans a high chair!

Always looking for fun things to do when it's too hot to be on the beach we made beach pudding cups with paper umbrellas and teddy graham bears, gummy life savers, twirlers for noodles and other treats!

If you squint really hard you might be able to see Daniel and Laura enjoying some solo time on the beach. The two shaded spots right by the water…parents on the lam! Abigail and George do keep them hopping. 

Pop and Sush were happy to keep an eye on our sweet babies while Mom and Dad relaxed!

Grace and her Daddy, Scott, had fun in the water!

Pop was always ready to spend some time at the water's edge with his wee ones! Grace and Pop were loving the beach!

(Speaking of Grace and her Mom and Dad…we are thrilled to be able to announce some exciting news for their family…I'll let Grace explain…
Slight change on the due date…we are now awaiting the newest grand baby, scheduled to arrive in February! We just keep expanding our circle of love in this family! We do know that Grace is having a sister, so the girls are still in the lead! I am so thrilled! It was verrry hard to keep that a secret.)

Soon it was time for a group picture of those still remaining at the end of our beach vacation. Always times flies the fastest when we are all together and having fun!

Peter and Trey weren't able to join us at the beach this year as they had already started school. However they were busy water bugs!  Trey joined the neighborhood swim team this year and loved it!

Peter was able to get to the beach with his family earlier…and like his Sush, loves his toes in the water and well…you know the rest of the song…
Trey and Peter's Dad, our oldest son, Steve, was busy this summer training for his first marathon! He did very well, coming in third in his class! His forté was swimming. He's decided if he makes this a real sport he may graduate to a more serious bike. He said he was on the receiving end of some pretty funny looks as he cycled passed the spectators ringing his little bell!
Way to go champ! We are so proud of you!

Shortly after the beach trip we headed up to visit Daniel, Laura and the babies. It was time for Abigail and George to have their baptism. What a very special day and a wonderful memory for us all. Abigail wore the heirloom gown my grandmother made for my Dad. You will remember Trey and Peter and Lily wore it for their baptism. George wore an heirloom gown from Laura's grandfather. It was certainly a very special way to honor the generations before

We've had some sleepovers with Trey and Peter…

Lily has had her turn at a sleepover as well…always loving the dress up bin…and this time it was close enough to Halloween she could play dress up with some of the decorations!

And Kate and Lily modeled the Halloween shirts I found for them! Aren't they growing?

Speaking of Halloween…I was invited to join Kate and Grace and their moms, Lisa and Erin at the local library Halloween festival! Cutest cupcake ever our Gracie was, and Kate made for one precious bumble bee!

Abby and George were sporting some costumes of their own…Laura and Dan were dressed as themselves!

We've had other visits…and more red letter days to share. But I will have to digress to those another day! For now I will leave you with the most recent visit of Abigail and George. Momma Laura went for a much deserved girl's weekend with her best friend and Daddy Daniel came to visit us with the two in tow! We had soooo much fun and are looking forward to having the whole clan together for Thanksgiving!

The photos aren't in any particular order and are fairly self explanatory. The last two of Abby and George were sent by Dan and Laura. The twins are wearing some onesies I couldn't pass up…Osh Kosh b'Gosh makes the cutest baby clothes!
Until I decide to stay up late to post another…

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

That Day...

I don't know how long in a Mother's life of having a daughter it takes before you start thinking of the day she becomes a bride. I do know through the years we have talked about it and all the fun and special things we would do leading up to her wedding and to making her wedding day hers! We had what will probably be one of my best memories, always special in our hearts this past weekend. It was the day Elise found her wedding dress and veil.

It wasn't the first day we had been searching. There was a dress she fell in love with, and really looked beautiful on her. It was very stylish and fashionable...but it was the first attempt at finding 'the dress' so I suggested we go to at least one or two more places so she would know in her heart she had found her dress...the one she dreamed of for so long. The one all little girls think about as they are growing up, imagining their Cinderella and Prince Charming day.

Saturday, we headed out to another bridal shop. Mother and daughter...enjoying spending time with each other and wondering what we would find. I know Elise well enough to know she knows what she likes and what she doesn't in most everything. Without a doubt when it comes to her clothes she knows what she knows. I hardly shop for clothes for her by myself anymore. Probably, I haven't done it since she was five...she knows what she knows and I threw up my hands long ago in trying to get it right. 

With this in my memory bank I let her browse the racks of dresses and select to her heart's content. A few may have caused a wrinkle of my nose...at least that's what she observed. Those were left hanging on the rack. I did try not to wrinkle I promise! I was raised with a tape that remains to this day playing in my head...there is a difference between fashion and good taste. Can't make it stop and some of the 'fashionable' dresses are quite lacking in the good taste department! She had quite the pile of dresses by the time she was done perusing. 

The young lady assigned to be our attendant directed us back to a dressing room adjacent to a large room with mirrors and platforms. Elise chose the first dress she wanted to try on...it was beautiful. When she walked out to the larger room and onto the platform everyone else in the room grew silent. She looked beautiful. Elise got a smile on her face and did the twisty turny, swishy thing all women do when looking at all angles of themselves in a special dress. The attendant fluffed up all the special parts and all in the room smiled. With a Mona Lisa smile Elise got down from the platform and tried on the remaining dresses. All were beautiful, I kept quiet trying so hard not to influence her decision. My Mother had been wonderful all throughout the planning of my wedding and the selections I made. She kept telling me, 'I had my day as a bride...this is your day...you decide'. I've tried to remember that every time one of my children was planning a wedding. Groom or bride, I've wanted them to have what they want not their parents.

Elise told me her plan to make her final decision. She had found a dress similar to the one from the other shop that had been her first selection; not the same but very similar. So she put the two favorites on back to back trying them both on to make a selection. Finally we asked for a veil or veils to try on with her favorite at this shop. When they placed it on her she got a rosy glow on her face, her hands flew involuntarily to her face and she burst into tears! 'I've found it! This is my wedding dress!' And with that I burst into tears and said, 'Oh honey, don't cry!' and we both were in tears. Happy tears...joyful tears. Cinderella moment! Everyone in the room was teary eyed and in agreement she was breathtaking. 

Needless to say, as I was not only feeling like her Mother but Cinderella's fairy godmother by that time...no other shops were necessary. We've ordered the dress and veil and have a memory for the two of us that will be cherished for our lifetimes. I make no mention of what her wedding ensemble looks like. You do understand, I'm sure. Have no fear, we will be sharing when her big day arrives...until then many hugs and much...


Monday, September 30, 2013

Some Day When I'm Old and Gray...

Face it, I'm a romantic! I love a wonderful love story. I've had this secret tale that I've been wanting to tell, but I had to wait for it all to unfold. Our one and only daughter, Elise, met her 'once in a lifetime love' this last year. We knew they were planning on getting married. We'd even had the meeting requesting our permission and blessing on asking for Elise's hand in marriage. All parties involved...that would consist of our 'future son-in-love', my husband and date for the last forty-one years and moi, worked very, very hard to not let Elise know the most romantic day of her life was coming!

Our annual vacation at Holden Beach was planned for after Labor Day this year. With a new job, my date for the last forty one years had to accrue vacation time by working a particular sum of weeks before he acquired enough hours for vacation. Thus the late summer holiday. Sadly, this meant that our oldest son and wife and their two children, Trey and Peter were not able to join us this year. School had started and didn't allow for traveling to and from the beach. Everyone else was able to spend at least part of the week with us, basking in the lovely rays of sunshine at our favorite beach.

Probably you see where this is going...beach...boy/girl in love...engagement not yet complete. Yes! Dave, Elise's now fiance, put his plan in action at the beach. He enlisted the help of Grace's parents, Scott and Erin. If you scan back to here* you will see some of last summer's vacation and how Grace and her family had taken lovely pictures of Grace and family at sunset on the beach. Planning ahead, Dave asked Scott and Erin to take pictures while he was proposing to Elise. Only catch was Elise couldn't know what they were doing as the proposal was all a surprise. These things are never easy are they? 

Erin and Scott hatched a plan, they told everyone they'd like to eat early the second evening we were at the beach. They wanted to take Grace down to the beach around sunset for her beach photos just like last year! That evening, off go the family of three, camera and baby in hand. A short while  later Dave suggested to Elise they take a walk on the beach. Strolling past Erin, Scott and Grace busily taking beach pictures the young couple walk out to the water. 

I must say, those of us in the house were impressed. During the day, Dave had confided to Elise's brothers what he had planned for the evening. We all had a front row seat to their magical moment. This young man has moxie as far as I'm concerned. He was thoughtful enough to propose on his love's family vacation and to do it all where we could see it unfold! The photos speak for themselves. The video is quite touching. I have you as a captive audience so you might as well see it all. This blog as I so often remind you, dear readers, is also a 'memory keeper' for my family.

 And now for the video. The video is fun because you can see Erin trying to snap the photos of the proposal while trying not to intrude on the moment. I think kudos to Scott and Erin are due as they were very unobtrusive and scored in the photo/video department! I feel I need to add that Dave says the wiping of his eyes he does at the very end of the video was due to sand that had blown in his eyes...umm hmmm...

It was a very special vacation this year; memories for a lifetime...to be enjoyed when everyone is 'old and gray' and feeling that glow...of the way she looked that night.

We've had a very busy, fun and love filled summer and fall. I'll do my best to bring you up to speed soon...and share other fun memories from our Holden Beach Summer of 2013, another bathroom reno and the twins Baptism. Until then...

Hugs and

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hard to think of another word that describes the wonderful feeling of being a grandmother...again...and for the first time...to twins! I've been invited to come for a visit now that these beautiful babies are home with their wonderful Mom and Dad. It is pure heaven. I hope you enjoy this post, because I have a feeling it may be a bit before I'm able to get another one in...

From my experience as a Mom and the immediacy of maternal love that is like no other, I'm used to the overwhelming love that comes with Motherhood. I am also quite familiar to the joys of being a Grandmother. Friends who claimed that title before me used to always say, "Oh, you just wait, there is nothing quite like it!" And right they were. But take those feelings of love and joy and happiness when you see your children with their child and when you first hold those wee little grand babies in your arms, then DOUBLE  that. It just might begin to describe how wonderful this experience has been.

The proud parents took this adorable picture of Abby and George soon before they were to leave the NICU and bring them home. I just love how bundled they are...they call them 'Burrito Babies' when they have them all swaddled up! I'd say that is an apt description!
It's like they are looking at each other and saying, "Hey, where have you been"?
These two beautiful babies are just one lovely surprise after another. And they each already have their very own personalities and characteristics...

Abigail born two minutes before her brother George is large and in charge. Actually she does weigh a tad more than George, now up to six pounds even, but I have a feeling even if she weighed less she'd have no problem ruling this new family. She is a very content wee one, but don't leave her with a wet or dirty diaper for any time because she will let you know in spades she IS NOT HAVING IT! She also knows when she's had enough to eat. No persuading is going to make a difference. For all that she knows what she wants she is also a cuddle bug and smiler and well if you pardon a Gramma's unabashed pride, perfectly darling bebe.

I've been having way too much fun snaping photos with my cell phone. I can't control myself..

Once I found out what names had been given to my newest grandchildren, I ran right out and purchased a 'Beanie Baby' size Abbycadaby for our Abby. She's not much bigger than the Beanie Baby Abbycadaby...

Now for George...darling, precious, sweet as could be. He waited patiently for Abby to enter the world first, and then two minutes later we were blessed with this melt your heart the first time you lay eyes on him bebe! George is a heavy weight at almost four and a half pounds. He is mighty in his tinyness! Patient and calm he rarely raises a ruckus. I think he gets most frustrated at how long it takes us to get his little person in his diaper and clothes. I think the smaller they are the harder it is...truly! But once we have him dressed and bundled he is a very contented fellow. Sometimes as I struggle getting him into his little sleeper I can hear my Mom saying, "You were the one that always took the dolls arm out of the socket to get them dressed"! I promise you George, Sush will never do that with you!

Not wanting to leave him out of the plush toy namesake collection, I found his partner in crime...his first 'Curious George'. It might be a while before he is dragging him around...but George, do you like your new friend? Oh yes...SCORE and TOUCHDOWN!
We are learning how to double team it with twin bebes...it's quite amusing sometimes...
I am indeed a very happy Sush, All Over Again. Each grandbebe brings a joy and fulfillment to my heart that is uniquely their own. Snuggles with Abby or with
I am having the time of my life. I am indeed one happy, blessed woman.  What do you think George...worthy of a 'High Five'?
Oh don't you KNOW it?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Love

My last post I mentioned our daughter-in-love that was expecting soon. It was much sooner than we all knew! Tuesday, June 4 Laura and our son Daniel welcomed to the world our two newest grandchildren! Abigail Elizabeth and George James. I guess those wee ones just didn't want to wait one more second to meet their wonderful parents face to face!

Laura had her weekly Dr appointment that Tuesday afternoon. While there it was discovered she had developed preeclampsia and was sent to the hospital for tests. After tests and time passed it was determined for Laura's health she needed to have the babies that night! Though tiny, they are mighty! Abby was born first and weighed 5lbs 2.1 oz and George was born two minutes later weighing in at  4 lbs 5.9oz.! Laura's hard work and diligence while pregnant with the babies payed off.

Everyone is doing well, Mom recovering from her C-section...those sweet babies go a long way to help that along. Babies are gaining weight and will be in the NICU for a bit longer. Somewhere between ten days to two weeks is the time frame the Dr's are thinking. 

I hopped in my car the next afternoon they were born. I had a few things to take care of first, like getting the T-dap inoculation I had been putting off, and making sure I left the house with food in the fridge for those left behind. I'm not saying I was speeding to make my way to the hospital, but then again, I'm not saying I wasn't! Whaat??? Smokies never saw me...!

Daniel did his first turn at what is called Kangaroo Time or Skin to Skin...this was taken the morning after the babies were born! I was first told it was probably George, but that's our newest Daddy and his sweet Abby.
Laura was given the okay to see the babies and hold them for the first time the evening I arrived. What a precious and beautiful moment...
They do make a happy couple...
As they had been in the isolettes there wasn't a lot of holding time allowed. As preemies they are only allowed out of the warmth of the isolettes for a few times each day. I was blessed with the opportunity to hold Abby one day and feed her...walking on air for hours after that special moment. This photo was taken on another day. Abby's feeding tube and IV were removed! I have smallish hands so you are able to get and idea of how little these sweet babies are! When I say small hands we are not talking like that old Burger King commercial where the hands are freakishly small...hahaha! Just girly small!

The night we were leaving I was able to hold and feed George...be still my heart! 

This is a picture of Pop holding George his namesake for the first time! He is in Pop heaven...that's a look I'm familiar with!
Some close ups of the precious ones without all the tubes and IV's. I'm happy to report as of this post, Abby is out of the isolette and has graduated to the baby tub/bassinet we all see in hospitals. George and Abby both are now tube free...no feeding tubes or IV's. Abby is being monitored for jaundice-she's borderline; George's levels so far are good.

This is our handsome George!
Beautiful Abby...

I had a hard time at first telling them apart, they of course are not identical but they do resemble one another. Abby's hair is just a shade darker blonde than George's flaxen hair. And their noses and chins are a bit different! Of course up close you can tell because Abby is bigger than George, but a quick glance it's hard to know! Thank goodness their other Gramma has knitted them some caps with pom pom tassels  one blue and green one pink and purple. Will be very handy in the months to come!

Daniel is keeping close tabs on the twins...he looks from one to another with such tenderness...

I do believe these two will be busy bees with the two sweet bebes in their arms! Here they are having Kangaroo time two by two!
And this last picture says it all...Momma in love!

I am so blessed and happy...Momma is recovering well and now home. The babies are progressing well and may be able to move up to the next step the Progressive Level of the NICU! This is indeed a time of celebration and gratefulness and always...

*Post update: Abby was having a hard time maintaining her body temp so for now she's back in the isolette. I am so thankful they are in the very capable hands of the NICU staff and Drs. Prayers always appreciated...