Friday, February 8, 2013

Perfect Timing

Good thing we got the bedroom and bath finished when we did. My date for the last 41 plus years had to have eye surgery a week ago. The Dr found more than what he bargained for (Dr and patient) and ended up having to put an air bubble in my love's eye to help it heal correctly. What this does is make the patient have to lie down on the opposite side of the surgery. The Dr related it to a carpenter's level, you must keep the bubble floating over the eye to help it act like a bandaid. THREE days of lying 45 minutes on his side, pillow and 15 minutes to get up and stretch and take care of 'necessities'.

Whew...for a man that never sits still it was a looonggg three days, for his wife it was  a verrrry long three days. I hate when it's my honey that has to have surgery. I worry more than if it was myself. I'm always relieved when the Dr returns with a smile. My heart starts beating again, or so it always seems.
It was a blessing that we were able to do the surgery when we did. My guy is in between jobs right now. He starts working for a new company in a few weeks, so we were able to take advantage of the break for his medical repairs. He made the rounds of Dr's and is now on the mend and has a clean bill of health. Amen and thank you to the Lord for all our blessings. 

We also are hoping to do some traveling in the not to distant future. Road trips abound. We hope to head on down to Charleston and then across the deep South to visit family. I'll fill you in when it's all a lovely memory!

I had planned to be catching up with all we had done previously while my computer was brain dead. Instead I had another break taking care of the wonderful man I married.  Life has a funny way of rearranging our schedule. I think that's just the way...I'm sure you all find it the same.

Hugs and