Monday, April 15, 2013

Photo Dump Part II

Again, life is continuing to be filled with family activity and what nots...I like what nots, don't you? I'll continue to attempt to place the pictures in some semblance of order; no guarantees. 

We went up to the Washington DC area last fall to visit with our kids, Scott and Erin and our precious little Grace. My sister Patsy and her husband were heading there for a tour of the area. Allan is head of his department at the college where he works and he often takes groups of students from abroad to 'view' our nation's political world in action. Patsy wondered if we would be able to meet them and spend time together. Are you kidding me??? I jumped at the opportunity to visit both my sister and brother-in-law and our children and granddaughter in one fell swoop!

We toured George Washington's homestead, Mt Vernon. It was in October and a brisk wind was whipping up from the Potomac River. All I can say is I'm glad we have insulated homes and central heat and air! The view was fantastic, I just wonder if generations from now people will ponder how we 'survived' living in the conditions we are now 'surviving' through.

For your viewing pleasure and my family's recording of family events...first up, Mt Vernon!

We had breakfast at a restaurant owned and operated by a family friend's friend. Confusing enough? I do recommend it if you are ever in the Arlington area of DC and craving New Orleans cuisine. He's won several awards for his restaurant and I can attest to the authenticity and flavor! The name is Bayou Bakery the owner and chef is David Guas. David's beignets are fantastic, although all I have to show for you is the powdered sugar remains...!
Another evening Steve and I took the subway into DC to meet up with Patsy and Allan for dinner. We had a wonderful time reminiscing and laughing over old times and memories. All too  soon it was time to head back home. Happily we knew soon Scott and Erin and Grace would be moving down to us! Goodbyes were not quite as sad as they had been...

Elise had her 25th birthday...I can't believe my baby is that 'young'! Lily and Elise had a viewing of Cinderella and of course the tiara was a required item for any Princess.

Her brothers always make her Mom always used to call her 'Gigglepuss' and rightly so. I love the sound of Elise's laugh...
Trey and Peter hunted in pumpkin patches...

Lily, her Mom, Lisa and her other 'Grammy', Beth and I went for a 'Ladies Tea' at the Tea Shoppe. It was so much fun watching Lily try on hats and 'glubs' and beads. She had her own 'tea', pink lemonade in a pretty pink tea pot. We had delightful sandwiches and pastries and even some...wait for it...'Devon' cream!

 Lily had a marvelous time adding to her tea, I think it ended up a combination of lemonade, cream, pepper and sugar, with maybe a touch of salt before we were finished!

It was the most delightful day, one I look forward to replicating again with all of the granddaughters! Truly if you have the opportunity to do this with someone young and full of fancy I highly recommend a ladies 'Tea'!

Halloween gave us the opportunity to see a Native American Indian Princess...

Trick or Treaters at our door included 'The Man' and 'Curious George' the sons of a dear friend's daughter...

Trey and Peter sent photos of their costumes as did Lily and Grace...

More photo dump to come but I'll give your eyes and bum a rest for now!
Many hugs and always,