Friday, May 24, 2013

Forever Young

Once upon a time I was old as the 'S' word. No, no...the other 'S' word, sixty. Ugh. I've changed my's a woman's prerogative don't ya know? I've decided to remain...'Forever Twenty One'. It's really a pretty nice age. You can legally consume any beverage of your choosing. Voting was legalized for eighteen year olds way back when I was first close to that age. Movies of all ratings are allowed for my viewing.  It was pointed out to me if  I choose to remain 'Forever Twenty One' I won't be allowed to rent a car. Twenty five is the age for renting cars it seems. Isn't that what my date of the last forty one years is supposed to do? This is us when I wasn't quite yet 'Forever Twenty One' we were newlyweds, I turned that delightful and forever age about five months after this picture was taken!

Last Sunday I celebrated my 'Forever Twenty One' birthday. Again. Adult children and my darling grandchildren joined us at a neighborhood Italian restaurant. This restaurant has a separate party room. We noticed it even had an extra table we will be able to use once Daniel Son and our lovely Daughter-in-Love Laura have the twins! Daniel and Laura were the only missing members of the family, but she is busy incubating those precious babies and sooooo very close to their 'birthday', they remained home in Virginia. That's gonna be some great news!

We did have your other favorites present though...

After dinner we headed back to the old family homestead for cake and ice cream and presents. There may have been some piano playing and block building going on. Baby dolls and cars and puzzles may have taken over the floor. But you didn't hear that from me!

The piano has been discovered by Kate...'s like a magnet to the girls...
And then there were three!
A little rearranging...
Kate and Grace deciding if they like the new arrangement...
Kate making sure she has a captive audience...
Then some serious tunes were played...
We had a lovely fais do do...that's N'Awlins speak for a party, and soon everyone headed home. 
I've decided I really do like being 'Forever Twenty One'! Happy Birthday to Me!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

Mom and my Birthday Boy
Mother's Day is an emotional mine field for me. I have five beautiful grown adult children I cherish. I love being their mother. I went into labor with my first born child on Mother's Day. It was all very exciting and I've always considered Mother's Day sort of 'our' day. When his birthday and Mother's Day are on the same day I still do. My grandchildren enhance all the joys of motherhood. It's not just a Hallmark day, it is a day to celebrate and hold dear those that are the reason for having Mother's Day.

This all changed for me the year my Mother passed away. I thought I was doing fine. I planned a low key family gathering...I didn't want my kids to feel they had lost both their Gramma and Momma at the same time. What I wasn't expecting was the full blown, knock me to my knees feeling I had when I turned the corner in the grocery store and landed on the card aisle. I had stayed away from all the Hallmark Stores, but completely forgot the grocery stores now have card/party aisles. It hit me in my heart that I would never again have 'my' Mom to send a card to, call on the phone, take to lunch...all the fun things we would do to celebrate 'Mom'. I left the grocery cart right there in the aisle praying I could keep the tears hidden until I was alone in the car. 

My Dad died in October...four months later my Mom died. It is an understatement to say it was a very hard time in my life. They had evacuated here after hurricane Katrina flooded the Assisted Living facility where they lived in New Orleans. We weren't able to bury either of them in the cemetery in New Orleans until the month after my Mom died. The cemeteries were busy trying to repair the flood damage. So, although Mom died in March of that year, we had a memorial service for them in April. And yes...Mother's Day is May. 

My son's birthday is on Mother's Day this year. I will joyously celebrate his birth and the privilege of being mother to my five children. As many of our children and grandchildren that are able to make it to a luncheon will be there. We will be happy, but tucked in my heart will be the missing piece of the Mom.

I know I am not alone in having to face Mother's Day without my Mother's physical presence. For those who are facing this whether for the first or after many years, I send you my love and empathy. As a Mother myself...I know we are meant to enjoy the day; I know without a doubt my Mom would want me to celebrate the day. Still, I will keep that place in my heart and find a quiet time in the day to remember...