Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hard to think of another word that describes the wonderful feeling of being a grandmother...again...and for the first twins! I've been invited to come for a visit now that these beautiful babies are home with their wonderful Mom and Dad. It is pure heaven. I hope you enjoy this post, because I have a feeling it may be a bit before I'm able to get another one in...

From my experience as a Mom and the immediacy of maternal love that is like no other, I'm used to the overwhelming love that comes with Motherhood. I am also quite familiar to the joys of being a Grandmother. Friends who claimed that title before me used to always say, "Oh, you just wait, there is nothing quite like it!" And right they were. But take those feelings of love and joy and happiness when you see your children with their child and when you first hold those wee little grand babies in your arms, then DOUBLE  that. It just might begin to describe how wonderful this experience has been.

The proud parents took this adorable picture of Abby and George soon before they were to leave the NICU and bring them home. I just love how bundled they are...they call them 'Burrito Babies' when they have them all swaddled up! I'd say that is an apt description!
It's like they are looking at each other and saying, "Hey, where have you been"?
These two beautiful babies are just one lovely surprise after another. And they each already have their very own personalities and characteristics...

Abigail born two minutes before her brother George is large and in charge. Actually she does weigh a tad more than George, now up to six pounds even, but I have a feeling even if she weighed less she'd have no problem ruling this new family. She is a very content wee one, but don't leave her with a wet or dirty diaper for any time because she will let you know in spades she IS NOT HAVING IT! She also knows when she's had enough to eat. No persuading is going to make a difference. For all that she knows what she wants she is also a cuddle bug and smiler and well if you pardon a Gramma's unabashed pride, perfectly darling bebe.

I've been having way too much fun snaping photos with my cell phone. I can't control myself..

Once I found out what names had been given to my newest grandchildren, I ran right out and purchased a 'Beanie Baby' size Abbycadaby for our Abby. She's not much bigger than the Beanie Baby Abbycadaby...

Now for George...darling, precious, sweet as could be. He waited patiently for Abby to enter the world first, and then two minutes later we were blessed with this melt your heart the first time you lay eyes on him bebe! George is a heavy weight at almost four and a half pounds. He is mighty in his tinyness! Patient and calm he rarely raises a ruckus. I think he gets most frustrated at how long it takes us to get his little person in his diaper and clothes. I think the smaller they are the harder it is...truly! But once we have him dressed and bundled he is a very contented fellow. Sometimes as I struggle getting him into his little sleeper I can hear my Mom saying, "You were the one that always took the dolls arm out of the socket to get them dressed"! I promise you George, Sush will never do that with you!

Not wanting to leave him out of the plush toy namesake collection, I found his partner in crime...his first 'Curious George'. It might be a while before he is dragging him around...but George, do you like your new friend? Oh yes...SCORE and TOUCHDOWN!
We are learning how to double team it with twin's quite amusing sometimes...
I am indeed a very happy Sush, All Over Again. Each grandbebe brings a joy and fulfillment to my heart that is uniquely their own. Snuggles with Abby or with
I am having the time of my life. I am indeed one happy, blessed woman.  What do you think George...worthy of a 'High Five'?
Oh don't you KNOW it?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Love

My last post I mentioned our daughter-in-love that was expecting soon. It was much sooner than we all knew! Tuesday, June 4 Laura and our son Daniel welcomed to the world our two newest grandchildren! Abigail Elizabeth and George James. I guess those wee ones just didn't want to wait one more second to meet their wonderful parents face to face!

Laura had her weekly Dr appointment that Tuesday afternoon. While there it was discovered she had developed preeclampsia and was sent to the hospital for tests. After tests and time passed it was determined for Laura's health she needed to have the babies that night! Though tiny, they are mighty! Abby was born first and weighed 5lbs 2.1 oz and George was born two minutes later weighing in at  4 lbs 5.9oz.! Laura's hard work and diligence while pregnant with the babies payed off.

Everyone is doing well, Mom recovering from her C-section...those sweet babies go a long way to help that along. Babies are gaining weight and will be in the NICU for a bit longer. Somewhere between ten days to two weeks is the time frame the Dr's are thinking. 

I hopped in my car the next afternoon they were born. I had a few things to take care of first, like getting the T-dap inoculation I had been putting off, and making sure I left the house with food in the fridge for those left behind. I'm not saying I was speeding to make my way to the hospital, but then again, I'm not saying I wasn't! Whaat??? Smokies never saw me...!

Daniel did his first turn at what is called Kangaroo Time or Skin to Skin...this was taken the morning after the babies were born! I was first told it was probably George, but that's our newest Daddy and his sweet Abby.
Laura was given the okay to see the babies and hold them for the first time the evening I arrived. What a precious and beautiful moment...
They do make a happy couple...
As they had been in the isolettes there wasn't a lot of holding time allowed. As preemies they are only allowed out of the warmth of the isolettes for a few times each day. I was blessed with the opportunity to hold Abby one day and feed her...walking on air for hours after that special moment. This photo was taken on another day. Abby's feeding tube and IV were removed! I have smallish hands so you are able to get and idea of how little these sweet babies are! When I say small hands we are not talking like that old Burger King commercial where the hands are freakishly small...hahaha! Just girly small!

The night we were leaving I was able to hold and feed still my heart! 

This is a picture of Pop holding George his namesake for the first time! He is in Pop heaven...that's a look I'm familiar with!
Some close ups of the precious ones without all the tubes and IV's. I'm happy to report as of this post, Abby is out of the isolette and has graduated to the baby tub/bassinet we all see in hospitals. George and Abby both are now tube feeding tubes or IV's. Abby is being monitored for jaundice-she's borderline; George's levels so far are good.

This is our handsome George!
Beautiful Abby...

I had a hard time at first telling them apart, they of course are not identical but they do resemble one another. Abby's hair is just a shade darker blonde than George's flaxen hair. And their noses and chins are a bit different! Of course up close you can tell because Abby is bigger than George, but a quick glance it's hard to know! Thank goodness their other Gramma has knitted them some caps with pom pom tassels  one blue and green one pink and purple. Will be very handy in the months to come!

Daniel is keeping close tabs on the twins...he looks from one to another with such tenderness...

I do believe these two will be busy bees with the two sweet bebes in their arms! Here they are having Kangaroo time two by two!
And this last picture says it all...Momma in love!

I am so blessed and happy...Momma is recovering well and now home. The babies are progressing well and may be able to move up to the next step the Progressive Level of the NICU! This is indeed a time of celebration and gratefulness and always...

*Post update: Abby was having a hard time maintaining her body temp so for now she's back in the isolette. I am so thankful they are in the very capable hands of the NICU staff and Drs. Prayers always appreciated...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Celebrations...Let's Party and Have A Good Time

Like Kool And The Gang sang in their hit song...we've had several reasons to Celebrate with our family lately. 

First up...Peter had his Pre-School Graduation. Oh yes, he's moving up to the big time...Kindergarten! Now he and his older brother, Trey, will be going to the same school. I know they will have many years of fun and some great stories to share. Look out world it's  my boys coming!
Happy Days ahead for our dear boy and his brother!

Not to be left out in the cold, Trey had a very special celebration of his own. Saturday he made his First Communion. It was a very special day for our first grandchild. He looked very solemn throughout the Church service. He along with several others in his class was asked to bring up the gifts. He handled it with his usual finesse. As I think it should be, there was no picture taking during the service but we were allowed to snap away once the okay was given.

To finish off the week of celebrations...our sweet granddaughter Kate turned ONE! She was enjoying the party up until it was time for birthday cake. Photo ops with all the relatives in attendance? No problemo! 

Aunt Elise and Dave are loving some Kate time.

 Aunt Erin and Uncle Scott looking very happy styling two babies. I'm not pushing, seriously.

I made sure to have some Katie Kate time...

Peter and Lily were very patient waiting for the time to sing Happy Birthday to Kate!

And then it was time for the birthday girl's big moment! If you watch the photo progression you can see the panic building in Kate. Laugh or cry? What do I do? She was not a fan at all of the singing of Happy Birthday; wanted no part of it! Finally she gets a glimpse of the cake placed before her. In only a few seconds she goes from full out crying jag to sugar loaded bliss!

After a little help from her Mom...a taste of things to come...Kate decides to explore the pink 'smash' cake. Didn't take long before it was her new favorite!

Life is good...all that birthday singing stuff is over, cake tasting done! Now she can get back to visiting. Happy First Birthday sweet girl!

Grace, our seasoned baby veteran on all things First Birthday, was happy to hang out and eat cupcakes. She and Kate are having an end of year performance of sorts this week at the gymnastics facility they both attend. I'm invited and looking forward to seeing the slide show! 

Those were our most recent celebrations. What's next? Why Two 'birth days' are just around the corner for this sweet Daughter-In-Love...! We missed them at all the family celebrations but seriously...she is busy getting ready for her own birthday party...
Stay tuned...and