Monday, June 3, 2013

Celebrations...Let's Party and Have A Good Time

Like Kool And The Gang sang in their hit song...we've had several reasons to Celebrate with our family lately. 

First up...Peter had his Pre-School Graduation. Oh yes, he's moving up to the big time...Kindergarten! Now he and his older brother, Trey, will be going to the same school. I know they will have many years of fun and some great stories to share. Look out world it's  my boys coming!
Happy Days ahead for our dear boy and his brother!

Not to be left out in the cold, Trey had a very special celebration of his own. Saturday he made his First Communion. It was a very special day for our first grandchild. He looked very solemn throughout the Church service. He along with several others in his class was asked to bring up the gifts. He handled it with his usual finesse. As I think it should be, there was no picture taking during the service but we were allowed to snap away once the okay was given.

To finish off the week of celebrations...our sweet granddaughter Kate turned ONE! She was enjoying the party up until it was time for birthday cake. Photo ops with all the relatives in attendance? No problemo! 

Aunt Elise and Dave are loving some Kate time.

 Aunt Erin and Uncle Scott looking very happy styling two babies. I'm not pushing, seriously.

I made sure to have some Katie Kate time...

Peter and Lily were very patient waiting for the time to sing Happy Birthday to Kate!

And then it was time for the birthday girl's big moment! If you watch the photo progression you can see the panic building in Kate. Laugh or cry? What do I do? She was not a fan at all of the singing of Happy Birthday; wanted no part of it! Finally she gets a glimpse of the cake placed before her. In only a few seconds she goes from full out crying jag to sugar loaded bliss!

After a little help from her Mom...a taste of things to come...Kate decides to explore the pink 'smash' cake. Didn't take long before it was her new favorite!

Life is good...all that birthday singing stuff is over, cake tasting done! Now she can get back to visiting. Happy First Birthday sweet girl!

Grace, our seasoned baby veteran on all things First Birthday, was happy to hang out and eat cupcakes. She and Kate are having an end of year performance of sorts this week at the gymnastics facility they both attend. I'm invited and looking forward to seeing the slide show! 

Those were our most recent celebrations. What's next? Why Two 'birth days' are just around the corner for this sweet Daughter-In-Love...! We missed them at all the family celebrations but seriously...she is busy getting ready for her own birthday party...
Stay tuned...and


Shady Del Knight said...

What a delightful glimpse of all the kids again as they grow up before our eyes here on your blog. Congratulations to Peter and Trey and Kate on reaching their respective milestones. Little Lily and "baby veteran" Grace are adorable as usual. The picture sequence of Kate warming up to her cake brought back memories of my own granddaughter's first birthday party. She giggled her head off as she fed me chunks of cake and smeared most of it on my face. That sweet little grand of mine is now 16. Enjoy these wonderful moments while they last, dear friend Sush, for they are fleeting.

Claudia Moser said...

Grace is sooooo graceful, sweet baby as all the others! Such a nice collection of photos!

Lyndylou said...

What a lovely happy family you all are. Great pics xxx

Shelly said...

Oh, that sweet baby going from crying to chowing down on that cake made me smile in all ways! What a beautiful family you have, and what wonderful times.

Life is good~

Sush said...

~Tom...I did not know you have a 16 yr old granddaughter! Lucky her! I'm sure you are a great inspiration and role model for her. You are so right the time flies by and the 'younger' I get the more I see how quickly it goes and how much we need to cherish each moment. Thanks for stopping in dear friend!

~Claudia, as always you brighten my day with your kind and loving words. Hope you are getting much needed sunshine in your part of the world!

~Lynne...leave it to you to stop in while you are 'off duty' and leave some special LyndyLou love!

~Shelly, she really had us all laughing at her antics! I must admit I do love my family and enjoy the special times when we can get together. It seems to come in clusters..and yes, Life IS good!

Belle said...

Your photos remind me of my youngest granddaughter who cried at her first birthday too until she tasted the cake! Babies are the most wonderful thing in this world! Love all the photos. Family is so special. God bless.

Ellie said...

What a great week of celebrations you have had. Your grandchildren are all lovely. Your pictures of wee Kate are so cute - really love the one's of her eating her pink cake. Really made me smile :))

Jennifer Hoppins said...

Sush your family and those babies are melting my heart. The first communion reminded me of that special milestone that my daughter experienced. Since we jumped ship on the Catholics, Elliot has not experienced the sacraments. I'm a little sad about that part.
Kate's birthday photos are priceless. She must be a little shy to be startled by all that singing!

Janie Junebug said...

What fun! I'm so jealous. My worthless children refuse to settle down and give me the grandchildren I deserve. Maybe you could send me one of yours?


Sush said...

~Belle, it was really quite something to watch the emotions play over poor Kate. We were all sort of going awww and then bwahahaha all at the same time. I think it is very overwhelming when babies have birthdays. They have all these people focused on them and no idea why. Thanks for dropping in!

~Ellie, it was an amazing week of family fun. It sort of seems to happen in clusters. We may go weeks without a gathering and then bam, bam, bam we are back to back with visits. Never too much family time!

~Jenny you picked up on Kate's personality...she is very shy. Not timid, but shy and knows her own mind. She is a happy baby with lots of smiles when she is in her comfort zone. Give Elliot a hug for me and tell him to enjoy his summer!

~Janie, you had me laughing out loud! Please come see me I know we'd have a blast! I won't give away the grands but happy to share time!

thisisme said...

Hi Sush. Well, what do you know, I'm late to the party! Story of my life! Gorgeous, gorgeous photos of all the blessings in your life. You have love there in abundance my friend. Lovely to see your beautiful face here today as well! Loved the photos of Kate building up to the tears, and then calming down again so that you could enjoy that cake!!! I can remember my own two daughters at their birthday parties when they were tiny. Quite often, tears would feature somewhere along the way, as it all became too much for them! I can hardly believe that Eli is going to be 5 at the end of this month. Now where did THAT time go?! Always a pleasure to look at your family photos and see all the little ones growing up before our very eyes!! Hugs.

Sush said...

~Diane...well I was less than truthful, I didn't go immediately to bed. I visited other blogs then came back here and saw your lovely comment. I have a hard time believing Eli is going to be 5! He's such a little gentleman. I think Tom is 100% correct and before we know it they are going to be having dates and going to parties. Eeek! Enjoy your day my friend across the Pond!

yaya said...

Such cute kiddos! I love the birthday smash cake and the final one with Kate's little nose right in the frosting is adorable! Grace sure has the most beautiful eyes! And then your expecting more fun soon with twins? I wish them all the best! Your Grandson's First Communion is so special. I still remember mine own and I just framed a group picture of all the kids that were in my class. I love the little white dresses and veils! Have a good week Sush!

Busy Little Chicken said...

Hi Sush, just popped over to peek at your blog! Fab family pictures, you all look so happy!! Especially like the ones of 'the birthday girl' Kate! So funny to capture the whole crying/happiness faces on her!! Good luck with the new 'grand twins' when they arrive, you will be one busy lady!! :)

karen said...

Ah, there's nothing like that first taste of sugar, is there? Life is never ever the same after that... Sweet pictures of your lovely family, Sush! You've been having some fun!

Sush said...

~Cathy...Isn't the smash cake just too much fun?! I cried at my children's First Communion and while not as teary I certainly welled up!
~Busy Little Chicken...Thanks for coming by! It's been a busy week as the twins arrived early as in last night so I hopped in the car today to travel to see them. Look forward to seeing you again!
~Karen, lol yes it is so true as my husband likes to kid, "We're ruint' " after we start down the sugar road. Lots of fun and guess what...THE BABIES ARE HERE!!!
I'll be posting soon xoxox

Bossy Betty said...

What a wonderful time in life! So many things to be joyous about!!

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all! And why not? :)

Rosemary Nickerson said...

A Proud Grandma Post. Great photos and full of love. You have lots to be thankful for!!!