Monday, September 30, 2013

Some Day When I'm Old and Gray...

Face it, I'm a romantic! I love a wonderful love story. I've had this secret tale that I've been wanting to tell, but I had to wait for it all to unfold. Our one and only daughter, Elise, met her 'once in a lifetime love' this last year. We knew they were planning on getting married. We'd even had the meeting requesting our permission and blessing on asking for Elise's hand in marriage. All parties involved...that would consist of our 'future son-in-love', my husband and date for the last forty-one years and moi, worked very, very hard to not let Elise know the most romantic day of her life was coming!

Our annual vacation at Holden Beach was planned for after Labor Day this year. With a new job, my date for the last forty one years had to accrue vacation time by working a particular sum of weeks before he acquired enough hours for vacation. Thus the late summer holiday. Sadly, this meant that our oldest son and wife and their two children, Trey and Peter were not able to join us this year. School had started and didn't allow for traveling to and from the beach. Everyone else was able to spend at least part of the week with us, basking in the lovely rays of sunshine at our favorite beach.

Probably you see where this is going...beach...boy/girl in love...engagement not yet complete. Yes! Dave, Elise's now fiance, put his plan in action at the beach. He enlisted the help of Grace's parents, Scott and Erin. If you scan back to here* you will see some of last summer's vacation and how Grace and her family had taken lovely pictures of Grace and family at sunset on the beach. Planning ahead, Dave asked Scott and Erin to take pictures while he was proposing to Elise. Only catch was Elise couldn't know what they were doing as the proposal was all a surprise. These things are never easy are they? 

Erin and Scott hatched a plan, they told everyone they'd like to eat early the second evening we were at the beach. They wanted to take Grace down to the beach around sunset for her beach photos just like last year! That evening, off go the family of three, camera and baby in hand. A short while  later Dave suggested to Elise they take a walk on the beach. Strolling past Erin, Scott and Grace busily taking beach pictures the young couple walk out to the water. 

I must say, those of us in the house were impressed. During the day, Dave had confided to Elise's brothers what he had planned for the evening. We all had a front row seat to their magical moment. This young man has moxie as far as I'm concerned. He was thoughtful enough to propose on his love's family vacation and to do it all where we could see it unfold! The photos speak for themselves. The video is quite touching. I have you as a captive audience so you might as well see it all. This blog as I so often remind you, dear readers, is also a 'memory keeper' for my family.

 And now for the video. The video is fun because you can see Erin trying to snap the photos of the proposal while trying not to intrude on the moment. I think kudos to Scott and Erin are due as they were very unobtrusive and scored in the photo/video department! I feel I need to add that Dave says the wiping of his eyes he does at the very end of the video was due to sand that had blown in his eyes...umm hmmm...

It was a very special vacation this year; memories for a be enjoyed when everyone is 'old and gray' and feeling that glow...of the way she looked that night.

We've had a very busy, fun and love filled summer and fall. I'll do my best to bring you up to speed soon...and share other fun memories from our Holden Beach Summer of 2013, another bathroom reno and the twins Baptism. Until then...

Hugs and