Wednesday, October 9, 2013

That Day...

I don't know how long in a Mother's life of having a daughter it takes before you start thinking of the day she becomes a bride. I do know through the years we have talked about it and all the fun and special things we would do leading up to her wedding and to making her wedding day hers! We had what will probably be one of my best memories, always special in our hearts this past weekend. It was the day Elise found her wedding dress and veil.

It wasn't the first day we had been searching. There was a dress she fell in love with, and really looked beautiful on her. It was very stylish and fashionable...but it was the first attempt at finding 'the dress' so I suggested we go to at least one or two more places so she would know in her heart she had found her dress...the one she dreamed of for so long. The one all little girls think about as they are growing up, imagining their Cinderella and Prince Charming day.

Saturday, we headed out to another bridal shop. Mother and daughter...enjoying spending time with each other and wondering what we would find. I know Elise well enough to know she knows what she likes and what she doesn't in most everything. Without a doubt when it comes to her clothes she knows what she knows. I hardly shop for clothes for her by myself anymore. Probably, I haven't done it since she was five...she knows what she knows and I threw up my hands long ago in trying to get it right. 

With this in my memory bank I let her browse the racks of dresses and select to her heart's content. A few may have caused a wrinkle of my least that's what she observed. Those were left hanging on the rack. I did try not to wrinkle I promise! I was raised with a tape that remains to this day playing in my head...there is a difference between fashion and good taste. Can't make it stop and some of the 'fashionable' dresses are quite lacking in the good taste department! She had quite the pile of dresses by the time she was done perusing. 

The young lady assigned to be our attendant directed us back to a dressing room adjacent to a large room with mirrors and platforms. Elise chose the first dress she wanted to try was beautiful. When she walked out to the larger room and onto the platform everyone else in the room grew silent. She looked beautiful. Elise got a smile on her face and did the twisty turny, swishy thing all women do when looking at all angles of themselves in a special dress. The attendant fluffed up all the special parts and all in the room smiled. With a Mona Lisa smile Elise got down from the platform and tried on the remaining dresses. All were beautiful, I kept quiet trying so hard not to influence her decision. My Mother had been wonderful all throughout the planning of my wedding and the selections I made. She kept telling me, 'I had my day as a bride...this is your decide'. I've tried to remember that every time one of my children was planning a wedding. Groom or bride, I've wanted them to have what they want not their parents.

Elise told me her plan to make her final decision. She had found a dress similar to the one from the other shop that had been her first selection; not the same but very similar. So she put the two favorites on back to back trying them both on to make a selection. Finally we asked for a veil or veils to try on with her favorite at this shop. When they placed it on her she got a rosy glow on her face, her hands flew involuntarily to her face and she burst into tears! 'I've found it! This is my wedding dress!' And with that I burst into tears and said, 'Oh honey, don't cry!' and we both were in tears. Happy tears...joyful tears. Cinderella moment! Everyone in the room was teary eyed and in agreement she was breathtaking. 

Needless to say, as I was not only feeling like her Mother but Cinderella's fairy godmother by that other shops were necessary. We've ordered the dress and veil and have a memory for the two of us that will be cherished for our lifetimes. I make no mention of what her wedding ensemble looks like. You do understand, I'm sure. Have no fear, we will be sharing when her big day arrives...until then many hugs and much...