Friday, November 22, 2013

All Over The Place

Greetings and Salutations…
Oh my we've had ourselves a busy time! I'm afraid I'm going to just do the ole' photo dump again to hopefully bring this poor blog up to some kind of current state.

We did have other things happening at the annual beach trip to Holden Beach other than that wonderful proposal.

The house we stayed in this year…we keep going up in size as the family keeps growing... was really delightful. Everyone enjoyed the pool and the ocean views!

We have some comparison photos from last summer to this one…Daniel and Laura's world changed the most…from relaxing sans bebes to never a dull moment with bebes!

Grace and Kate have gone from leaning on each other for support…to sitting upright independently but still loving one anothers company!

The girls are growing up…pretty soon we won't be using high chairs for these two…of course Ms Lily has long been sans a high chair!

Always looking for fun things to do when it's too hot to be on the beach we made beach pudding cups with paper umbrellas and teddy graham bears, gummy life savers, twirlers for noodles and other treats!

If you squint really hard you might be able to see Daniel and Laura enjoying some solo time on the beach. The two shaded spots right by the water…parents on the lam! Abigail and George do keep them hopping. 

Pop and Sush were happy to keep an eye on our sweet babies while Mom and Dad relaxed!

Grace and her Daddy, Scott, had fun in the water!

Pop was always ready to spend some time at the water's edge with his wee ones! Grace and Pop were loving the beach!

(Speaking of Grace and her Mom and Dad…we are thrilled to be able to announce some exciting news for their family…I'll let Grace explain…
Slight change on the due date…we are now awaiting the newest grand baby, scheduled to arrive in February! We just keep expanding our circle of love in this family! We do know that Grace is having a sister, so the girls are still in the lead! I am so thrilled! It was verrry hard to keep that a secret.)

Soon it was time for a group picture of those still remaining at the end of our beach vacation. Always times flies the fastest when we are all together and having fun!

Peter and Trey weren't able to join us at the beach this year as they had already started school. However they were busy water bugs!  Trey joined the neighborhood swim team this year and loved it!

Peter was able to get to the beach with his family earlier…and like his Sush, loves his toes in the water and well…you know the rest of the song…
Trey and Peter's Dad, our oldest son, Steve, was busy this summer training for his first marathon! He did very well, coming in third in his class! His forté was swimming. He's decided if he makes this a real sport he may graduate to a more serious bike. He said he was on the receiving end of some pretty funny looks as he cycled passed the spectators ringing his little bell!
Way to go champ! We are so proud of you!

Shortly after the beach trip we headed up to visit Daniel, Laura and the babies. It was time for Abigail and George to have their baptism. What a very special day and a wonderful memory for us all. Abigail wore the heirloom gown my grandmother made for my Dad. You will remember Trey and Peter and Lily wore it for their baptism. George wore an heirloom gown from Laura's grandfather. It was certainly a very special way to honor the generations before

We've had some sleepovers with Trey and Peter…

Lily has had her turn at a sleepover as well…always loving the dress up bin…and this time it was close enough to Halloween she could play dress up with some of the decorations!

And Kate and Lily modeled the Halloween shirts I found for them! Aren't they growing?

Speaking of Halloween…I was invited to join Kate and Grace and their moms, Lisa and Erin at the local library Halloween festival! Cutest cupcake ever our Gracie was, and Kate made for one precious bumble bee!

Abby and George were sporting some costumes of their own…Laura and Dan were dressed as themselves!

We've had other visits…and more red letter days to share. But I will have to digress to those another day! For now I will leave you with the most recent visit of Abigail and George. Momma Laura went for a much deserved girl's weekend with her best friend and Daddy Daniel came to visit us with the two in tow! We had soooo much fun and are looking forward to having the whole clan together for Thanksgiving!

The photos aren't in any particular order and are fairly self explanatory. The last two of Abby and George were sent by Dan and Laura. The twins are wearing some onesies I couldn't pass up…Osh Kosh b'Gosh makes the cutest baby clothes!
Until I decide to stay up late to post another…