Thursday, March 20, 2014

Meet Molly

Life is so joyous if not very busy and hectic around these parts! Joy abounds for we now have a darling, wonderful and so precious new granddaughter…Molly Christine. Molly arrived February 26 and we could not be happier! Mom, Dad, Grace and Molly are doing very well, if not somewhat sleep deprived. And so it goes…

Grace had her first sleepover sans Mom and Dad while waiting for baby sister's arrival. I was anxious to join the expectant parents per their invitation but wanted to make sure Grace was snug as a bug and sound asleep first! While we were trying to fall asleep as a team she was very busy entertaining her Gramma and Aunt keeping us in giggles. Then she would sit up give us a stern look and say, "No more laughing" and proceed to do another funny thing that would send us into another fit of laughter. Finally, she was able to calm us down and quiet us enough so she could fall asleep!

Once I  made sure everyone on the home front was soundly sleeping I headed up to the hospital to check on the progress in the labor department. Needless to say, Mom was very busy with her job at hand. I tried to sit on the sidelines and let them have their special time with as little intrusion as possible. It was a very real reminder of just how miraculous and extremely hard work giving birth is. I can't begin to tell you how honored and touched I was to be included.

Around midnight when it was apparent Molly was not rushing to join us I headed home to try and catch a few winks so I'd be of sound mind (well that is always questionable) for Grace in the morning. I got a call at 3 AM Molly was soon to arrive. I threw on my clothes rushed out the door and joined the new family just in time to see Molly being gently cradled in Mom's arms! Around 6 AM I headed back to my home to be with Grace. Aunt Elise held court for Grace until 9AM while I grabbed a few more hours of sleep. 

Later in the afternoon Grace and I went up to meet her sister! How sweet is this new family? I am in love with every one of them and Molly is so blessed to be the newest member of this loving branch of our family tree!

We can't get enough of this sweet baby girl. Molly you are so loved and so dear…thank you Erin and Scott for giving us yet another lovely grandchild to love and cherish.