This is an explanation of the Loves~Loves~Loves at the end of most of my postings. It began when my Grandmother Bet would come visit. At the beginning of each meal we would all hold hands at her request, mind you...and then in unison and shaking the persons hand you would be holding, shout out with each word exaggerated, getting louder with each loves (luuuvvess, luuuvvess, luuuvvess): Loves~Loves~Loves. She also would sign all of her letters and cards with Loves~Loves~Loves Bet. Now it's a signature closing to family correspondence.
That is what family  is supposed to be about-Love. 

It is a tradition in our household to this day to use 'Loves' to begin a meal, either before or after the blessing. My grandchildren love when we do this at big family gatherings and special occasions! Once, I forgot to start a meal with it and one of my grandsons, I don't remember if it was Trey or Peter said, "We have to do Loves!". So, of course we did. Try's great fun and a good reminder of what families are supposed to bring to each other. 

So when you see the Loves~Loves~Loves at the end of a posting, it is my way of paying tribute to my Grandmother and expressing my Love to all.