This is sort of like saying one of your children is your favorite. I don't have a favorite child, so don't anyone get their knickers in a wad. But, if everyone were to be honest, they might admit that certain days, certain times one child tugs at your heart or brings  you joy, or is in need of special attention more than another from time to time. It's not that they are loved more than any other...they just have managed to worm their way front and center on your radar screen.

Here are some postings that are currently on my radar screen. The list will change, but for now, here are a few of my current stellar selections:

It All Started With A Wedding  The first posting of my blog and a background of sorts.

Where I'm From A writing lesson that became a family history.

Music For Our Souls  Perhaps we should all listen to this music

Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans  Tales of Katrina

Birthday Wishes  Missing my Mom

Who's Your Daddy  Happy Birthday to My Dad

Apple/Tree  A lovely tale of similarities and differences between a Mother and her daughter.

Grams  My paternal Grandmother and where my french heritage was instilled.

Gramma Bet My maternal Grandmother and the instiller of Loves~Loves~Loves~.

All For The Love Of Sam  A beautiful love story between a sister and her brother.

I SAAAIIIIDDDD IT'S NOT EASY GETTING OLD!!!  Unfortunately...self explanatory and a pre-curser to...

Bloom Where You Are Planted  Some things you learn from your children...and what a lovely way to learn!

One Enchanted Evening  An evening that has enchanted me with a lifetime of lovely memories.

Blessings of the Day  These are truly my blessings now and forever.

A Day Late and A Photo Short  Just because I still start laughing every time I read it. I will have to compose another fictitious posting about my siblings for my own amusement some time soon. To explain this posting you go back one more posting to...

Nobody Puts Sush In The Corner  It explains how A Day Late and A Photo Short came to pass...

You've Got To Have Friends  Because I really do need my friends and these ladies are some of the finest!

So if you want a stroll down Memory Lane click away!