My Title Could Have Been...

It is perhaps one of the hardest choices in putting together a blog. Deciding on and choosing the title. I did think of Madame or Queen Mother as blog titles, but decided they sounded more like names for a stripper or exotic dancer or at the very least the name of a bar on Bourbon Street. I explain where I got the name for this blog in one of my earliest posts. Feel free to read the in depth version at your convenience, look here for this posting: *First Do No Harm. I'm just giving a quick explanation on this page. 

The name comes from the Hippocratic Oath and I have found it a very good philosophy to live by. It also helps to remember that thought before I even open my mouth. Saves a lot of foot in mouth scenarios from occuring. 

You might find  my adult children wondering if I followed this philosophy while raising them. Yes, I tried, but hey...the therapists in the world need to make a living don't they? As I tried to explain to them, I may not have had every day as a grade 'A' day while mothering, but I did try. Hopefully not very many days were graded in the failing category. I put that kind of pondering in the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' category.