Say What?

Okay, I have had several people want to know about Sush. If you google it you actually might find some person that appears to be from the middle east with that name and appears to be quite exotic. I am not that Sush. Or, perhaps I should make up some exotic story and become a Sush with an exotic background...hmm food for thought? Oh well, I guess I'll have to consider that for a blog with adult content. This one is definitely rated G.

There is a posting in the very beginning of my blog that explains my nickname in detail. (Really quite good reading...). Check it out here: Post title, *The Name Game.
 Anyway, my Dad gave me the nickname when I was young and would revert to calling me that when he was feeling particularly sentimental. He also called me Thing One, but as he called my sister next in line to me Thing Two it muddied up the waters some. Sush was me and me alone in my family.

The first time I became a grandmother I had to decide what I wanted my grandchildren to call me. The posting goes into all this in better detail, but I decided to use Sush. By the way, if you are wondering how to pronounce it it rhymes with push. It helps some of my friends to have a drink or two under their belt to be able to say it right. It isn't soooosh like swoosh, it's Sush like push. Hope that helped you some.

Oh, and while we are here, I have a Who Dat with a fleur de lis as my icon when I sign on to other sites as a follower. If you don't know what a Who Dat is, research New Orleans Saints. To paraphrase a Barbara Mandrell song,  I was Who Dat when Who Dat wasn't cool. 'Nuff said.